Escort Radar Detector Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Do you hate getting a speeding ticket? Do you like to know when you’re approaching a red light camera? If so, and I don’t know anyone who would enjoy getting a ticket, then the Escort iX is for you. Escort is phenomenal when it comes to keeping you in the know about these things. So good, in fact, that four of their devices are on both our best radar detector list and top-of-the-shelf car accessories list.

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Why We Like It – Escort Radar Detector

Escort Radar Detector systems boast a powerful history of quality performance, design, and value. The Escort iX is no different and follows this great history with all the confidence in the world. We like it because it takes everything that has come before it and builds on it to become the standout device you see today. You may also be interested in how GM adds remote kill switch to OnStar vehicles.

  • ESCORTLive app gives you real-time updates
  • Easy to install windshield mount
  • IVT Filter prevents false alerts
  • Still a little on the pricey side
  • Customer Service can be slow


When the Escort iX pairs with a smart device running the ESCORTLive app it will provide real time data on speed limits, speed traps, and shared radar alerts from other Escort Radar devices nearby. The new ESCORT iX keeps everything you love about the Escort Passport but with more power, speed, and a sleek new design. If you’re a already a fan of ESCORT but prefer a more classic radar detector, the Escort Max360 may be the right device for you.

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The front of the ESCORT iX has a multi-coloured OLED display that tells you the speed limit, your speed, and whether or not there is a red light or speed camera on your route (based on the information in its database). Though having a slightly smaller screen the Uniden R3DSP also contains a beautiful OLED display. Like its predecessors the ESCORT iX comes with an easy to install windshield mount placeable where it will not obstruct your view of the road.


With this radar detector, Escort has included an In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) filter which is a neat addition considering the amount of cars with collision avoidance now on the roads. The IVT also reduces false alerts from moving IVT sources. ESCORT also has a call-in centre for customer service and a live-chat for those who prefer the computer or their phone. Its $350.00 price tag is fair, but the ESCORT Passport S55 is a great unit for those who are more budget-conscious towards their radar detectors.

Escort Radar Detector Wrap Up

There’s not much to wrap-up here. The Escort iX is a phenomenal device that will keep you in the know about the speed traps and red light cameras all around you. It may be a little on the pricier side (although we would argue it’s more than fair) but if you want quality, which is what Escort will give you, that’s the price you’ll have to pay.

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