Quantum Break Pirates Get an Unpleasant Eye Patch

We’ve mentioned Quantum Break a time or two before: This audacious Xbox One exclusive is…a game about breaking the laws of time. Well, it’s a TV show. Actually, it’s both: And Remedy Entertainment has proven they’re willing to have fun with the idea with the latest in pirate-bashing technology.

Quantum Break has been big news for a couple years now, which often means a sizable crowd of pirating gamers waiting to jump on the bandwagon without paying. Of course, thanks to today’s advanced digital game coding, developers can code in failsafes that detect pirating via a lack of online accounts, violated DRM, etc. – and punish those trying to do it.

Quantum Break Gameplay
Would all this action be better or worse with an eyepatch?

Those who try to download Quantum Break video game on the downlow will still be able to play – but the main character will be stuck wearing a ridiculous eyepatch the whole time. Now some people who just want to watch the world burn won’t care about the main character with a dumb accessory on the face, but for those who have any interest in playing the game or sharing clips with friends it can be a surprisingly powerful deterrent. People found this out when Remedy pulled the same trick on its previous atmospheric game, Alan Wake.

Of course, Quantum Break is a more action-oriented shooter focused on around crazy time powers – and it also has a number of authentic story “episodes” that tell a wider story and will change based on what you do in the Xbox One game. Will these episodes also feature the eye patch? We can only hope.

If you want to buy Quantum Break the real way, then you can pick it up for $60 whenever you want. Check out our gaming reviews for the latest news, best Xbox One gaming headset list, how to make the most of your gaming experience, and what else you should know about the recently released Quantum Break.  And if you still can’t decide between a console, read our PS4 vs Xbox One comparison: Two Years Later.

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  1. Well your a bit late but…they have already figured out how to remove the patch as well now. This game has had alot of bugs and game breaking problems already even on a legit copy….its funny to me that the majority of the time pirate cooies find ways to fix issues faster than the developers in all honesty i cant blame people for pirating especially when they are able to play more smoothly without issues using a bootleg half the time. If you would like to know the main reason games get pirated it is because soooo many isp now limit bandwidth and have really liw caps in place and many countries cannot even buy these games due to censorship in their country. So pirates repackage the games in a much smaller size vs the raw format you get from the legitimate server thus saving your monthly data allotment and as i said many in countries like china that cannot actually acquire it any other way are forced to bootleg or never play at all.

    1. Toxin, this is very insightful. Thanks for leaving your comment. And I really do mean that. I had no idea this was the case, especially abroad.

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