7 Best Shower Caddy and Organizers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

After conducting thorough research, we nominated the AllZone Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy as our Top Pick and Best Quality recommendation for the best shower caddy. We liked that it was a full-length freestanding shower caddy with an adjustable pole that can accommodate ceiling heights from 4.5 to nine feet tall. Plus it offers four trays, one of which allows for bottles to be inserted upside down for improved access. You can store most of your hair care or even skin care bathroom essentials on this device.

To create our guide for the best shower caddy, we looked at the following key features: design, capacity, materials, durability, and assembly. We know that freestanding and hanging caddies are the most popular options. But we also focused on durable models that were made from either plastic, metal, or a combination of the two. We also prioritized durable models that were rust-resistant as well as relatively easy to assemble and install. Keep reading to learn more about our criteria and to shop from our recommendations.

Top 7 Best Shower Caddy and Organizer

 #1  AllZone Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large-capacity corner shower caddy that is made from rustproof stainless steel with four trays and an adjustable tension rod with four and a half to nine-foot clearance.

  • Best quality
  • Rustproof stainless steel construction
  • Accommodates 4.5 to 9” height clearance
  • Installing pole may require two people for proper placement

If you have a home where your bathroom is being used by multiple people, then you need a serious freestanding shower caddy. That’s because everyone has their favorite products, and the classic over-shower head models just won’t give you enough storage. We nominated the AllZone corner shower caddy as not just our Top Pick but the Best Quality recommendation because you get four full trays of storage, plus a hook for washcloths and additional hooks for other common bathing and in-shower grooming tools.

We like that this shower corner caddy is an easy-to-assemble solution that doesn’t require tools to install. The tension rod can accommodate ceiling heights ranging from 4.5 to nine feet. Plus the stainless steel material is rustproof and is designed to last. You’ll like that each tray features drainage holes to prevent standing water. Additionally, you can opt to store shower gel, shampoo, or conditioner bottles upside down thanks to the larger slots in one of the tray bases. You can even find space for one of these best shower speakers. However, some people may find that installing this full-length shower caddy requires two people to properly use enough force to position it in their shower or bathtub.

 #2  mDesign Metal Bathroom Shower Caddy


WHY WE LIKE IT: A standing shower caddy that can accommodate ceilings from five to 9.5 feet tall, with a quick-dry design, four adjustable shelves, and additional hooks for extra grooming supplies.

  • Ideal for ceilings from 5 to 9.5’ high
  • 4 adjustable storage shelves
  • Includes hooks for washcloths and shaving razors
  • Some users may have difficulty tightening the tension pole

Some people may prefer a more classic metal finish for their shower caddies. In that case, this mDesign shower organizer is our Honorable Mention selection and a great option. This four-shelf standing shower caddy also provides a large clearance range for four to nine and a half-foot tall ceilings. As is common with standing models, you get additional hooks and towel bars for the extra items you need while bathing.

In particular, we like that this pole shower caddie features an open design that maximizes airflow and helps to prevent moisture from getting trapped that fosters mold growth. Because it features a brushed metal finish, this pick is also rust-resistant and is easy to keep clean and has a space for bar soap. You can even hang your best handheld shower heads on the additional hooks. However, it’s important to note that this model features a tension pole rather than a traditional tension rod with a spring. Through our research, we noted that some people may struggle to properly lock the pole in place.

 #3  Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy


WHY WE LIKE IT: A mini standing shower caddy that’s perfect for people who don’t share bathrooms and offers easy installation that doesn’t require fussing with a tension rod.

  • Ideal for private baths
  • Doesn’t require a tension rod
  • Easy to install design
  • May not be compatible with all bathtubs depending on dimensions

As much as tension rod-based shower caddies are great because they offer so much bathroom storage, they can be annoying to install. If you want all that space, but without the hassle, the Tenby shower caddy is a great alternative. This miniature standing caddy can be easily installed because you simply place it on the corner of your bathtub and don’t have to fight to push a tension rod into place.

The Tenby solution features four shelves and measures just under 35 inches tall, a good height if you’re using one of our best shower chairs. Because it’s designed to sit in the corner around your bathtub ledge, it’s important to ensure that your tub’s width and depth dimensions will match with this which is 10.43 inches deep and 13.19 inches wide. However, we do like that each tray features a recessed lip with drainage holes to prevent mold or mildew growth. And if you prefer, this is an adjustable solution that can be configured to be as small as just two shelves instead of the full four.

