Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer Released (video)


Is the Grand Theft Auto series dead? Rockstar doesn’t think so and today issued a trailer for, you guessed it, GTA V.

The latest installment in the long running series seems to occur in Los Angeles, a town chalk full of greed, deception and, what else, crime. So there probably isn’t a more appropriate setting for the game to take place.

Our hats are off to Rockstar, since based on what little we’ve seen in the trailer, the game’s environment appears to accurately depict Los Angeles, minus the copious amounts of trash. The main character, who is unnamed at this point, can travel to downtown’s Skidrow district, which like the real world version, is full of drug addicts and the homeless. You’ll also be able to head west towards the beach and cruise around Venice, at least based on one location which is home to the Chinese restaurant Mows.

Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t issued an official release describing the game or its mechanics, so we’re left to our own devices to infer what they’ve got in store for us. Hopefully, they’ve done away with all the shortcomings of the previous games and by that we mean the repeative missions.

Release date? Probably sometime at the end of 2012 if we had to guess.

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