All of the PS4 Launch Titles for Your Review (list/video)

Yesterday, Sony officially announced the PS4.  Unfortunately, the actual console was nowhere to be seen.  They did however show off the new touchpad controller complete with a share button that instantly allows you to blast screenshots and gameplay video to friends on a variety of social networks, which will likely include YouTube and Facebook.  Along with the announcement, Sony unveiled a number of games that will launch with the system.  And for your perusal, here they are:

1. Knack

This appears to be a Sony exclusive game that has a Final Fantasy, cartoon-like element to it.  The main character is a robot that seems to harness some level of human emotion, yet can increase or decrease in size depending on the evil foes that stand in his way.  Expect it to have a mix of gameplay qualities that include combat and stealth.

2. Kill Zone: Shadow Fall

Kill Zone: Shadow Fall is the PS4’s first FPS and a follow-up to the previous console’s exclusive title.  This first person shooter is said to be a pulse pounding game developed by Guerrilla Games.  Expect stunning graphics, potentially 4k output on a compatible TV, and gameplay that sets you 30 years after Killzone 3.

3. DriveClub

DriveClub is a brand new racer from Evolution Studios, and is set to offer an immersive first person driving experience.  You should be able to race alone, but there is apparently a heavy focus on real-time group play, as well as a mobile app that lets you initiate competitions as well as view stats. Cars should offer a very high level of detail, and racing physics should be as real world as you can get.

4. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs really needs no introduction (checkout Shawn’s piece on Watch Dogs for a complete rundown).  This game was unveiled at last year’s E3 and it is probably safe to say that it stole the show.  Now it’s a launch game for the PS4 and offers an extremely immersive 3rd person world that lets you fiddle with a variety of electronics using a special cell phone, all while evading cops and robbers in a Grand Theft Auto-like environment.

5. Final Fantasy (TBD)

Unfortunately, Square Enix didn’t show off any actual gameplay footage at the event yesterday, but did say that die-hard fans can expect an all new game using the company’s brand new Luminous engine.  Expect it probably sometime next year…if you’re lucky.

6. The Witness

The Witness comes from the mind of Jonathan Blow, who also created the game Braid.  The game is said to provide over 25-hours of mind numbing puzzles in a first person format.  The Witness will be available exclusively on the PS4, at least during a launch window which has yet to be revealed.

7. inFamous: Second Son


This is another PS4 exclusive title and won’t appear on the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii U, but you already knew that.  Created by Sucker Punch studios, inFamous: Second Son appears to take place in a militant state where citizens have been oppressed by their own government.  It’s not clear if this is a sequel to the last game, but based on the trailer does it matter?  That said, Sony made sure that the clock depicted in the game was real-time to yesterday’s event; 20th Feb ’13.

8. Deep Down


Deep Down is a “working title” from Capcom and was unveiled at the Sony PS4 event yesterday to show off the company’s new engine, Panta Rhei.  The game, provided it comes to store shelves, is set in medieval times and includes dragons and probably all of the things you’ve come to expect of that time period.

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