New Grand Theft Auto Cell Phone Cheat For 2018 Emerges

GTA 5 Cell Phone Cheat
There is a new Grand Theft Auto 5 cell phone cheat for 2016

If you think you found all of the top GTA 5 cheats, think again.  There’s a new one and it involves the game’s cell phone and a random phone number.

To perform the cheat do this:

  1. Open the cell phone
  2. Dial:  1-999-367-3767

If done correctly it will trigger a mid-air explosion and, wait for it…change the appearance of the main character’s cell phone.  To see it in action, watch the video below.

As it turns out, GTA 5 (and previous GTA games) had been previously data mined for secret phone numbers sometime last year.  This one, needless to say, was not, at the time, discovered in Rockstar’s ultra successful game.

And of course the question still remains: what other Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats have yet to be uncovered?  Moreover, does the above cheat relate, or in this case, influence anything else in the massive open world game.  And where did this cheat come from if it wasn’t found during that aforementioned data mining?  Did Rockstar sneak this in via a patch much like the Bigfoot cheat?

Of note, this GTA 5 trick was discovered by Twitter user @KarmaIngram1

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