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Updated: Feb 5, 2024 5:50 PM
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What features make the best DXRacer gaming chairs? This well-known gaming chair brand was among the first to bring ergonomically designed gaming chairs to the market. Unlike a typical office chair, the gaming chairs from DXRacer often have a comfortable car racing seat design. They make good office chairs with a gaming style and plenty of features, including a lumbar support pillow, padded armrests, and multiple height adjustments.

These chairs can be an excellent option if you’re building a streaming setup for console games. These uniquely-styled products are fantastic gaming chairs for streamers looking to create a dramatic, immersive setup. You might also consider a DXRacer chair if your current gaming setup is overly fatiguing or uncomfortable. DXRacer chairs usually come with a headrest cushion and adjustable lumbar support cushion.

Keep reading to learn more about the best DXRacer chairs.

Top DXRacer Gaming Chairs

 #1  DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The reclining backrest on this model will allow you to kick back and relax while you play your games. It also has a 3-directional armrest for even better ergonomics and comfortable molding foam.

  • 3-directional armrest
  • Comfortable molding foam
  • Reclining backrest
  • Might be a little stiff

You’ll enjoy how universally functional this durable design can be. Of course, it makes a perfect chair for gaming, but the ergonomic design also allows you to use it for working long hours, too. This gaming chair will provide ample support no matter what you’re doing on your computer. Unfortunately, consumers have reported that this option might be a little stiff to start with compared to other options. However, this should subside as the foam begins to mold to your body.

It’s built with comfortable molding foam. This means that it will conform to your body the more you use it, allowing you to experience far more comfortable than competing models. The high backrest is filled with this foam, with an elastic leather cover design. This keeps the material taut and helps provide even more support to your back, neck, shoulders, and head. It also has a reclining backrest that tilts from 90 to 135 degrees.

 #2  DXRacer Master Modular Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The included cushions help keep you from feeling fatigued during extended campaigns. You’ll love the comfort they provide to your upper and lower body. There are also 4D armrests and a Class 4 gas lift.

  • Class 4 gas lift
  • 4D armrest
  • Includes cushions
  • Too small for tall consumers

This professional-level option brings multiple features that any gamer will enjoy, such as the full-metal frame for maximum stability. This is a durable option that will be able to withstand hours and hours of usage. It uses high-density mold-shaping foam. However, this will not be a great option if you’re a tall individual. This chair is a little short compared to competing models so you wouldn’t be comfortable.

Whether you’re streaming, gaming, working, or just viewing content on the web, this option is excellent for enhanced ergonomics. It can tilt to your preferences, so you never feel stuck in one position for too long. It has fully adjustable arms to give precision control over its placement. Beyond this, the adjustable seat height will allow you to ensure that your chair will conform to your specifications regarding your height.

 #3  DXRacer ‎OH/FD01 Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The tilt mechanism included in this model will help you get comfortable before you settle in for a long night. It also has 2” PU-casters so that you don’t ruin the carpet and a durable metal frame.

  • Great tilt mechanism
  • 2” PU-casters
  • Durable metal frame
  • Might be a little snug

An innovative option with tons of fantastic features, you’ll love that this model comes packed with a strong mesh material that will stand the test of time. This makes it a breathable option, which is perfect for those who tend to spend long hours in their gaming chair. While this is a great option, it may not be as spacious as competing models. It is said to fit a little like a bucket seat and might feel snug to some consumers.

It also has a conventional tilt mechanism to give better comfort and control as far as posture is concerned. There are also 2-inch PU-casters on the wheels so that you don’t end up destroying your carpet. You’ll also enjoy the full metal frame that makes this a durable model you’ll have for years to come. Finally, this gaming chair offers several certifications, including TÜV LGA, ANSI/BIFMA (by SGS), and ISO9001.

 #4  DXRacer FH08/NG Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model offers an extra high backrest. This allows you to stay comfortable even after sitting in it for long periods. You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of support cushions and the breathable material it’s made with.

  • Extra high backrest
  • Support cushions
  • Breathable material
  • Might be difficult to assemble

This is an excellent choice if you need better ergonomics to keep you comfortable. If you struggle with back or neck pain, you’ll appreciate the features that come loaded in this gaming chair. This includes an extra high backrest to have better support for your neck and spine. Keep in mind that multiple consumers have reported that this chair is relatively difficult to assemble. If a quick setup is high on your list, this will probably not be a great fit for your needs.

