Best Dinnerware Storage Sets in 2023

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Updated June 1, 2023

We assembled a list of the best dinnerware storage sets, preferring sets for standard 12” dinner plates that were inexpensive but made with high-quality materials and those that could store both cups and plates. We also liked products with additional features, such as included plate protectors, extra padding, and labelling options. These are great kitchen products to gift a friend or family member.

Of the seven we put through rigorous research, the Woffit Complete Dinnerware Storage Set is the best. We chose it because of its high quality construction, having the most storage options per set, its durability, and extra features that made it easier to store and carry. Continue reading to learn about the rest.

Top 7 Dinnerware Storage Sets

 #1  Woffit Complete Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s one of the largest and most comprehensive collections, giving you cases for more than just plates, cups, and bowls, and provides excellent protection for your goods with added design options to help you stay organized.

  • Best for large sets
  • Excellently quilted and padded
  • Comes with 48 felt plate protectors
  • Zippers can be fragile
  • Can be difficult to clean

The Woffit is a large storage set that can store 12 standard-size dinner, salad, saucer, and dessert plates each, in addition to 12 Coffee cups and 12 Wine Cups. We loved the high-quality microfiber cases and 48 felt plate dividers, in addition to the included label inserts that fit into the label slots on each case, allowing you to write the labels yourself and always know what is stored in which case. Each case also includes a cloth handle for easy moving.

While the material is of high quality, we found that it’s best not to hand wash this set, but rather to insert dryer sheets into each case and run at a low setting in the dryer for cleaning, meaning cleaning any serious stains may be more labor-intensive. The zippers are also somewhat fragile, but overall this is a high-quality, inexpensive storage set that will store a large amount of dinnerware, making it an excellent overall value. With extra storage for your fanciest silverware, you’ll be able to set your best drop leaf table for any occasion.

 #2  StorageLAB China Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: The hardshell cases offer outstanding protection and worry-free moving, and the sturdy double zippers won’t easily break and are guaranteed to keep fragile items safe.

  • Hard shell design makes them extra secure
  • Padded side walls in cup case add more protection
  • Attractive woven outer shell layer
  • Made for round plates and may not fit other shapes
  • Pricier than other sets, some of which offer more storage

StorageLAB’s set comes with hardshell cases for 12 12” round dinner plates and the accompanying salad, dessert, and saucer plates with 44 felt dividers, as well as an additional rectangular hardshell case for cups. The cup case improves upon the standard cardboard dividers with padded dividers to help prevent chipping, and built-in label slots and label inserts will help you stay organized.

While the excellent quality of the hard shell cases provides superior protection to most pieces of dinnerware, storageLAB’s set is pricier than most, doesn’t offer quite as much storage as some on the list, and doesn’t come with built-in handles for the cases. Still, it’s an excellent storage set that provides great protection for your china and dinnerware. Or, you could display some of your china on your best accent table.

 #3  Sorbus 5 Piece Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality soft cases for standard selection of dishes with labels and felts for those looking for an unfussy, simple option.

  • Cup case has soft dividers prevent chipping
  • Labels are pre-printed
  • Sturdy zippers offer great protection
  • Polyester material may irritate some with skin sensitivities
  • No handles

The Sorbus comes with soft cases for a 12 dinner, salad, dessert, and saucer plates in the standard 12” dinner plate size and a rectangular soft case for 12 coffee cups, but they’re roomier than other sets on the list, which makes them a great option for dinnerware slightly irregular sizes and shapes. The cup case comes with soft dividers which provide better protection than standard dividers and each case comes with a label slot and pre-printed calligraphy label inserts for each. Be sure to also take a look at the best dessert cups if you want some good-wlooking cups to match your dinner sets.

It’s a good value for an inexpensive, well-made storage set with minimal frills, but it doesn’t provide the extra protection of hard cases or the top soft case set, the lack of handles makes moving slightly harder, and the polyester material they’re constructed from may irritate some with skin sensitivities. Still, it’s a very solid set that will provide plenty of protection for a basic dinnerware collection. If you’re trying to use your extra space to plan a large meal, you should get your best digital pocket scale ready.

