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Best UV Black Light Flashlight

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To find the best UV blacklight flashlight for your needs, we’ve made a list of our seven favorites based on the following criteria: wavelength, power, battery type, run time, durability, and portability. If you are planning for your next camp, also check out our best camping gear guide for other tools that you may need.

The Esco Lite blacklight flashlight was our top pick, a 51 UV LED flashlight emitting at 390 to 395-nanometer wavelengths. It can produce a sufficient fluorescent glow for detecting pet stains, finding scorpions, and detecting minerals. Keep on reading to learn more about our seven favorites.

Top 6 Best UV Black Light Flashlight

 #1  Esco Lite 51 LED UV Flashlight


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Esco Lite UV Blacklight is the best UV flashlight we’ve reviewed by far. It is compact, durable, and it is 30% brighter than some lights.

  • 30% brighter than other lights
  • 4 to 6-hour run time
  • Durable aluminum alloy body
  • Batteries not included
  • Warranty doesn’t cover battery-caused issues
  • Doesn’t work on reflective surfaces

The Escolite UV flashlight black light is a compact yet powerful flashlight encased in a high-quality aluminum alloy build. It features a skid-proof, ultra-portable design. Its 51 LED lights emit UV light at 390 to 395 wavelengths, making it 30% brighter than other flashlights. These are engineered enhanced LED bulbs.
Whether it’s finding pet stains invisible to the naked eye, finding worms in your vegetable patch, or lighting up a party, it makes a reliable companion.

Like most on our list, Esco Lite uses disposable batteries (three AA standard alkaline batteries), but it’s recommended to buy rechargeable ones. It can last four to six hours with fully charged batteries. It is a good companion to the best tactical flashlight.

 #2  Vansky 51 LED UV Flashlight


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Vansky LED black light is the best UV flashlight for pet stains. With 51 LED bulbs emitting UV light at 395 nm, it can cover 10 meters, plus it’s 100% waterproof making it great for the outdoors.

  • Great for detecting pet stains
  • 30% brighter than other flashlights
  • Waterproof design
  • Batteries not included
  • Doesn’t work on reflective surfaces

Vansky’s flashlight has 51 UV LEDs, also letting it burn 30% brighter than your average blacklight flashlight. It emits UV light at 395 nm, covering 10 meters. You won’t have to crawl around your floor to spot unwanted stains. It can illuminate stains with ease. Like our top pick, it has a wide range of applications. You can use it to spot insects, pet stains, and counterfeit bills.

The Vansky UV flashlight has an aluminum alloy body with an anti-slip and waterproof design. Although its product description says it requires two AAA batteries, it needs three, which aren’t included in your purchase. The best headlamp is also a good choice.

 #3  Infray Pen UV Flashlight


WHY WE LIKE IT: Infray’s pen-sized UV flashlight has the best design of all the products we’ve reviewed. Its ultra-compact and lightweight build boasts an IPX5 rainproof rating and MIL-SPEC abrasion resistance, making it more durable than other products on our list.

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 7 hours of run time
  • 18-month warranty
  • Small coverage
  • Doesn’t work well on cat urine

Compared to the other 51-LED blacklight flashlights on our list, Infray’s pen-sized flashlight is smaller. It measures 5.7” in length, making it the most pocket-friendly flashlight on our list. Despite its size, its aluminum body is durable. It boasts a 1.5-meter drop resistance rating and an IP65 water-resistance rating.

The Infra flashlight emits UV light at 390 to 395 nm, which makes it great for detecting leaks, pet stains, and scorpions. Our favorite feature is its adjustable beam. It lets you adjust the range of your black light by simply twisting the head of the flashlight. Using two fully charged AAA batteries, it can last for seven hours. Don’t forget to look at the best tents for camping as well. Also, check out the NEXTORCH UV Mini LED Flashlight USB Keychain, which is small and lightweight but still provides a strong, bright light. It’s also impact-resistant and can withstand a 1-meter fall. On Amazon.com, it has multiple positive customer reviews and you can get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime, so be sure to check out this product.

 #4  Letion UV Flashlight


WHY WE LIKE IT: Letion is the best high output UV flashlight on our list with a number of uses both indoors and outdoors. The 2-in-1 flashlight has an adjustable zoom and a glaring spotlight that makes long-distance observation convenient.

  • Highest outputIPX4 water-resistance rating
  • 9-hour run time
  • Unclear user guide
  • Must be handled with extreme care because of its brightness
  • Batteries don’t last long on high mode

Letion’s UV flashlight outputs at the 395 nm wavelength, which allows it to detect fungi in food or cracks in your glassware. You can also use it to identify counterfeit bills. Just place your banknotes under UV light and check if they glow in the right color. If they do, they are authentic. Since the flashlight also emits white light, it is very convenient for home use or camping. It even has an adjustable beam, allowing you to cover wider areas from a long distance.