It also has a patented race car seat design. This ensures that you’ll be receiving a design that has been specially crafted just for the needs of gamers. The breathable material it’s made with will keep it from accumulating perspiration and make cleaning it more manageable. You’ll enjoy the unique soft armrests and how much they improve your overall comfort level and experience. Finally, it has a heavy-duty aluminum base that makes it highly durable.

 #5  DXRacer OH/FD101/NB Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This durable option will withstand the test of time with ease due to the alloy steel that it is made with. You’ll enjoy that it’s an exceptionally comfortable model, especially due to the breathable material used in its manufacturing.

  • Made with alloy steel
  • Highly durable design
  • Comfortable model
  • Delivery takes a little longer

If you need better options for head and back support, this will be a powerful gaming chair model. It offers several different features that make it great for relieving strain felt in your neck, back, and shoulders. This includes the head and lumbar support pillows. However, multiple consumers have said that their delivery did take a while. If you need a gaming chair right away, that will probably be a dealbreaker.

Beyond this, you’ll thoroughly enjoy that they use alloy steel to make the frame of this gaming chair model. That means you’ll have an effortlessly durable product that can withstand almost anything you throw at it, including long hours spent gaming. It’s made with leather, so you know that it will be easy to clean and won’t attract spills or messes the same way that a cloth option might.

 #6  DXRacer OH/RW106/N Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This ergonomic model is perfect for those looking for both support and comfort while they game. It also has a patented race car seat design that will impress. Beyond this, the metal five-point base is exceptionally sturdy.

  • Ergonomic model
  • Patented seat design
  • Metal five-point base
  • Sewing is prominent

This gaming chair outranks most competitors for those looking for a high-quality design that is comfortable to spend hours in. It has a unique design that incorporates a cushion on both the lumbar section and the head. That keeps gamers comfortable no matter how long their campaign stretches on. For some consumers, the sewn-in details along the chair were a little bothersome. This is an unfortunate design flaw that dampened the experience of some.

Beyond this, there are foam cushioned armrests. This only enhances the comfort felt by users. The backrest is set up higher than in competing models to ensure that you don’t have an unnecessary strain on your spine. This model stabilizes the head, neck, and back to ensure your total comfort. The stable five-point base is made with durable metal so that the chair remains stable throughout your entire experience. It’s perfect for a home office, a gaming den, or even just for the family computer.


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Introduction to DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer started in 2001 as a manufacturer of car seats for luxury and sports car models. The Michigan-based company introduced its original gaming chair in 2006 and has since become a leading gaming chair manufacturer, with showrooms in 52 countries and numerous eSports partnerships.

The brand helped popularize the automotive-inspired gamer chair with models such as the F-Series chair and the Craft Custom Gaming Chair Special Edition Office Chair. Now a fixture of twitch streams and the eSports circuit, the gamer chair uses car-seat lumbar support with plenty of adjustment options and ergonomic features like adjustable armrests.

While they’re not the cheapest gaming chair brand, DX Racer modular gaming chairs provide a higher level of comfort than typical cheap office chairs. They generally come with an adjustable lumbar cushion, headrest cushion, adjustable height, and a wide range of additional features.

DX Racer gaming chairs come in multiple color options and often have somewhat compact dimensions, like the sporty car seats, which served as the basis for these gaming office chairs. While comfortable for a majority of gamers, DXRacer’s compact chairs may prompt taller people and larger users to look for a model with an extra-wide version or a taller max height limit so it is important to understand how gaming chair height affects you. Some DX Racer models also have a relatively low weight limit. The base model F-Series chairs, for example, has a weight limit of 200 pounds. Heavier-duty models are available in most of their designs, however.

How DXRacer Compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Ergonomic Features: DXRacer offers a wide range of ergonomic models compared to other gamer chair brands. These chairs come with plenty of ergonomic features and adjustment options so you can focus on the game in maximum comfort.

(Con 1) Some Models Have Limited Size Ranges: With their sports car-inspired side bolsters and built-in lumbar support, some DXRacer chairs accommodate a limited user height range. Taller and larger users may want to skip the base model and check the exact dimensions of the chair they’re interested in buying.

