Escort Max 360c Has Wi-Fi Capabilities, Plus More Upgrades

Read 8 of the best radar detectors to see which ones are the absolute best and why you should check them out. You’ll be glad that you did. Obviously this can be a problem on the road if there is no wireless network around. The Max 360c can detect nearby Wi-Fi hotspots that you may pick up when you are on the road, but that’s of limited used. It will probably be easier to instead turn your phone into it’s own Wi-Fi hotspot and connect it to your radar detector for a stable link.

As our list of top radar detectors (see the best radar detectors here) can attest, Escort makes some high-quality and very user friendly models, but this latest Max 360c version is something particularly special: It uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, even while you’re driving.

This allows the detector to connect to Escort Live, the online Escort service that tabulates recent warnings about alerts in the area and passes them onto you, as well as giving out handy information about local speed limit data, without you needing to look anything up. It can even phone home for you if your phone is otherwise occupied.

Escort: Max 360c Upgrade
The new model upgrades the Max 360 in many significant ways.

While the Wi-Fi is the big news here, it’s important to note that the Max 360c also comes with some other important upgrades compared to earlier models.

  • This includes K-Band and Ka-Band segmentation, some more advanced technology designed to help peel back the complex tangle of radio waves on the streets today for more accurate detection.
  • The model also has improved laser sensitivity, and a much brighter OLED display that’s very, very easy to see even on bright days.

Overall, this is a massive upgrade to past models and looks like an easy recommendation for someone who wants a new radar detector, especially a professional grade version that’s great for long trips.

Of course, all the extra features do raise the price a bit to $700, so you do have to invest in this one, especially if it’s an upgrade to a previous model. For those buying their first, there’s less of a downside.

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