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What makes the best SecretLab gaming chairs? These award-winning chairs represent an elevated take on the now-popular gamer chair design. Priced somewhat above the average gaming chair range, the SecretLab array of gaming chairs has a reputation for quality materials and ergonomic design. The best gaming chairs, such as the SecretLab Titan Evo, can be excellent options for gamers and even creative workers looking for a great office chair.

You might be interested in one of these premium gaming chairs if you’re getting more severe or competitive about PC gaming. Some studies show ergonomic chairs can help maintain mental performance. A new SecretLab chair can also be an excellent choice for professionals when building a workspace at home. A gaming chair like the SecretLab Titan series, not too flashy, can be an affordable option compared to something like a Herman Miller chair. Keep reading to learn more about the best SecretLab gaming chairs and how to pick the best gaming chair for your setup.

Top Secretlab Chairs

 #1  Secretlab Titan 2020 Classic Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: With adjustable arms, seat height, and lumbar, this chair offers ergonomic comfort. It has durable upholstery with a distinctive design that offers aesthetic appeal.

  • Classic black and white color scheme
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Full-recline back
  • Not breathable

The Secretlab Prime 2.0 gaming chair features PU leather upholstery that offers a comfortable feel and durability. It features premium materials that stand up to heavy use. Thanks to adjustable lumbar support, this chair props up the back and helps users maintain a healthy posture. This gaming chair supports a full-length backrest recline, so users can take a nap or watch movies in a comfortable position. However, this model is not breathable.

A five-star aluminum base provides structural strength, accommodating most adults comfortably. This chair has wheels that glide around the room easily and boasts a seat height adjustment lever with Class 4 hydraulic pistons, providing smooth operation and durability. With a classic black-and-white color scheme, the chair adds a subtle pop of color to the gaming room. This gaming chair has adjustable armrests that can be moved up and down to support the upper body.

 #2  Secretlab Omega Prime 2.0 Team Liquid Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a heavily padded back and seat, this chair provides a comfortable platform for work or play. It has four-direction adjustable armrests to support the hands and upper body.

  • Four-direction adjustable armrests
  • Exquisite Team Liquid PU leather design
  • Full-recline back
  • Not ideal for very tall or big users

This Secretlab Omega 2.0 Team Liquid gaming chair makes a statement with a unique gaming design. It boasts high-quality PU leather upholstery that offers durability and supports hassle-free cleaning. With a thick memory foam back and seat, this chair provides extra cushioning and is ideal for people who work or play games for extended periods. However, the chair was designed for small individuals, so it’s not very comfortable for individuals taller than 5′ 1” or bigger than 240 lbs.

This model’s sturdy aluminum base provides structural support, and the back is adjustable, supporting a full-length backrest recline. This model is equipped with wheels, enabling moving around the gaming room or office. This model has a Class 4 hydraulic system that adjusts fast and reliable seat height. Four-dimensional adjustable armrests allow changing the height and direction of the arms. This gaming chair has an optimized design that cradles the body for comfort.

 #3  Secretlab Titan Prime 2.0 Akali Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Featuring premium PU leather upholstery with an aggressive pattern, this chair is suitable for game rooms and home theaters. It has reclining tension adjustment, and it’s heavily padded for comfort.

  • Recline resistance dial
  • Premium PU leather upholstery
  • Spacious seat
  • Too tall for small people

With a unique Akali design and Secretlab logo on the back, this Secretlab Titan Prime 2.0 Akali gaming chair will make a new focal point in any office or game room. This chair is quite ergonomic, featuring a fully reclining back, and it has fully adjustable armrests with a smooth surface that supports the elbows. It has plenty of space that will suit people as tall as 6′ 7” and weigh up to 290 lbs. However, it’s not recommended for people with small frames.

This gaming chair has high-quality PU leather upholstery that adds a touch of sophistication to the gaming rooms. The chair is easy to clean with a moist cloth, and it is made of premium parts that hold up well under heavy use. This chair reclines, allowing users to take naps in the office or game room, and it has a lever for adjusting reclining resistance. A hydraulic lift system enables adjusting the height of this chair with ease.

 #4  Secretlab Titan Prime 2.0 Yasuo Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This chair has built-in lumbar support and a knob for adjusting the level of lumbar support. It reclines fully and has fully adjustable arms for supporting the upper body.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Four-direction adjustable armrests
  • Exquisite design
  • Not ideal for very big individuals

The Secretlab Titan Prime 2.0 Yasuo gaming chair has high-quality faux leather upholstery that supports simple cleaning. It features integrated lumbar support, helping to prevent lower back pain, and has a knob for adjusting the lumbar to suit personal preferences. This system supports a full-length back recline, enabling users to lean back and relax. However, this chair is recommended for people less than 5′ 11” in height and weighing less than 240 lbs, so it might not be ideal for very big individuals.

