Just Cause 3 Gameplay Video Shows Off Aerial Explosions

The first gameplay video for Just Cause 3 has dropped, and it’s just as over the top as fans could have hoped.

The Just Cause series, by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix, can justifiably be confused with the Far Cry series. Both are sandboxy, open world games that tend to focus on exotic locations, primarily islands, and allow you to approach missions from a variety of different tactics while overthrowing whatever big baddy the game has set up. Just Cause tends to be more ridiculous, with its helicopter crashing, dual-wield machine gunning, bus flipping adventures, and we certainly got a lot of that in this video for the 3rd installment.

The trailer is made up of many different flashes of action, summed up as “look at the cool physics” and “here are all the things you can explode.” The opportunities appear particularly infinite this time around, but you may want to parachute out of that jet before you crash it into an oil rig.

The video doesn’t give much information at all on what the game is about, but it has been announced that it will take place several years after Just Cause 2, featuring the same main character. The new enemy will be the dictator General Di Ravello, who has taken over the protagonist’s beloved home country.

The setting will be the islands of Medici (not real) in the Mediterranean Sea, with a 400 square mile map to explore and then explode. What the video does show is how the new grappling hook and wing suit systems work, which make it easier to traverse the terrain and, of course, set up those huge explosions.

Just Cause 3 will be launching in time for the 2015 holidays for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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