 #4  Richards Homewares 6 Piece Tabletop Quilted Vinyl Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: Inexpensive but well-made soft cases with extra-thick padding provide excellent protection, shipping in your choice of colors to suit nearly any aesthetic.

  • Self-correcting nylon zippers won’t break and keep dust out
  • Comes in choice of colors
  • Includes platter case
  • Cup case is for smaller tea cups, not coffee cups
  • No handles
  • Vinyl plate dividers not included

The Richards comes with 12 dinner, salad, dessert, and saucer plate cases as well as a platter case and a cup case for smaller tea cups. The cases are made out of a high-quality soft vinyl material and the nylon self-guiding zippers are specially designed to keep out dust and moisture.

We loved the platter case, which is a great bonus for platter and bowl storage not always included in the sets on our list, but the product does not come with vinyl plate dividers. Additionally, the cup case will not fit standard coffee cups and will only hold smaller teacups- which makes it a nice option for English-style dinnerware but less versatile than others on the list. The cup case also has chipboard dividers instead of padded or felt dividers, which provide a little less protection than some sets- but at a lower price point than most of the sets on our list, it’s still a terrific value for a dinnerware storage set.

 #5  StackStorePlusMore Fine China Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: This dinnerware storage set’s highly rugged, no slip fabric is hand washable and protects dishes and cups extremely well, while being easy and safe to move around.

  • Ships with label slots and inserts
  • No-slip fabric make it great for an RV
  • Hand-washable with warm soap and water
  • Doesn’t include cup case
  • Polyester fabric may irritate those with skin sensitivities

The StackStore set is an ultra-rugged, well-built dinnerware storage set for 12 standard 12” dinner, salad, dessert, and saucer plates. Made with a tough no-slip polyester fabric that’s easy to hand wash with warm soap and water, or machine wash on delicate, it’s a great storage set for travelling and frequent moving. You can try using the best dish soap that works perfectly with the dinner sets.

Although it’s a great set for travel and comes with vinyl plate dividers, it doesn’t include a cup case, which may be a problem for some, and the polyester fabric stores securely and protects your china well, but may irritate those with certain skin sensitivities. For another quality product for your kitchen, take a look at our best chopper buying guide.

 #6  Household Essentials 534 Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s easy to carry, stackable, and compact, making it a great option for incomplete, small, or ‘modular’ sets, with a clear plastic “window” that lets you see what is being stored inside.

  • Clear plastic “window” lets you see contents
  • Extremely robust carrying handles
  • Great for stacking when you’ve got limited storage space
  • Will not hold a complete dinnerware set
  • Cardboard bottom material isn’t the sturdiest
  • Does not hold plates larger than 9”

Household Essentials’ option isn’t a conventional dinnerware storage set, rather it’s a single stackable semi-hard case with built-in handles and a clear plastic window on the front side for easy viewing of the contents. It will fit 12 9” salad plates easily and comes with felt plate dividers for extra protection.

It’s a solid, easy to carry case that’s great for single sets of plates or dishes and its compact design and stackability make it great for storage, but you’ll have to buy several to store an entire dinnerware set, and there currently aren’t options for plates larger than 9”. Still, it’s an option for storing non matched sets of plates or platters.

 #7  Richards Homewares Micro Fiber Deluxe Dinnerware Storage Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a full-featured, excellently crafted set that will meet most dinnerware storage needs, is made from sturdy, hypoallergenic microfiber that provides great protection from the elements, and has an extra feature to help keep you more organized.

  • Microfiber material offers excellent protection
  • Large label slots with reusable label inserts
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not include cup cases
  • No carrying handles

The second Richards product on our list is made of a woven microfiber that’s tough, offers excellent protection from dust, moisture, and pests, is hypoallergenic, and is aesthetically pleasing. The set of four will easily accommodate 12 12” standard dinner, salad, dessert, and saucer plates.

The cases are also slightly roomier than some models on our list, meaning slightly unusual sizes or shapes may be easier to fit comfortably into each case, and the oversized label slots and reusable inserts are a great addition, however the lack of a cup case and carrying handles may be a problem for some with a full traditional dinnerware set.