(Pro 2) Available Platform and PC Gaming Chairs: If you’re looking for a platform gamer chair for console games, DXRacer has a relatively wide selection, unlike most conventional office and executive chair brands. DXRacer also makes more traditional gaming offices and modular gaming chairs with swivel casters and various compact chairs for PC gaming and productivity.

(Con 2) Racing Style May Not Be Everyone’s Taste: While DXRacer sets the tone for the gaming chair market with its sports car-inspired gamer chair designs, their looks may not fit with your home office decor. That said, the brand doesn’t make chairs exclusively for playing video games, and some ergonomic gaming chair options can also work well in place of a swivel task chair.

(Pro 3) Lots of User-Adjustable Features: Most DXRacer chairs come with a multi-functional mechanism for adjusting the lumbar cushion, as on luxury and sports car seats. Some models also employ a conventional tilt mechanism, a sliding headrest, an extendable footrest, and a 360-degree swivel base.

(Con 3) Can Be Tedious to Set Up: With many features to dial in, like 4-direction adjustable armrests, adjustable headrest options, and height-adjustable lumbar support cushion, these chairs can take longer than usual to get right. This adjustability can be frustrating if you’re just looking for a comfortable office or executive chair that fits properly the first time you sit in it.

(Pro 4) Available Extra Features: While the racing-inspired look of these gamer chairs has helped make them popular, DXRacer chairs often have unique extra features few other chair brands offer at a reasonable price. Some models offer massaging capabilities, as well as lumbar support, brilliant lighting effects, and custom graphics.

(Con 4) Somewhat Expensive: While they do provide cool features and generally solid comfort, some DXRacer chairs are relatively pricey for what you get. Those seeking more value may want to consider the differences between models and choose which type of fabric and upholstery they want and what height capacities and weight capacity they need.

Why Should You Buy a New DXRacer Gaming Chair?

DXRacer Air, F-Series, and G-Series chairs are some of the most iconic options on the gaming chair market. Their features, including lumbar support, tall headrests, and 3D armrests, have become defining features of the gamer chair. Thus, if you’re looking to make a statement or start streaming, a DXRacer chair may be the gold standard for signaling your love of video games.

If you’re building a new game room or have recently upgraded your desk, you may want to finish your gaming setup with an ergonomic gaming chair that helps you focus on the game.

However, you don’t have to be playing video games to appreciate the comfort of these car-inspired ergonomic office chairs. DXRacer chairs can work well in place of the typical office swivel task chair. Models such as the more toned-down “Master” series have styling more in line with a traditional executive chair and offer upholstery options, including polyurethane faux leather and breathable mesh fabric.

Programmers, designers, and other professionals who may have to spend long hours at a computer may all appreciate the virtues of a comfortable chair. DXRacer chairs often have a steel frame and quality materials. Their design draws on the company’s legacy of building chairs for automakers such as Chrysler’s SRT division. And if you are a fan of Rooster Teeth’s content, at the time of this writing, they use DXRacer chairs.

How Long Will a DXRacer Gaming Chair Last?

DXRacer gaming chairs tend to have relatively durable construction, comparable to similarly priced office and executive chairs. The lifespan of a gaming chair depends on factors such as initial quality, number of users, storage conditions, and frequency of use. Most users can expect their DXRacer gaming chair to last two to seven years. Office chairs generally get replaced every year. built-in lumbar support built-in lumbar support

Over time, the mesh material and foam padding on armrests tend to wear out. Caster wheels and swivel mechanisms can also wear out. The gas lift used in height-adjustable chairs is also a wear item, but most chair manufacturers offer replacement options.

Experts suggest keeping your gaming chair clean and free from excess heat, moisture, and dust. They suggest cleaning faux leather with the appropriate cleaning solutions and avoiding liquid spills.

DXRacer Warranties

DXRacer chairs come with a lifetime warranty on the internal metal frame and a two-year warranty on the rest of the chair’s components. These warranties are average for the gaming chair industry. DXRacer chair replacement parts are easier to find than parts for some other brands. The brand’s chair warranty excludes shipping and handling damage, accidental damage, and damage resulting from exceeding a chair’s maximum weight capacity.

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