This gaming chair has a high-quality aluminum base with a five-star mechanism that resists rusting and breaking. It uses Class 4 hydraulics and a conveniently located lever to adjust the seat’s height conveniently. Gaming enthusiasts will love the unique Yasuo design with a blue and white color scheme. The chair has four-direction adjustable armrests that provide reliable support to the elbows and upper body. This gaming chair comes with a memory foam head pillow.

 #5  Secretlab Omega Game of Thrones House Stark Gaming Chair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: The chair features a premium material with a vibrant GOT-themed design that will raise the aesthetics in any game room. This model features a full-reclining seat and a seat tilt mechanism that conforms to the user’s movements.

  • Excellent black and white design
  • Reclining seat
  • 4D armrests
  • Lacks lumbar support

A limited edition model designed in conjunction with the popular television drama series, the Secretlab Omega Game of Thrones House Stark gaming chair has a conspicuous Stark logo that will appeal to enthusiasts. The gaming chair boasts premium PU leather upholstery with expert stitching, providing durability. This features thick cold-cure foam cushioning on the back and seat, providing comfort. This gaming chair supports a full back recline, allowing users to take a nap. However, this model doesn’t have lumbar support.

An aluminum base with a five-star frame and casters provides durability and mobility. This gaming chair has a hydraulic lift system that enables effortless seat adjustment. It is compatible with a head pillow to provide comfort, and it has 4D armrests with internal metal components that allow tilting, angling, and moving the arms up and down. This chair has a multi-tilt mechanism that adapts to the user’s posture and features a lever for locking the seat.

 #6  Secretlab Titan Game of Thrones House Stark Gaming Chair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A broad seat and back designed for large individuals provide comfort. The chair has adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat recline tension, and 4D adjustable armrests.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 4D armrests
  • Comes with a head pillow
  • It doesn’t tilt forward
  • Too tall for smaller individuals

Featuring an oversized design, this Secretlab Titan Game of Thrones House Stark gaming chair is ideal for people with large frames. This chair is recommended for people measuring between 5′ 9” to 6′ 7” and weighing up to 290 lbs. It offers ample space for comfortable seating, and it has a heavily padded Cold Cure foam seat and back for comfort. This chair supports 165° reclining, allowing users to relax, and a knob adjusts the recline resistance. However, this chair doesn’t tilt forward.

Four-dimension armrests with internal metal parts and soft PU coating move support several adjustments, while the chair’s broad back and seat offer comfort. This model comes with a memory foam head pillow with cooling gels to support the head. An aluminum alloy five-star base provides stability, and it has XL casters that glide smoothly on various floor types. This chair has integrated adjustable lumbar support to promote a healthy posture.


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Introduction to SecretLab Gaming Chairs

SecretLab is a Singaporean Company that focuses primarily on gaming chairs and has produced some of the best-reviewed and highest-rated affordable gaming chairs in terms of comfort and material options. eSports Pros Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Choo founded the company in 2014 as a startup, using personal savings to research and develop the brand’s first model, the SecretLab Throne V1. You’ll even find some of these in our list of the leading office chairs under $100.

Since then, SecretLab has expanded and now partners with numerous eSports and other entertainment franchises, including DC Comics and HBO. Award-winning SecretLab Chair models include the ergonomic SecretLab Titan Evo, Titan Evo 2022, and the SecretLab Omega. The brand also famously produced a Game of Thrones-themed model and a Batman-themed SecretLab Chair.

Priced lower than high-end office chairs by Herman Miller but higher than cheap office chair models, SecretLab Omega gaming chairs and similar series’ represent a good mix of comfort, versatility, and value for the money. The SecretLab range of gaming chairs also offers some models that aren’t as flashy or garish as the typical “racing-inspired” gamer chair.

The SecretLab chair range features premium materials and an excellent range of adjustments, but as with other fixed-width racing chairs, most models, including the SecretLab Titan series chairs, require users to pick the right size for their body type.

How SecretLab Compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Quality Built-In Lumbar Support: SecretLab put considerable research into backrest ergonomics. On that note, ensure you know how to choose an office chair with back support by keeping ergonomics and comfort in mind while shopping. SecretLab’s gaming chair collection scores highly with eSports pros and furniture reviewers, thanks to excellent adjustable lumbar support options. Many SecretLab chairs also add optional magnetic cooling lumbar pillows or a memory foam lumbar pillow.

