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How to Dispose of Office Chair

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Office chairs can last a while, up to ten years in some cases. Gaming chairs can last a long time as well, but eventually, just like office chairs they will malfunction or wear out and need to be disposed of. This process can be confusing to some, as the best office chairs are large and often manufactured using a wide variety of components and materials.


  • Office chairs will wear out over time, typically in five to seven years.
  • Office chairs cannot be thrown in the trash, though some areas will offer recycling services on certain days of the month.
  • Consumers looking to get rid of some office chairs can contact their local Goodwill or a trash hauling service.

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Most office chairs need to be recycled or hauled away by professionals.

How to Properly Dispose of Your Old Office Chairs

The most important thing to remember about office chairs is that they cannot simply be thrown in the trash like any other piece of garbage. They are simply too big and include too many different materials for a garden-variety trash heap to handle. Most office chairs (including the best office chair for a short person) need to be recycled or hauled away by professionals. Also, remember that some chairs, such as ones with electrical components in them, may have a different way of disposal. You can read how to dispose of a gaming chair with speakers for more on these types of chairs.

How to Recycle Your Old Office Chairs

Do you really want to get rid of your office chair, or do you just want to replace the arms on the office chair? Alternatively, if you need some tips on cleaning different parts of your chair, like how to get hair out of chair wheels, we have you covered there too. If you need to get rid of a chair, you are in the right place. Here are some tips to help you recycle and get rid of your old office chairs, helping you make room in your work area for a new chair or two. And if you haven’t decided on a new chair yet, you can check out the best conference room chairs for some ideas.

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If your office chair still functions and is in decent cosmetic condition, you may be able to donate it to a local Goodwill branch or any thrift store.

Donate to a Local Goodwill or Thrift Store

If your office chair still functions and is in decent cosmetic condition, then you may be able to simply donate it to a local Goodwill branch or to any thrift store. Goodwill can be somewhat picky, so be sure to clean and maintain the chair before attempting a drop-off. We would also recommend calling the Goodwill location or thrift store ahead of time, to ensure they have the floor space to accommodate your chair or chairs. You will also need to transport the chair or chairs to the thrift store, which may require the use of an SUV or truck. Donating your old office chair can be a great idea if you want to upgrade or are just considering an adjustable or reclining backrest.

Hire a Trash Hauling Service

Numerous trash hauling companies are available for tasks such as disposing of office chairs. Google for one in your area, or simply check the Yellow Pages. These trash-hauling services excel at picking up multiple items at once, so this may be a great choice for an office looking to get rid of many chairs simultaneously. Although, if you have a comfortable tall-spined chair that’s been worn out, it might have additional charges for its tall stature.

The only downside here is the cost, as trash-hauling services are not free. So, if you’re junking the best ergonomic stool because it’s old and worn, make sure you know the costs involved.

Check City Regulations

Some cities and municipalities offer office furniture recycling services, including chairs. Be sure to check your town’s local rules and regulations. These services are typically only available one or two days per month and will simply require leaving the chair or chairs out on a lawn. These dates can typically be found on a local government website.


Goodwill can be somewhat picky, so be sure to clean and maintain the chair before attempting a drop-off.


Does Goodwill take office chairs?

If the chair is in good working and cosmetic condition, then yes. Be sure to contact your local Goodwill branch ahead of time to be sure. Just make sure to properly clean your office chair ahead of time.

Can furniture be recycled?

Some cities, towns, and municipalities do offer recycling services for furniture. Be sure to check the website of your local government for more information.

Who will pick up old broken furniture?

We recommend contacting a trash hauling company to pick up old and broken pieces of furniture.

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