Herman Miller Aeron Review

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Updated December 2, 2022
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First introduced in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair slowly gained popularity especially among the corporate elite to become America’s best-selling office chair by 2010. What might have led to all this prominence you might ask? Well, the chair was engineered to provide the best kind of ergonomics possible, therefore making it the best task chair for both your spine and comfort, especially if you tend to suffer from tailbone pain. Tailbone pain is something that tends to occur naturally, especially if your chair doesn’t have the best form of ergonomics and lumbar support. If you’re someone that’s serious about their health and would never want to be in the middle of any kind of spine issue, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is in our opinion, the best office chair for tailbone pain.

Why We Like It – Herman Miller Aeron

Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, the Herman Miller Aeron Office chair has gone on to receive widespread recognition for industry-leading features such as its adjustable PostureFit SL lumbar support system, making it a must-have for users who are on the lookout for the most well-engineered form of office furniture.

  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Best in ergonomic design
  • 12 year warranty
  • Expensive


The main reason you’ll be shelling out about $1000 for a brand new height adjustable Herman Miller Aeron office chair is for its spectacular lumbar support mechanism. The Aeron chair comes with two individual pads on its back seat that can be adjusted to fit the curve of your spine, making it a lot more user specific than the Steelcase Leap Office Chair. Known as the adjustable PostureFit SL system, the two pads adjust independently to offer the best form of back support and adapt to the natural S shape of your spine to help you avoid any pain that may come about as a result of prolonged sitting.


For a chair that’s fairly more expensive than the regular home office chair, the Herman Miller Aeron chair does do quite a lot to make sure that any user finds it to be comfortable. It’s got a tilt mechanism that allows you to choose from one of three postures, and also adjusts your seat angle in accordance with your movement. Because of this, some famous streamers use these chairs for their long gaming sessions; it is Shrouds’ gaming chair of choice. You certainly won’t get this kind of feature with the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair.


With an adjustable lumbar support, fully adjustable arms, and a tilt limiter that doesn’t let you recline the back seat too far back, you can really do a lot to adjust these Aeron chairs down to what you’d want. The seat height is also not restricted to one size, as it can be adjusted from 14 to 19 inches high, making it suitable for sitting on most dining tables. Its PostureFit SL mechanism can also be configured to match the user’s spine, making it one of the best office chairs for back protection.


To make the Herman Miller Aeron task chair as breathable as can be, the designers behind it decided to rely on a breathable membrane known as woven pellicle. The seat and backrest are both made of this material, so if you get this chair, you shouldn’t expect it to get heated up even after long sitting hours on it. It’s definitely a lot more breathable than the Homall gaming chair, which is made of PU leather.


At first blush, most people would consider the price of Aeron office chairs to be out of their budget, but upon closer inspection, the health benefits accrued tend to be a lot better than what you’ll get if you’d go for a normal office chair. Also, choosing the perfect chair size for you involves finding the perfect correlation between your height and weight. To give you a rough idea of what the selection process looks like, if you weigh 300 pounds or less, you should ideally go for the Size A chair, while if you weigh 350 pounds or less, you could opt for the Size B or Size C chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair Wrap Up

Not much has changed since the first iteration of the Aeron chair back in 1994, but the new Aeron chair does come with a polished aluminium finish that adds to it a very premium feel. There’s also been the option to choose which chair to go with depending on a user’s preferences, with features such as height adjustable arms, tilt limiters and chair size being fully customizable.

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