(Con 1) Faux Leather, not the Most Breathable Material: The faux leather upholstery options found in most SecretLab chairs provide comfortable seating in cool ambient temperatures but may draw criticism during a heat wave. Some may prefer a more breathable gaming chair fabric to help stay cool during long hours of gaming.

(Pro 2) Attractive Design Options: SecretLab chairs, such as the black-stitched Omega or Titan XXS models, offer a balance of racing-inspired design features and more toned-down visual cues. Thus, unlike some of the more garish gamer chair options, they might appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike in design.

(Con 2) Size-Specific: Despite the adjustability options, SecretLab models may require you to pick the correct size. They provide different seat base widths and height adjustment options, but choosing the proper size can get confusing.

(Pro 3) Extensive Load and Durability Testing: SecretLab Titan Evo, Omega, and other recently developed gaming models undergo vital safety testing during development. The brand recently introduced higher tensile-strength fabric and upgraded heavy-duty hydraulics, helping boost the weight limit of its larger gaming chairs.

(Con 3) Assembly Can Be Confusing: These mechanically sophisticated gaming chairs can be more challenging to assemble than chairs with a more simplistic design. You can usually find an online assembly video, helping make the assembly process smoother.

(Pro 4) Solid Ergonomics: The SecretLab range of gaming chairs provides award-winning comfort and proven ergonomic design. Compared to most cheap office chairs and knock-offs, they do a much better job maintaining high levels of comfort during longer gaming sessions.

(Con 4) Costly Gaming Chair Accessories: While the SecretLab Titan Series offers many accessories, such as a lumbar pillow with memory foam, magnetic velour head pillows, and adjustable padded armrests, some of these options can add significantly to the chair’s base price.

Why Should You Buy a New SecretLab Gaming Chair?

SecretLab chairs provide proven ergonomic performance, comfort, and durability. These factors help make the SecretLab Omega the favorite gaming chair of numerous eSports pros and casual gamers. You might consider one for your gaming setup or home workspace if you’re designing a new game room with an updated desk or looking for a more ergonomic and comfortable option than your current chair and desk arrangement.

PC gamers looking to get traction on streaming platforms may want to look into the most comfortable and ergonomically sound chairs since all-day comfort is essential for successful streaming and performance during intense PC gaming sessions. The right ergonomic chair can help maintain focus, boost neurological performance, and help mitigate some of the unhealthy consequences of sitting all day.

Computer workers may find that a new, more comfortable chair, such as a SecretLab Titan with ergonomic features, may help reduce fatigue and repetitive strain. If your current work chair is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit properly, you might benefit from upgrading to a SecretLab chair with more adjustable features.

How Long Will a SecretLab Gaming Chair Last?

Gaming and office chairs last around three to seven years. Large offices sometimes budget on replacing chairs every five years, though some last longer. SecretLab chairs benefit from extensive durability testing and relatively heavy-duty materials such as fabric upholstery with high-strength yarn fibers and abrasion resistance.

Various factors affect how long a given chair will last. The longevity of a gaming chair depends on the environmental conditions, the intensity of use, how many people use it, and how well the chair is put together.

Adjustable armrests and lumbar support pillows often wear out sooner than the rest of the chair body. Other wear items include caster wheels and lift mechanisms. SecretLab provides relatively detailed maintenance instructions and care guidelines, which can help you ensure your gaming chair lasts as long as possible.

Experts suggest cleaning a gaming chair regularly with cleaning products appropriate to the type of upholstery it has. SecretLab offers matched cleaning solutions for each of the material options it uses in its Titan Evo 2022 and Omega gaming chair lines.

Gaming chairs last longer when kept in a cool and relatively dry room. Experts suggest wiping down the chair after each use and avoiding liquid spills. They also warn against resting heavy objects on the seat cushion and using a gaming chair as a step stool.

SecretLab Warranties

SecretLab offers a standard three-year limited warranty and a 49-day return and refund policy covering defective or non-functional items. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear and damage due to mishandling or shipping errors. SecretLab’s warranty coverage is average for the gaming chair industry, more generous than some gaming brands but not as comprehensive as the office chairs.

Select models, including the Titan XXS chairs, get a 5-year standard limited warranty. Gaming chair accessories generally get a 1-year limited warranty.

SecretLab also allows buyers to extend their chair’s warranty up to five years for an additional fee. Some users may be able to benefit from SecretLab’s extended warranty program for free if they post about their chair on social media.

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