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Updated: Nov 2, 2023 4:59 PM
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What are the features that make the best Herman Miller office chairs? It starts with the superb ergonomic comfort the brand is known for, along with adjustable lumbar support to help maintain a natural curve and neutral posture. Next, signature feature options like a mesh seat, flexible frame, and adjustable features make models like their Aeron ergonomic office chair stand out from traditional office chairs.

Herman Miller chairs stand out for their ergonomic design, wide range of adjustability, and durable, high-quality materials. That said, they tend to come at a higher price range than many other gaming chairs and task chair options, so they may not be the best office chairs for your budget.

Top Herman Miller Chairs

 #1  Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This option is great for keeping back pain at bay due to the spine-friendly design. It curves with your back to alleviate strain. It even packs in extra sacral/lumbar support so that you can sit comfortably for hours.

  • Made of recycled material
  • Has a spine-friendly design
  • Extra sacral/lumbar support
  • Back support wears out

This Herman Miller Aeron chair is a spine-friendly option made entirely out of recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice, as well. It provides relief by fitting to the curve of your spine as you sit up straight, filling in any empty space. Be aware that the back support has been reported to wear out earlier than you might expect. If you’re looking for ergonomic relief, this might not be the best model for you.

The chair dimensions are 41 x 27 x 16.75 inches. This makes it an easy fit into almost any office environment, whether commercial or in a home office. The seat height will vary between 16 – 20.5 inches, depending on your personal preference. There is a tilt limiter that allows you to set a recline range at any of three different settings. Another great feature is the adjustable arms that can go in almost any position you desire.

 #2  Herman Miller Mirra 2 Office Chair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: The adjustable FlexFront design allows you to comfortably retain a range of movement. It is also an extremely lightweight option that you can move around the office as necessary. The fabric features AirWeave 2 technology.

  • Adjustable FlexFront design
  • Extremely lightweight option
  • Features AirWeave 2 fabric
  • Not suitable for heavier bodies

The adjustable FlexFront seat of this model is fantastic for those who are constantly shifting around. This feature will keep you comfortable for longer. Beyond this, there is an AirWeave 2 woven suspension seat. A tilt limiter will keep you from going too far backward. Unfortunately, it has been reported that this is not a great option for heavier bodies. There is no weight limit, but 200 pounds is a decent estimate.

Carpet casters will keep any carpet safe from damage, so it’s a perfect option for those who want their carpet to retain its form. This model combines simplicity and functionality perfectly, especially with the Butterfly back. You’ll enjoy total comfort because of the way this special backing conforms to the alignment of your back. It’s made with a mixture of upholstery and polymer, making it both extremely comfortable and highly durable.

 #3  Herman Miller Classic Aeron Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll enjoy superior support if you choose this option. It’s designed to keep spines aligned, which lessens back pain and allows you to work with less strain. This model also conforms to your shape, heightening your comfort.

  • Offers superior support
  • Keeps spines aligned
  • Conforms to your shape
  • Meant only for work

This model conforms directly to your shape. This keeps your back in alignment all day while you work. You’ll also have your weight more evenly distributed by the design of this office chair. This will eliminate pressure points and help with the collection of heat. If you’re looking for an option to lounge in, this won’t be a good fit. The design is meant to keep you from slouching and does not have adjustable arms, so it’s not great for chilling out and watching a movie.

The breathable fabric will also keep heating from building up through the usage of breathable upholstery. Kinemat tilt technology will mimic your body’s natural movements. This allows the chair to work with your natural pivot points rather than get it to twist in unnatural ways. It works with your body, not against it. You’ll be able to recline fluidly in this specially designed model, allowing you to relax whenever you need a quick break.

 #4 Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This highly breathable option comes with a mesh back that allows ample airflow. This will keep you from getting sweaty on the job. It also has an extra-wide backing so you can feel supported all day long.

  • Highly breathable design
  • Conforms to your body
  • Extra wide backing
  • Design might be too much

This option is a perfect combination of sophistication and functionality due to its impressive design and stunning looks. The back of it is shaped to hug your back from the lower portion up to your shoulders. This ergonomic shape is perfect for helping relieve back pain that competing models might cause. However, this fun design might be a dealbreaker for some consumers. If you’re looking for a more traditional aesthetic, this isn’t the right option for you.

It can support a person of up to 300 pounds, making it a super-inclusive option for bodies of all sizes. The height can range between 34.25 inches and 38.75 inches, depending on your personal preference. The width is 24.5 inches with a depth of 24.5 inches.

 #5  Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll be able to rotate a full 360-degrees in this office chair. This model is also fantastic for providing lower back support, so you don’t feel sore after a full day of work. It even has a passive PostureFit design.

  • Passive Posturefit design
  • Provides lower back support
  • High levels of rotation
  • Seat might not last long

The shape of this office chair is purely ergonomic and helps to relieve pressure points. Since overloaded pressure points can lead to serious back pain, this is an excellent feature to have. There is a Passive PostureFit technology included that helps the office chair conform to the shape of your back. However, the seat has been shown to wear out a little quicker than most consumers would like. This could be a problem for those working long hours in one position.

If you struggle with pain around or below the beltline, this model is great for making sure you feel better even after a long day of work. It has a padded seat and arms to further its comfort to the table. You’ll be able to rotate a full 360 degrees in it, as well, meaning you don’t have to twist your lower back to pivot. This will also keep you from getting sore since you’re working with the natural movement of your back.

 #6  Herman Miller Aeron Drafting Stool


WHY WE LIKE IT: This lightweight design is highly portable, so you can bring it between rooms whenever necessary. It also features an all mesh design to give you a more durable, long-lasting model.