 #4  Flowmist 2 Tier Corner Shower Caddy

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A floating design shower caddy with two tiers that relies on adhesive installation makes this one of the best shower caddy options for gyms.

  • Space-saving floating design
  • Two tiers with hooks for additional items
  • Drill-free installation that uses adhesive
  • Smaller capacity not ideal for shared home baths
  • Can only be installed in corners

A gym workout calls for a good shower afterward. And we think that this Flowmist shower caddy is one of the best shower caddies for gyms to install. The floating design serves as a space-saving solution that’s ideal for gym members who like to store their preferred bathing products in their lockers — or bring them in their gym bags. Businesses (and even homeowners) will like that no drilling is required to install these caddies since they rely on simple adhesives to secure them to the wall.

This caddy bath solution has heavy-duty construction and features two main tiers with plenty of clearance for full-sized bottles. Plus there are hooks where you can hang washcloths or even other grooming tools like razors, or even one of our best shower heads if you own one. While we like the space-saving design, this model is only designed for corner installations. And even though it can work in home bathrooms, the limited amount of storage may not be ideal for high traffic bathrooms or people who like to store a lot of products in the shower.

 #5  iDesign York Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy


WHY WE LIKE IT: A space-saving over shower head caddy that doesn’t interfere with bathing space in the shower but offers a clutter-free solution for full-sized bottles.

  • Available in 8 metal finishes
  • Space-saving unobtrusive design
  • 2 trays and hooks for razors, sponges, or washcloths
  • Smaller size not ideal for shared home baths

If you have a private bathroom, this option from iDesign is a great way to keep your shower floor or bathtub ledge clutter-free. This shower caddy is a classic design that hangs over the showerhead and comes with two tiers of storage, along with additional hooks for razors or washcloths. We like that the top tier is perfect for securely storing taller full-sized bottles without worrying about them falling over the side.

Another nice feature is that this pick comes with eight different metal finishes to choose from — including rose gold and matte black. And coupled with one of the best shower faucets, this can turn the ordinary shower into a luxurious experience. While the small size isn’t ideal if this is meant for a shared bathroom or someone who likes to keep a lot of items in their shower, we do like that this is ready to go, and a pre-assembled solution that can be quickly installed.

 #6  SimpleHouseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Caddy


WHY WE LIKE IT: A shower caddy that’s perfect for your guest rooms thanks to the two trays, additional storage hooks, easy installation, and classic chrome finish that works for most decor schemes.

  • 2 trays with hooks for additional storage
  • Easy installation over shower head
  • Classic chrome finish that fits most decor schemes
  • Premature rusting is possible

For people with a spare full bathroom, a smaller shower caddy can be a great way to keep clutter to a minimum in the bathtub. This pick from SimpleHouseware is a great two-tier solution with a classic chrome finish that will work for most decor schemes. We like that it’s also easy to install since it comes pre-assembled and only needs to be hung over the showerhead once you take it out of the box. You’ll also appreciate the built-in soap dish.

For house guests who like to bring bathing supplies with them, they’ll like the extra hooks in the lower tray for razors or shower puffs. You’ll also like that this pick is designed to sit securely (like the best fixed shower head) and flush against the shower walls thanks to the additional suction cups. But, we did note that while it’s promoted as rust-resistant, this specific pick tends to rust prematurely.

 #7  Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy


WHY WE LIKE IT: A rust-proof anodized classic aluminum shower caddy that’s easy to install with two tiers that can be raised or lowered to fit taller bottles.

  • Secure installation that won’t slide down pipe
  • Two adjustable trays that accommodate larger bottles
  • Rust-proof anodized aluminum
  • Limited capacity for high-traffic shared bathrooms

The Simplehuman adjustable shower caddy is a fan favorite with homeowners, apartment dwellers, and everyone in between because it’s an easy to use storage solution that eliminates bathtub or shower clutter. We like that this smaller shower caddy features two adjustable trays that can be raised or lowered to accommodate taller bottles. More importantly, it’s made from rust-proof anodized aluminum for improved durability.

