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Before you go out and buy a “shower caddy” don’t. Why? Because you’ll likely end up with one of those monstrosities that hangs over your shower’s neck and does little to help you solve your quandary. You see, what you really want is this Suction Cup Shelf which sells for just $35 on Amazon. Not only does it install in seconds – yes seconds – but those suctions cups are industrial strength, which lock into place and have yet to move, shift or slip in the 3 weeks I’ve been testing it.

So no drilling, no hanging, no balancing act, no bottles upside-down or squished sideways. Just a clean shelf that fits anywhere you can mount its suction cups. And it even includes a soap dish. Plus it won’t rust because it’s plastic, unlike every other shower caddy (hanging shower caddy) I’ve ever tested. I know the word “plastic” has a negative connotation, but in this case its for the better.

The Best Shower Caddy
Bar none, this is the best shower caddy for the money and for most people

Who Should Get This Shower Caddy

Anyone with a penchant for cleanliness and simplicity. Seriously, though. This “shower caddy” blows all others out of the water since it’s not an eye sore and works as if it’s built into the shower’s wall, glass or any where you can mount it.

You’ll also want one of these if you’ve been storing your shampoo, conditioner and those alike on your shower’s floor.

This “shower caddy” blows all others out of the water since it’s not an eye sore and works as if it’s built into the shower’s wall, glass or any where you can mount it.

Or you’ll want one of these if you’ve bene using anything but this. Which is yet another opportunity for me to lament about the traditional shower caddy, which is one of two things:

  1. The shower neck hanger. These often sway or sit off balance when heavy items are placed on one side. Or they simply rust despite the manufacturer’s (or retailer’s – looking at you Bed Band and Beyond) claim.
  2. The other is those ghastly doodads that wedges from floor to ceiling in your shower. They too are a blight on society (and your shower) and more often than not grow nastiness. Worse they tend to lose their tension and fall to their demise.

Of course all of these aforementioned scenarios take time. But trust me when I say it will happen!

How We Choose the Best Shower Caddy

The Best Shower Caddy with Soap Dish
Included is a soap dish with drainage holes and a few spots to hang a loofah.

In our hunt, we weren’t just looking for a set of shelves and the right price point. We also considered a number of factors during our search, which included aesthetics, ease of and simplicity of installation, stability, longevity (i.e. rust), and ease of cleaning.

It Should Be Easy to Install – No Drilling

Put another way, we wanted something that was not only easy to install and didn’t require drilling or half hearted mounting techniques that would eventually slip or need to be manipulated again and again.

…requires no drilling or half hearted mounting techniques.

We also wanted it to be pleasing to the eye. While showering is far from a public activity, it’s still remains a sanctuary for many, much like a spa, allowing you to unwind. After all, a nice long, hot shower after a long day can be a God send, so why disrupt that with some ugly shower caddy.

Stability is a Major Factor – Don’t Over Look This

The Best Shower Caddy and Suction Cups
The suction cups make installing this shower caddy beyond easy and quick.

With all that in mind we also knew that stability was a major concern, especially if one has a penchant to buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk. These bottles can be large in height and heavy. If you can’t fit them into the shower caddy or they can only fit on one side, than you’ll have a messy looking shower caddy and one that will often start to drop or spill things. Redoing your bathroom? Check out our list of the best handheld shower heads.

Easy to Clean and Maintain With No Rust

Lastly, cleaning and longevity. Most if not all of them will eventually start to rust. Stainless steel is only so good, and odds are only select parts will be made of that, leaving the connective parts and screws to start to rust. Small or large, rust is rust and will leave you feeling less than clean after you’re done scrubbing, even if you’re not touching it.

Beyond that there is also the question of keeping the shower caddy clean. Our top pick is a simple shelf that’s contents can be easily removed and wiped down. And because you’ll want to clean behind it, where mildew can grow (this happens at a larger rate on the bigger caddies) it can be easily removed from the wall and put back in place without too much fiddling.

The Best Shower Caddy

4.6 ouf 5 Stars on Amazon and Costs Just $35

Shower Caddy Reviews on Amazon
4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon is not easy feat.

Let’s get this out of the way: this shower caddy, which is really just a shelf, is a no name brand on called WantBa. But to lend credence to our position, consider that it has over 1,000 reviews at 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Moreover, it only costs $35.50 with Prime shipping and includes a matching soap shelf as well, provided you still use bar soap (pro tip: bar soap + loofah is a big cost savings and a comparable experience to shower gel; you get the same lathering. I highly suggest it, and buying Dove bars in bulk on Amazon or Costco).

Super Easy to Install Thanks to Industrial Strength Suction Cups

Beyond the aforementioned, the shelf is a no brainer to install. It’s light weight and includes massive industrial strength suction cups. Included in the box is a set of 3m stickers just in case you plan to mount it on a semi porous surface, which is a nice touch and adds a bit more versatility in terms of placement options. That said, you could mount this on your mirror or other parts of your bathroom. I’m even considering getting one to store my girlfriend’s many and never ending regimen of face products.

Beyond the aforementioned, the shelf is a no brainer to install.

To install the Section Cup Shelf, you simply place it on the wall, press, and then flip the switches on each suction cup. While it sticks to the wall as soon as you adhere it, the switches close the gap between the shelf and the suction cups, adding stability.

Strong and Stable with Over 5 lbs of Shampoos and More

The Best Shower Caddy
This suction cup shelf beats all other shower caddys.

And speaking of stability: We did have our concerns as to how much weight it could bear. But after placing two Redken bottles (this shampoo and conditioner set), which themselves weigh 4lbs, plus a few other bottles, totaling about 5lbs, I’m happy to report that the shelf has stayed mounted, even after prolonged showers and temperature changes in our bathroom.

What Would I Change

Honestly, there is little that we’d change about this Shower Caddy. But if we had to change one thing, it’s the lack of hooks for things like a loofah. It’s viable to hang them underneath the shelf, placing the loop on the suction cup’s end point, but far from ideal since there isn’t too much depth there. There is also no placement for razor or other small items, so just take note in case you have a variety of sponges and so forth in your shower.

…lack of hooks for things like a loofah.

Lastly, the stoppers, located at the far ends of the shelf, are very plasticky and flimsy feeling. Don’t get me wrong; they work. But they’re the least premium part of the unit and if you’re not careful could snap (this is speculation but the feeling lends itself to such).

However, if you’d prefer a hanging shower caddy that attaches to a fixed shower head, have a look at the Simplehuman adjustable shower caddy with over 4.5 stars on This adjustable shower caddy is a pole caddy that clips on to your shower head and uses suction cups to secure the base. The adjustable shelves are easy to operate and the lower positioned shelf is suitable for children. Another option to consider is a corner shower caddy. The Simplehuman BT1064 Corner Shower Caddy is a storage solution that sits in the corner on the floor. With adjustable shelves, this corner shower caddy offers a simple storage solution for your shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom essentials. However, due to the lower height of this model, it may be more suited for children, especially if you struggle to bend down while in the shower.

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