  • Has adjustable arms
  • Footrest ring
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Mesh can wear out quickly

You’ll enjoy the amount of control this chair gives you over your position and posture. It employs a tilt limiter that keeps you from bending too far backward, eliminating a significant source of back pain. The adjustable arms can move into any position you deem most comfortable, as well. Unfortunately, it has been reported that the mesh can wear out pretty quickly. This means that it’ll conform to you and stay stuck in that position instead of springing back.

The lightweight design allows the office chair to retain its functionality by being moved from room to room as you see fit. There are a lot of ergonomic features to help you further escape back pain, such as the two firmness levels for the adjustable lumbar. This unique shape conforms to the natural curve of your spine so you can work comfortably for longer. You will enjoy the comforts of the ever-popular Aeron chair while having an increased range of height adjustments.

Introduction to Herman Miller Office Chairs

Herman Miller is a well-regarded American office chair company founded in Michigan in 1905. Originally known as the Star Furniture Company, the company became known for its modern, forward-looking designs in the 1920s and 30s.

Today, the Herman Miller line is more diversified than ever, with different models available in various colors and more size and weight capacity options to provide a custom fit for a wider range of users. Their most famous product is the iconic Aeron model, a groundbreaking ergonomic office chair created in 1992 with a renowned design and class-leading comfort.

Many of their office chairs, including the still-in-production variants of the original Aeron chair, stand out for their ergonomic and form-fitting designs and large numbers of adjustable features. More than most office furniture brands, Herman Miller chairs emphasize healthy posture and natural seating positions for various body types. That said, if you’re experiencing lower back pain, you’ll want to check out our list of high-end office chairs for tailbone pain and our list of leading office chairs for hip pain.

The brand has also expanded to include more padded seat options with the licensing of Eames designs. Herman Miller now sells the well-known Eames executive chair along with the Eames task chair. They tend to be expensive, but the current model range offers some budget options, including stackable conference seating.

How Herman Miller Office Chairs Compare to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Sophisticated Ergonomics: If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair that will help with all-day comfort in the office, at-home workspace, or gaming setup, Herman Miller provides ample options. Desk chair models such as the Herman Miller Sayl and Aeron office chair line benefit from extensive scientific and subjective testing. Plus, they work the best when you know how to sit correctly in an office chair. These models often have a tilt limiter that lets you sit with a relaxed, natural posture whether you like to sit upright or more reclined.

(Con 1) Not the Most Budget-Friendly Office Chairs: However, all that design and sophistication tend to come at a price. These tend to be rather expensive chairs, especially the classic Aeron and Eames lines.

(Pro 2) Classic Designs: The Aeron chair’s design won it a place in the Museum of Modern Art. Often imitated, it was among the first “modern” office chairs ever built. Today, variants including the Herman Miller Mirra, Sayl, and Cosm chairs stand out on their own for their clean, organic, and sophisticated designs.

(Con 2) Can Be on the Firm Side: Models such as the Cosm chairs can feel somewhat unyielding if you prefer a softer seat. While they are comfortable chairs for working, they tend to favor a more upright posture. The black mesh backrests can also take some getting-used-to.

(Pro 3) Wider Range of Adjustability than Most: Many Herman Miller office chairs offer multiple forms of adjustment. You can find models with adjustable seat height, arm height, and seat depth adjustments, as well as adaptive backrest options that make them more comfortable than the average office chair for a range of body types.

(Con 3) Complex Setup: With such a large array of adjustable features, models like the Aeron office chair can require a more complicated setup than the average office chair. As such, Henry Miller chairs can present a learning curve for new users because of the brand’s extensive range of adjustment settings, different caster glide options, pneumatic cylinders, and features like dynamic lumbar support and adjustable tension.

Why You Should Buy a Herman Miller Office Chair

A more comfortable office chair might be a very worthwhile investment if you’re expanding or upgrading your home office. With various finish options and classic, functional designs, models such as the Eams soft pad chairs and Herman Miller Sayl chairs can elevate the aesthetic of your workspace or gaming setup.

Compared to the average task chair or gaming chair, Herman Miller ergonomic chair options can improve comfort for a broad range of users. If you experience repetitive strain, have undergone orthopedic physical therapy, or have difficulty finding a comfortable position, an ergonomic chair may help.

A comfortable chair with solid ergonomic features is especially important for working long hours at a computer or desktop since sitting all day in a cheap office chair may exacerbate upper body pain and constrict blood flow. This is one of the key reasons some famous Twitch streamers will choose these types of chairs. For instance, TimTheTatmans’ chair of choice is the Herman Miller Mirra 2.

How Long Will a Herman Miller Office Chair Last?

Eames chairs, Aeron ergonomic office chair models, and other Herman Miller models have a well-earned reputation for durability. Major components such as the frame, breathable mesh seat back, polyester fabric cushions, and pneumatic cylinders typically last a decade or more with normal office use.

Of course, as with most home and office furnishings, the lifespan of a Herman Miller office chair depends on many factors, including frequency and type of use, number of different users, and storage environment conditions.

Keeping your office chairs clean and storing them indoors, away from extreme heat, humidity, and direct sunlight, can help extend their useful life and preserve the materials. To avoid premature wear, take care not to exceed the maximum weight capacity and ensure you’ve installed the right type of caster wheel options for the kind of flooring surface you have.

Herman Miller Office Chairs Warranty

Most Herman Miller office seating comes with an outstanding 12-year limited warranty, which serves as a guarantee that the chairs are free from material and workmanship defects in major components. In addition, when classic models do need replacement parts, such as tension control knobs and lumbar support pillows, the replacements are generally still available.

Best Herman Miller Chairs Questions (FAQ)

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