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If you are shopping around for a new seat for home or office use, you may be comparing office leather chairs vs mesh chairs. The best office chairs, after all, tend to be made from one material or the other. Keep reading to learn the differences between these two chair styles.


  • Leather office chairs tend to be more instantly comfortable, while mesh office chairs tend to offer a more ergonomic design and increased adjustment options.
  • Mesh office chairs are more breathable than leather chairs, leading to a cooler experience for the user.
  • Leather furniture is much more expensive than vinyl chairs in most cases, so consider that no matter your personal preference.

Differences Between Leather and Mesh Office Chairs

The primary difference here is the materials that make up the exterior of the chair, with leather chairs featuring a leather body, leather backing, and leather armrests, and mesh office chairs typically including a mesh backrest. The differences can be subtle between these two types, such as when comparing a mid back vs high back chair.

Here are more contrasts between the two chair materials.

Insider Tip

If you live or work in a space that is not air-conditioned, consider a mesh chair over leather.


With proper maintenance, a leather office chair can last up to 20 years or so, thanks to the inherent durability of real leather. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers of leather chairs will offer lifetime warranties, as they are certain that most consumers will not need to make use of the said warranty. As for mesh chairs, they can last around ten years or so, but the mesh itself can become damaged over time. Of course, any durability rating ultimately depends on the make and model of the chair itself. Another way to keep your chair performing its best is to learn how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up, as it is a common problem.


Leather makes for extremely comfortable office chairs, though leather office chairs may lack some of the ergonomic adjustment features commonly found with mesh chairs. In other words, leather chairs may be more instantly comfortable, but mesh chairs may be the best option for your posture in the long run, such as when you compare kneeling chairs vs office chairs.

Weight Limits

This depends on the chair itself, but generally speaking, leather office chairs can handle a higher weight than mesh-based chairs. Many leather chairs can easily accommodate 250 pounds or more, whereas some mesh chairs could max out at 250 pounds or even less in some cases. In that case, you might not like the Tul-MFTC 200 vs Staples Carder Mesh office chair.


One of the primary benefits of choosing mesh as a backing is that it is inherently breathable and, as such, helps to keep both chair and user cool during use. Leather can get extremely hot, so it is important to keep that in mind if you work in a space that lacks adequate cooling. For other chairs that may have issues breathing, including fabric and leather chairs, and sometimes vinyl and leather office chairs. Additionally, you can compare mesh against cushion chairs, too.


What about other types of office chairs?

There are many types of office chairs out there, so choose the ones that meet your needs. Executive office chairs are great for professional environments, especially if they include ergonomic features for an increased comfort level.

Which leather office chair is right for you?

This depends on personal preference. If you want an ergonomic office chair, make sure the adjustment options are on point. If you want another type of office chair, find the features that are right for you.

What is PU leather?

PU leather is also known as faux leather and is made from synthetic materials. Though not quite as sought-after as genuine leather, PU leather office chairs still make for fine-looking executive chairs. Faux leather chairs can also be cleaned with soapy water without risk of damage, in most cases.

STAT: Adjustable features on an office task chair will save you from lumbar and neck discomfort. (source)

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