iOS Smartglass App for the Xbox 360 Available Now

We’ve long tired to eliminate the remote and supplant it with our smartphone.  It’s hardly a practical approach for flicking through cable channels, but it’s a succinct way of controlling your home’s lighting, music, blinds and more.  Now that same experience has come to your iOS device and Xbox 360.

It’s called Smartglass, and Microsoft announced the software update to their video game console at this year’s E3. So no surprises there, but for those of you that forgot you can interact with games, movies, and TV shows – your smartphone or tablet running the Smartglass app serves as a second screen.  It’s a pretty neat feature if you’re watching “Game of Thrones” and want to see where they are on a map within the Seven Kingdoms.  The Smartglass App can also assist you in fighting off foes, or better assess their weaknesses and strengths.  The options are almost endless, but it will depend on the content provider to, well, provide the necessary supporting material to make the app successful as well as compelling to users.  Especially if it’s effectively used, such as calling plays in Madden, as once seen in the Dreamcast with their second controller setup.

The Xbox 360 Smartglass App for iOS is available in the app store now, free of charge.


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