Kneeling Chairs vs Office Chairs

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Updated December 6, 2022

If you are shopping around for a primary seat for your workstation, you may be comparing kneeling chairs vs office chairs. The best office chairs may be built with ergonomics in mind, but some users may prefer chairs with different designs, such as kneeling chairs. Keep reading to learn the differences between the two.


  • Kneeling chairs offer a unique way to sit that will be unfamiliar to new users and will require a learning curve of a few dozen uses.
  • A regular chair will offer support for the spine, whereas kneeling seats offer no such support, though they are both fairly ergonomic chairs.
  • Kneeling seats do offer some health benefits, thanks to perfect alignment between the back, neck, and shoulders. They also engage the core muscles.

Differences Between Kneeling Chairs and Office Chairs

A kneeling chair and a traditional office chair couldn’t be more different, starting with how they intend users to sit upon them. Kneeling chairs are meant for, well, kneeling, while traditional office chairs are meant for sitting and adjusting. This primary design differential leads to all sorts of varying use case scenarios, however, such as when you are comparing a folding chair vs an office chair or a drafting chair vs an office chair.

Here are more key differences between kneeling seats and office seats.

Insider Tip

Kneeling chairs work best when used for short tasks, whereas office chairs are intended for a whole day of work.

Spinal Support

Due to the nature of the design, kneeling chairs offer no spinal support to speak of, whereas your standard office seat is built from the ground up to offer back support. Some kneeling chairs will have back support, like in our Sleekform ergonomic kneeling chair with back support review but not all do. This may be offputting to some users, though that is the actual point of a kneeling chair, as all of the purported health benefits are accessed via this design choice. For more ergonomic options, check out our finest ergonomic kneeling chairs. Or, if you would like to read about what a kneeling chair offers, check out our Boss Office Products ergonomic kneeling review or our DRAGONN ergonomic kneeling chair review.

Health Benefits

Proponents of kneeling chairs claim that regular use can help with digestion, breathing, posture, joint health, and more. This is essentially due to the fact that your neck, back, and shoulders naturally align while using a kneeling chair. However, a well-made office chair should offer the same kind of perfect alignment, as long as it is adjusted correctly. Short answer? Kneeling chairs may offer some health benefits over budget-friendly office chairs, but not when it comes to high-grade models. For a look at another great chair, check out our Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair review.

Learning Curve

There will be no learning curve when it comes to a standard office seat. Just sit down, make the necessary adjustments, and you are good to go, even if you are comparing a leather office chair vs a mesh office chair. The same cannot be said, however, for kneeling chairs, as it will take a little bit of time to get used to their unique design and the intended way to use them. If you are trying one out at the store, your first impression may not indicate how you will take to the chair after a few dozen uses. Additionally, you may need knee pads if you are going to be using one for long periods of time.


What is the best ergonomic kneeling chair?

The best ergonomic kneeling chair will be height adjustable and offer many features in line with that of a standard chair or an ergonomic office chair.

Are ergonomic kneeling chairs worth it?

These chairs can be worth it over your average traditional office chair, as they enforce an upright posture and a natural curve of the back. Be wary of the weight limit, however.

When should you use a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chairs exercise your core muscles, and the same cannot be said of a traditional chair. In order to preserve correct posture and avoid poor posture, only use kneeling chairs for short-term tasks.

STAT: Americans sit almost 10 hours each day (on average). (source)

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