The Letion UV flashlight has an aluminum alloy body with an IPX4 water-resistance rating. Although it can survive in light rain, it shouldn’t be submerged in water or other liquids. It requires three AAA batteries to function, which can last for nine hours in low mode. You can use it to set up the best backpacking tent. An additional option is the BORUiT 1200LM IPX8 Rechargeable LED Torch that switches between 5 colors and 11 working modes, including white light, red, green, blue, UV, and more. The next time you go camping, you can use the red and green lights to not spook animals or even the blue light to make floating fish more visible in the water. If you want to drink clean water while camping, the best water purifiers camping guide offers great options for removing bacteria and waterborne parasites from contaminated water.

 #5  UltraFire UV Flashlight


WHY WE LIKE IT: UltraFire has the best tactical UV flashlight on the market. Featuring a premium aluminum build with an IP65 water-resistance rating, its UV flashlight is durable and powerful.

  • Durable Aluminum finish & IP65 water-resistance
  • 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with rechargeable battery
  • Needs specialty batteries & not included in purchase
  • No instructions

The UltraFire UV flashlight emits beams at a wavelength of 395 nm, which can help you detect urine stains indoors. Thanks to its adjustable focus, you can use it outdoors at night. You can also use it for camping, hiking, or in any low-light setting.

Its aluminum design features an IP65 rating, non-slip textured grip, and anti-abrasive surface treatment, making it ideal for everyday use. Although a few splashes of water won’t do any damage, it shouldn’t be fully submerged in water. Unlike the rest of the UV flashlights on our list, it needs a 18650 rechargeable battery (sold separately) or two CR123 batteries. They might be hard to find, but once on-hand, they’ll be very convenient.  Those about to go hunting may want to also consider the best crossbow.

 #6  TaoTronics 12 LED UV Flashlight

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WHY WE LIKE IT: TaoTronics has the best UV flashlight for scorpions as it is ultra-compact, durable, and powerful. Because it’s small and pocket-friendly, you can always keep it close to you when you’re camping to protect yourself from critters.

  • Great for detecting scorpions
  • LED lights last 15 years
  • Free AAA batteries
  • Doesn’t work well on cat urine
  • Small coverage

TaoTronic’s UV flashlight has only 12 LEDs. However, unlike our first two picks, these lights have longer lifespans, lasting up to 15 years. You also get the three AAA batteries needed to power this flashlight for free.

Having a 395 nm wavelength, the flashlight can detect invisible stains such as pet urine and food stains. For a fact, the wavelength of ultraviolet light is shorter than visible light. Ultraviolet lights go from 10nm-400nm. However, it’s not as effective on cat urine. On the bright side, it can be used for other purposes such as authenticating documents or identifying unwanted whitening components in cosmetics. It’s also great for spotting scorpions when you’re camping because of its ultra-compact design. You can take it everywhere with you as it is small enough to fit in your pocket. Have this handy while you are in the best sleeping bags. Another one of the best UV flashlights sold in the United States is the Escolite UV 100 LED 395nM Flashlight, which flashes a super bright light to detect both pet urine stains at home and scorpions when you’re outdoors.

Best UV Flashlight Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Battery type
    UV blacklight flashlights can have either rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. If you seldom use it, you can pick the latter. However, if you want to use it regularly, go for the former.
  2. Versatility
    UV flashlights can have various modes. For instance, some flashlights emit white and strobe lights aside from UV light.
  3. Adjustability
    While your average UV flashlight has a fixed range, you will find other options with adjustable focus. This lets you adjust the range of the beam depending on the nature of your activity.
  4. Water Resistance Ratings
    If you intend to use your flashlight for outdoor activities, make sure to check its waterproof ratings. Some can survive light sprays, while others can be submerged in water for a few minutes.
  5. Zoom/Beam Focus
    Maximize visibility at night by choosing a flashlight with adjustable zoom. It lets you adjust the size of the beam to get a better view of the area you’re exploring.
  6. Portability/Weight
    Flashlights come in all shapes and sizes. Look for one with the right size and weight that match your needs.
  7. Drop Rating
    Make sure your flashlight will remain functional after a few drops by checking its drop rating. Some flashlights can withstand drops up to one meter.

Best UV Flashlight FAQs

Are black light flashlights safe?

The risks and dangers of UV light depend on the wavelength and power of your flashlight. Low power UV flashlights with wavelengths ranging from 365 nm or higher emit UV-A wavelengths, which are less harmful compared to UV-B wavelengths you get from natural sunlight.

Is black light and UV light the same?

A black light is a kind of ultraviolet light. It emits UV radiation in the UV-A band, the safest of the three spectra of UV light.

What is the best blacklight flashlight?

Esco Lite’s UV flashlight t is the best UV black light flashlight we’ve reviewed by far. Its brightness, durability, and portability make it suitable fora wide range of needs and activities.

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