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Updated December 2, 2022

JackSepticEye, whose real name is Seán William McLoughlin, is an Irish YouTube personality best known for recording Let’s Play videos in which he goes through popular video games. His YouTube channel is the most popular channel in Ireland. Since he spends most of his time sitting and recording videos, he needs to have a high-quality gaming chair with ergonomics features.


  • Jacksepticeye is a YouTube personality whose real name is Seán William McLoughlin.
  • He used to primarily use DXRacer gaming chairs but recently switched to the Herman Miller Embody.
  • The Herman Miller Embody is known for being highly durable, ergonomically designed, and extremely comfortable.

What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use?

Jacksepticeye used to be known for using a DXRacer Sentinel Series Racing ERGO Seat gaming chair, though he switched things up in recent years. Nowadays, he is sitting on a Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair, which is generally considered one of the best available chars on the market.

Insider Tip

The Herman Miller Embody is covered in proprietary cooling foam to help keep gamers from overheating during long play sessions.

Benefits of the Herman Miller Embody

The Herman Miller Embody, though expensive, brings a lot to the table when it comes to the overall features and benefits available to consumers. Another unique gaming chair is the Steelcase Gesture that the famous live streamer Dr. DisRespect uses.

Cooling Foam Technology

The Herman Miller Embody is covered in proprietary cooling foam to help keep gamers from overheating during long play sessions. This foam is then covered in a proprietary fabric called Sync, which further helps keep users cool during use. This cooling foam can also help encourage proper posture, as it is thick and pliant and similar in design to Memory Foam. As a word of caution, this cooling foam is a recent addition to the Embody line of gaming chairs, so you may not find it with a used model.

Ergonomic Design and Adjustments

The Embody gaming chair by Herman Miller features a number of ergonomic features that work in concert to improve postural health. This chair features a wide array of adjustment points, including seat height, seat depth, tilt, tilt lock, backfit, arm height, and armrest. This chair will let you recline and incline at ease, which can also support spinal health. If you are like the popular Youtuber KSI, who has different pieces of gear, using a gaming chair that supports your spine is essential. You can read about what he uses with our page on what gaming chair KSI use.

Durable Build and Lengthy Warranty

This chair is one of the most sturdily built models you are likely to encounter. It is made from premium materials, such as translucent flexible polymers, die-cast aluminum, graphite, abrasion-resistant polyester, self-skinning thermo-plastic urethane foam, and glass-filled nylon. In other words, the Embody is built to last. To that end, the company includes an extremely generous warranty of 12 whole years that covers any issues arising from continuous use. Of course, this fantastic warranty and all of those durable components come at a cost, as this is one of the most expensive chairs on the market.


What ergonomic chairs do pro esports streamers use?

Pro esports streamers use a wide variety of ergonomic gaming chairs, though they tend to stick to reputable companies like DXRacer and Herman Miller.

Where can you buy Jacksepticeye’s chair?

The Herman Miller Embody is available at multiple online retailers, in addition to certain big box stores.

How much does Jacksepticeye’s chair cost?

That’s the bad news. The Herman Miller Embody features an average price of $1,500, though you can find deals online if you put in the time to research.

STAT: As of April 2021, his channel has over 14.1 billion views and 26.9 million subscribers and is the most subscribed Irish channel. (source)

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