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Best Propane Torch

Updated: Feb 20, 2024 4:20 PM
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We’ve researched and compared propane torches and torch heads, ranking models for safety, ease of use, torch temperature and reliability, in order to bring you this list of the best propane torches on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a propane torch for brazing, for wood burning, or a roofing torch, we’ve compiled the stats and done the leg work for you.

Our top pick, the Benzomatic TS8000 propane torch, features a push button igniter, auto stop/ start and an adjustable flame control knob, making it great for brazing, large diameter soldering and heat treating surfaces. Read on for more of our top picks.

Top 5 Best Propane Torch

 #1  Benzomatic TS8000 Propane Torch

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This fueled propane torch with push button igniter is one of the hottest burning propane torches on the market, and it features an adjustable knob so you can fine tune flame height and temperature.

  • Hottest burning propane on our list
  • Lock on button for finger-free use
  • Efficient swirl flame design
  • Costly MAP fuel is recommended
  • More expensive than some other propane torches

This Benzomatic propane torch is designed for efficient and expedited work. It benefits from a swirl flame design that promises increased fuel efficiency and high peak temps. Maxing out without supplemental oxygen at around 3000º F, this Benzomatic propane torch is the hottest burning propane torch head on our list. This makes it the best propane torch for light welding, brazing and large diameter soldering.

The Benzomatic recommends MAP-Pro fuel, which can be somewhat more expensive than other types of LPG or gas burner fuels but is generally considered worth it for the quality and intensity of flame. This propane torch has a convenient push button igniter and a lock-on feature that allows for you to keep it burning without holding your finger on the trigger.

 #2  Greenwood 91033 Propane Torch

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This propane torch features an ergonomic handle and a convenient two-foot long hose making it among the best propane torches for wood. It produces a wider flame that’s great for weeds, starting charcoal burners and even searing.

  • Great for wood burning
  • Well designed pistol grip handle
  • Works with standard propane cylinders
  • Not as concentrated a flame as the Benzomatic
  • Lacks fine-tuning adjustment of flame

Designed for igniting coals, weed burning and heat treating wood and other materials, this versatile propane torch head features an ergonomic handle, a button igniter and a durable cast aluminum nozzle. It lacks the fine tuning adjustment and swirl flame features of the Benzomatic propane torch. However, it is less expensive and uses more common and affordable standard propane cylinders for fuel.

It may not burn as hot as the Benzomatic, but since it delivers a wider, longer flame it’s one of the best propane torches for wood burning, charcoal BBQ starting and weeding. It even works for melting snow (though we should point out that a torch is possibly the least efficient, albeit one of the most fun ways to do so.)  Another great torch for spot weeding and thawing frozen pipes is the Red Dragon VT 500,000 BTU Propane Vapor Torch Kit that generates a powerful flame for heavy-duty jobs.

 #3  Ivation Trigger Start Propane Torch

Award: Best Simple Operation

WHY WE LIKE IT: This trigger start propane torch is great for brazing and features a handy flame adjustment knob and an easy-to-use push button start.

  • Great for brazing copper
  • Compact, ergonomic size
  • Works with standard US 1” threaded valve tanks
  • Not as flexible or versatile as the Greenwood
  • Short reach so not as useful for BBQ starting
  • Not as hot as the Benzomatic

Hot enough for brazing and light soldering as well as goldsmithing and glassblowing tasks, this compact propane torch with push button start is one of the easiest and most convenient to use on our list. It attaches to any propane cylinder with a CGA 600 adapter handle or US 1” threaded valve, giving it enhanced versatility. It also works with MAP fuel.

It features a rotary flame control knob that lets you fine tune the height of the flame, and uses a convenient push button igniter, so there’s no need for a separate lighter to get the flame started. However, unlike with the Benzomatic (our top pick) there’s no lock on the igniter so you have to keep the button pressed in order for the flame to stay on.

 #4  Mr Torch MRAS–8098 Propane Torch

Award: Best on a Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: A versatile, adjustable propane torch with a high intensity swirl flame at an affordable price, this torch is certified by CSA US and works great for wood treating, light soldering, brazing and more.

