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If you are shopping around for a new seat, you may be considering office chairs with mesh vs fabric. The best office chairs, after all, come in a wide variety of designs, each made from different materials. Keep reading to learn more about these two types of office chairs.

Key Takeaways_

  • Mesh chairs are more breathable than fabric chairs, which can come in handy during hot and humid days.
  • Fabric chairs offer more design and aesthetic options, and the ability to reupholster if the desire strikes.
  • Both types of office chairs can become damaged over time, but the fabric is easier to fix than mesh office chairs.

Differences Between Mesh and Fabric Office Chairs

The primary difference here is the materials used to coat the exterior of the chair itself. Mesh office chairs feature a whole lot of mesh, which is typically made from some sort of hardened synthetic material. On the other hand, fabric chairs are usually covered in decorative fabric. This main contrast leads to a number of other differences, such as when you are comparing mesh vs cushioned office chairs.

insider tip

Be sure to try out any chair before you commit to a purchase and experiment with all of the adjustment options.

Here are more differences between mesh chairs and fabric chairs.


Mesh chairs come in a variety of colors, which is nice, but fabric chairs up the design ante even further. Not only do fabric chairs come in a wide variety of colors, like mesh chairs, but also tend to be available in a wide variety of design options. No matter your tastes, you can likely find a fabric chair to suit your preferences. Even cooler? It is extremely simple to reupholster or cover a pre-existing fabric chair, adding even more aesthetic options. The same certainly cannot be said when you are comparing vinyl vs leather office chairs or leather vs fabric office chairs.

STAT: Mesh office desk chairs are much cheaper compared to upholstered chairs or leather chairs. (source)


Mesh is known for its superior breathability, helping to keep folks cool during use even throughout the most humid and hottest of days. If you work or relax in an environment that tends to get hot during the summer, you may want to check out a mesh chair over a fabric chair. All of those porous holes, after all, serve a purpose.


Both of these chair types are susceptible to damage, though fabric chairs are much easier to fix. When mesh frays or becomes otherwise damaged, it is impossible to fix, due to the nature of the synthetic materials. If you are handy with a thread and needle, however, you can easily fix any small tears in the fabric or, worst-case scenario, just simply reupholster the chair.


Be cautious of potential damage and hazards related to your office chair. If you notice scratches on your leather office chair or if it’s starting to peel, take immediate steps to repair it to prevent further deterioration, such as learning how to reupholster an office chair. Learn how to properly dispose of an old office chair to avoid environmental harm.


Both types of chairs tend to offer a decent array of adjustability and ergonomic options, with mesh chairs holding an ever-so-slight edge when it comes to ergonomic office chairs.

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