How We Decided

You can’t just throw your fine dinnerware and china into a cardboard box whenever you’re not using it and expect it to remain pristine and undamaged. Fine china is easily chipped and cracked and generally isn’t used often enough to store with your everyday dishes. That’s why if you’re serious about maintaining it, purpose-built dinnerware storage sets are a must.

For the purposes of the list, we reviewed china keepers, china plate protectors, and storage sets that were high-rated but inexpensive, featured built-in zippers and extra thick or solid bases, and were made of high-quality, durable synthetic materials such as woven microfiber which wouldn’t irritate people with skin sensitivities and would keep well for long periods of storage, when delicate kitchenware is commonly exposed to dust, mold, moisture, and household pests.

We also looked for sets that included plate protector pads, had extra features such as slots for external labels, built-in carrying handles, external hard shells, and that were easy to clean in a washer/dryer, with many offering the option for hand washing. Other minor extra features such as large label sizes, soft dividers for cup cases, and extra cases for platter and bowl storage were favored.

Best Dinnerware Storage Set Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Quality Of Fabric
    It might seem obvious, but choosing a dinnerware storage set made of high quality, thick, durable fabric with soft padding is a must. Not only will they help prevent chipping and other kinds of damage, but they’ll keep dust, moisture, and pests away. A high-quality microfiber or cotton material will be hypoallergenic as well, so it won’t irritate the skin. If you happen to have heavier dinnerware, the storage containers should have a durable material (especially sturdy bottoms) to support the weight of the individual pieces. If you want stylish dish storage containers, opt for one with a quilted material to give it that classic design.
  2. Plate Protectors
    While the fabric cases themselves are a given in a dinnerware storage set, plate protectors- usually a disc made of felt that fits in between each individual plate- are crucial to ensuring that plates don’t chip or break one another when the set is moved or carried- and they’re not always included when you buy a storage set. Look for ones made of felt or similar material that are thick enough to do the job, but not so thick that they take up too much space. This way you can protect delicate dinnerware sets like porcelain dinnerware, ceramic dinnerware, etc. If you’ve spent a lot on a nice formal dinnerware set, consider this extra protection to be an investment for extending the lifespan of your dinnerware set.
  3. Hand Washable
    It’s important to look for everyday dinnerware and china storage sets that don’t require special treatment or dry cleaning to wash- firstly, dry cleaning is expensive and few dry cleaners will have a lot of experience dry cleaning such a specialty dining item, and secondly, any fabric too delicate for handwashing is likely to be less protective and less hypoallergenic. Any product you purchase to protect delicate goods should be able to be hand washed.
  4. Size
    The size and storage capabilities of storage sets can vary quite a bit, so it’s important to know what is standard when it comes to china and dinnerware and how storage products tend to correlate with those factors. The average china or dinnerware set consists of a set of 12 12” dinner, 10” salad, 8.5” dessert, and 7” saucer cup plates, usually but not always including matching coffee cups. Most storage sets will be built to accommodate this configuration, though some won’t include a cup storage option especially for glass cups like wine glasses, and some will be slightly oversized to accommodate slightly irregular sizes or shapes like shallow bowls, versatile cereal bowls, bread and butter plates, etc. — therefore it’s important to get the measurements of the variety of sizes of your set before you start shopping for dinnerware & serving storage options.

Dinnerware Storage Set FAQs

Do I need a storage set for my dinnerware?

A good set of china or other fine dinnerware should last a lifetime and then some- it’s common for sets to get passed down through multiple generations. But fine dinnerware tends to be delicate and can lose its value easily through even minor damage, which is why storing it in cardboard boxes in the closet is a no-no. A good storage set will protect your dinnerware from the elements and from any chipping or scratching that can occur when moving.

What are the best brands for dinner storage sets?

The most trusted brands for dinner storage sets are Woffit, Richards Homewares, and Sorbus- all of which have products that made our list.

What is the best dinnerware storage set?

We are partial to all of the above products, but if we had to choose one, we’d go with our top pick. The Woffit Complete Dinnerware Storage Set has enough room for 48 pieces, and features handy carrying handles.

What are the best dinnerware storage set materials?

We recommend choosing a dinnerware storage set made from ultra-durable materials, such as microfiber or thick cotton. This will ensure protection from damage as they sit in storage.
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