  • Easy to use igniter
  • High temperature 2430º F swirl flame
  • Works with MAP, MAP-Pro or Propane fuel
  • Not as fine tunable as the Benzomatic
  • Sometimes hard to ignite on lower settings
  • No igniter lock feature

Despite its bargain price, this compact propane torch comes with a high efficiency swirl tip and produces a flame up to 2430º F, hotter than the Ivation (our #3 pick) and easily good enough for lighting coals, light brazing of copper and melting of gold and silver. With its generally ergonomic shape it’s good for wider soldering tasks as well. The Mr Torch includes a flame adjustment knob and a push button igniter.

Some users find that this propane torch can be difficult to get started when on its lower flame settings, though the igniter is generally reliable when the cylinder valves are fully open. It lacks a trigger lock feature so it may be more tiring to use for longer duration projects, as well. If you’re looking for a similar, smaller budget-friendly option in contrast to the more expensive torches like the Bernzomatic TS8000, check out the Durable Steel Nozzle Gas Torch with Turbo Blast Trigger and Flow Valve Dual Switch Gas Torch. With this product, you can safely control flame size with the two PCS vales for welding projects, processing jewelry, heat thawing, etc. without breaking your budget. If you work with metals quite often, read about the best aluminum polish.

 #5  Hot Max 500G Propane Torch

Award: Best Large Option

WHY WE LIKE IT: With its 10’ hose and ergonomic, molded handle, this large propane torch is super versatile and easy to use for weeding, BBQing, asphalt melting and many other uses.

  • Great for weeds & snow clearing
  • 500,000 BTU output–largest on our list
  • Long handle for comfortable use
  • Bulky and much heavier than the other propane torches on our list
  • Not as hot as the Benzomatic

This long handled propane torch is intended mostly for larger, outdoor projects like snow melting, pipe thawing and asphalt pre-heating. It attaches to any standard liquid propane tank, such as are used for BBQ grills, and it comes with a UL/ CSA certified gas hose rated at 350 PSI. It also features a POL safety valve to avoid accidental burning. This is especially important given the very large 500,000 BTU output of this torch.

The Big Max torch includes a patented, long molded handle that’s comfortable to use and helps you avoid bending over when torching weeds or thawing ground cover. It also has a “turbo” switch that extends the flame reach. Be careful with this as, thanks to Newton’s 3rd law, there can be a surprising amount of recoil from the high pressure gas. Be sure to check out some of this brand’s other quality products on, especially if you don’t need such a large flame and are looking for a Hot Max Propane Torch that comes in a smaller BTU output, like 100,000.

How We Decided

In order to highlight the best propane torches on the market for a variety of uses, we first selected only those that came with safety shut off POL valves to prevent gas leaks as well as a safety lock on the trigger. CSA and UL certification were also considered a must.

We picked torches with a solid reputation for durability and reliable use. We also narrowed it down to only include propane torches with push button igniters, as this saves you from the dicey job of having to start the torch flame with a separate lighter.

In order to ensure versatility, we only looked at the best propane torches that could accept either US 1” threaded cylinders, GCA 600 adapters or, ideally, both.

Propane Torch Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Igniter/ Starting
    For the best ease of use, look for a propane torch with a comfortable trigger or push button igniter. If you’re looking to do longer jobs, look for an ergonomic trigger lock such as the one on the Benzomatic TS8000.
  2. Fuel Type
    Most of the propane torches on our list will accept standard LPG cylinders, and some will also take MAP Pro fuel, an optimized fuel for higher efficiency combustion.
  3. Nozzle Type
    Propane torches with a narrow, swirl flame nozzle produce a slimmer, but hotter flame that’s good for light welding, melting soft metals and soldering, while torches with a wider cylindrical nozzle, like the Big Max (our #5 pick) create a broader, larger flame but with a lower peak temperature.
  4. Tanks
    These propane torches are typically designed to work with a particular size of propane tank. Make sure the tank’s valve is compatible with the type of torch you plan to use. For roofing torches and large propane torches for wood burning, such as the Big Max (our #5 pick) a US 1” threaded valve tank is the standard connection.
  5. Safety and Rating
    Propane torches reach temperatures of up to 3000º F, so safety is extremely imporatnt. In the US, make sure any propane torch you’re looking at comes with UL or CSA certification. And make sure it has a safety shut off valve feature and, preferably, an automatic gas leak shut off.

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