Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Exposed


The first MW2 Xbox 360 I got came with a broken face plate so it took me a couple days to get a replacement.  If you haven’t heard of this version before it’s actually a really great deal if your are in the market for a new Xbox 360. 


It comes with this limited edition gun metal colored Xbox with appropriate military markings (sorry no Oscar Mike), a 250 Gb Hard Drive, two black wireless controllers, a new headset communicator (the older ones are better),  a copy of the standard version of MW2, and hook up cables.  Note that this edition does NOT come with an HDMI cable.


If you do the math, the $400 price tag actually works in your favor.  You have to speculate the price on the 250GB HD given the fact that Microsoft sells the 120GB HD for $150.  Awesome deal.





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