Simplehuman’s shower caddy is easy to install with a balanced pole that slides over your shower head and then is securely held in place with suction cups. You’ll also like that this model features a dedicated soap tray and hooks for additional bathing and grooming tools. But for as much as we like this pick, we understand that it might not be enough storage space for shared bathrooms if everyone has their preferred different bathing products.In some cases, you might want to store items like the best shaving brush in a bathroom closet or drawer.

How We Decided

Shower caddies are such an essential tool to keep bathrooms clutter-free and organized. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — design, capacity, materials, durability, and assembly. With the design, we focused on freestanding and mounted models. While you can also get portable shower caddies that are ideal as dorm shower caddies, we didn’t include those in our final selections.

The capacity is going to be important, but to make the right selection, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Consider how many people will be using the bathroom where you’re going to install the shower caddy, and how many different items each person uses. Even if you’re buying a shower caddy for a private bath, if you’re the type who uses multiple products, or likes to switch between options every time you shower, a larger freestanding caddy might be a better choice.

The most common materials for shower caddies are plastic or metal. With metal, aluminum and stainless steel are the top choices. Be sure that the metal has been treated to be rust-resistant. We prioritized rust-resistant models, but it’s also important to look for designs that promote airflow to help reduce rusting, or mold and mildew growth. All of this will impact the overall durability of your shower caddy.

And finally, think about how easily you can assemble or install your shower caddy. The models that hang over the shower head are easiest to install since they come preassembled and can be easily placed in the shower. Freestanding models usually must be assembled. And in some cases, you may need two people to exert enough force to place it exactly where you want it to stand. Also keep in mind that with freestanding models, you’ll want to measure the ceiling height in your shower or bathtub to ensure that it’s compatible with the model you want to purchase.

Best Shower Caddy Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Design
    Shower caddies help to maximize storage space in your shower or bathroom. But they come in a range of configurations. While some are compact storage solutions that hang on a showerhead, others are freestanding options that are placed in the corner of a tub or shower stall. And in the case of shower totes, they’re simple baskets with compartments that are meant to be truly portable and are ideal for college dorms.
  2. Capacity
    Do you use a lot of products when you’re in the shower or are you a minimalist that only uses one or two items while bathing? Consider how much capacity you’ll need for regularly used items while showering. If you’re the only person who uses a bathroom, then a smaller-capacity caddy may be more efficient. In contrast, if it’s a communal bathroom for several members in the household, a larger caddy with multiple shelves can make more sense.
  3. Materials
    Shower caddies are usually either made from metal or plastic materials. If you purchase a shower caddy that is made from metal, look for rust-free or rust-resistant options since the caddy will be frequently exposed to moisture or directly come into contact with water depending on where you place it in your shower.
  4. Durability
    Ideally, you shouldn’t be replacing your shower caddy every few months. Consider models that are sturdy with trays that are securely held in place and won’t fall apart with the slightest bit of weight.
  5. Assembly
    Most shower caddies are made to be quickly installed with minimal effort. For models that hang over the showerhead, no assembly should be required. But with freestanding models, they usually rely on a tension rod to hold the caddy securely in place. You’ll want to ensure that the maximum or minimum height of the rod is compatible with your bathtub or shower stall.

Shower Caddy FAQs

How do I keep my shower caddy from sliding?

For caddies that hang over the showerhead, you’ll need to prevent friction between the caddy wire and the shower pipe. Some of the best methods include securing the caddy with a zip tie, hose clamps, or even using rubber bands.

Is a plastic or mesh shower caddy better?

This is going to depend on which you prefer. But in general, plastic tends to be more durable in terms of maintaining its shape, while mesh is ideal if you want a portable hanging caddy that can be left on a shower hook or slung around the showerhead.

Do aluminum shower caddies rust?

While they do have the ability to rust, if you look for ones made from aluminum that’s been treated to be rustproof, you shouldn’t have to worry about rust forming over time.

How do I make my shower caddy suction cups stick?

Suction cups work best when they’re applied to a surface while damp. For the best results, run the inside of the suction cup under the faucet and shake off the excess water. Make sure the surface where you plan to place it is clean and dry. Press the suction cup to the surface, and make sure that there are no air bubbles.
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