10 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Updated: Feb 7, 2024 10:23 AM
best vacuums for pet hair guide that shows the top best vacuum cleaner model

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To help you find the best vacuum for pet hair, we thoroughly researched a multitude of top cleaners, looking for vacs that effortlessly eliminated pet hair across a wide variety of surface types, including on upholstery, hardwood floors, carpeting, and even the car. To that end, we liked vacuums with powerful motors that offer supreme suction capabilities and those that ship with useful attachments for easy maneuverability.

To make things easy for you, GadgetReview compared thousands of aggregate reviews to find the best vacuums for pet hair across an array of popular subcategories. But before we go any further, check our guide on the best vacuum cleaners available in the market.

Top 10 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

 #1  Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Portable, lightweight, and cordless stick design with plenty of suction power while offering a hygienic bin emptying system that allows consumers to empty debris without having to touch anything. It would make one of the best lightweight vacuum.

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  • Hygienic bin emptying system
  • Cordless design with powerful battery
  • Stiff bristles penetrate deep into carpeting
  • Not ideal for hardwood floors, though adequate
  • Requires 4 hours of charging before first use

The Dyson V8 Animal Cordless vacuum cleaner is the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, as it features a stick design with a built-in lithium battery that offers a battery life of 40 minutes of use per charge. This is a highly portable and lightweight vacuum that includes extra-stiff bristles, which come in handy for times of penetrating deep into carpeting and rug microfibers for eliminating animal-related debris. We also loved the unique and hygienic bin emptying system, which releases collected debris with just the press of a button.

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This fantastic vacuum is designed to excel on carpeting, which it does, but the extra-stiff bristles don’t do as well of a job on hard flooring types, though it is still a decent enough choice for firmer floors. This is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners. Additionally, the battery requires at least four hours of charging before the first use, so take that into consideration. You may also want to consider one of the best handheld vacuums that actually suck up that cereal, pet hair, or spilled dirt without letting it back out a few seconds later.

 #2  Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an extremely powerful 1200-watt motor that does a great job on all flooring types, thanks to the high variety of speed settings on offer with this best Miele vacuum.

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  • Powerful 1200w motor
  • Integrated HEPA AirClean filter
  • Great on all flooring types, thanks to 6-speed settings
  • On the expensive side
  • Bags can be difficult to replace

This Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister vac is the best vacuum for pet hair on hardwood, carpeting, linoleum, and just about any other surface type, thanks to its capacity to operate with six-speed settings. The 1200-watt motor is extremely powerful and efficiently sucks up pet dander, and hair follicles, and the integrated HEPA AirClean filter does a great job of eliminating allergens, bacteria, germs, and other potentially harmful particles, which a pet owner with allergies may greatly appreciate.

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Though the HEPA bags that ship with this best HEPA vacuum are of excellent quality, it can be hard to find suitable replacement bags, as many available third-party options will not fit in the vacuum. Also, this is one of the pricier models available on the market, so take that into consideration before making a purchase. Although it is one of the best vacuum cleaners for carpets with pet hair.

 #3  iRobot Roomba E5 Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Iconic automated design with Alexa integration, self-charging capabilities, and dual multi-surface rubber brushes that resist tangling due to excessive pet hair.

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  • Rubber brushes resist tangling
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa for voice commands
  • 3-stage cleaning system for stubborn messes
  • Robot design not for everyone
  • Does not ship with that many accessories

The iRobot Roomba E5 is a robot that does the cleaning for you and, as such, has become an iconic design for pet owners, as it features dual multi-surface rubber brushes that resist tangling from animal follicles. This robot vacuum features integrated sensors that work harder in messy areas and a design that integrates nicely with Amazon Alexa, for issuing voice commands. The motor is also extremely powerful, allowing for a three-stage cleaning system.

While useful, the company’s robot vacuum design may not be for everyone, as it does not do the job quite as quickly as a human would. Additionally, this vacuum does not ship with as many accessories as what typically comes with upright vacuums, which may make cleaning crevices, for instance, somewhat frustrating. You should compare this to any of the best upright vacuums that have HEPA filtration, flexible accessories, and can tackle tough pet hair.

 #4  Miele Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality upright design with a robust feature set that includes a six-liter debris canister and a swiveling neck for the purposes of adjustability and maneuverability.

  • Neck swivels for good maneuverability
  • Ships with a number of useful attachments
  • Powerful 1200-watt Vortex motor
  • Non-retractable power cord
  • On the noisier side

The Miele Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum comes with a highly advanced feature set that includes an ultra-powerful 1200-watt Vortex motor that easily and efficiently cleans pet hair, in addition to garden variety dirt and debris. It ships with a number of useful attachments and accessories that include a handheld turbo brush, an AirClean filter bag, and a charcoal-based Active AirClean filter. We also loved that the neck swivels for maximum adjustability and maneuverability, so it’s great you still get that flexibility you love in a handheld model but still get the greater dust bin capacity of an upright model.

Though the power cable here is lengthy, at nearly 40 feet, it is a non-retractable design, so you’ll have to wind it up the old-fashioned way. Also, the powerful Vortex motor does produce a lot of sound while in use, so take that into consideration. If you want a vacuum model with enough power to handle serious messes, perfect for carpet, kitchen tiles, and bare floors but enough reach to get way under the table, you probably want to find the best canister vacuum cleaner.

 #5  Hoover FH52000 Smartwash Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-powered wet/dry vac that excels with pet urine on carpeting and rugs, with an antimicrobial pet tool and a design that automatically dries treated areas of the home.

  • HeatForce tech for faster drying
  • Ships with variety of attachments
  • Auto-mixes cleaning solution
  • Ships with small sample size of cleaning solution
  • Does not heat water

The Hoover FH52000 Smartwash is a great choice for the elimination of both pet hair and for cleaning carpeting and rugs after an animal accidentally urinates. The design uses a mixed cleaning solution to effectively treat a variety of surface types, and the vacuum features integrated sensors that automatically dry rugs and carpeting after cleaning. We also loved the attachments that this vacuum ships with, including an antimicrobial pet tool, a lengthy hose, and a storage bag.

Though this vacuum does come with a vial of one of the best cleaning solutions, it is for sample use only and, as such, is extremely small. Additionally, this vacuum does not heat the water before mixing it with the cleaning solution, so the company recommends using warm or preheated water. You should consider one of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners that combines an efficient motor with a powerful battery and keeps the vac going long enough to clean your house – plus a conversion option to a handheld vacuum with multiple attachments for your stairs, corners, and furniture. Also, check out the top Bissell vacuum list for another pet hair vacuum from a top brand like Hoover.

 #6  Shark NV752 Lift-Away Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Great for allergy sufferers, thanks to complete-seal technology and an integrated HEPA filter, with a detachable main pod for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

  • LED headlights to spot hidden debris
  • Multiple pet-centric accessories and attachments
  • Detachable pod for hard-to-reach areas
  • Brushroll is not self-cleaning
  • Powerful motor can damage fragile carpeting

The Lift-Away is the best Shark vacuum for pet hair, thanks to a patented complete-seal feature that captures and seals away 99.97 percent of allergens and bacteria, with an integrated HEPA filter for additional support. There is a LED headlight on the front of the vacuum, for spotting hidden debris, and the main pod actually detaches for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. We also loved the multiple pet-centric accessories this vacuum ships with, including a pet multi-tool and a power brush. this is especially helpful, since you’ll need to keep this vacuum clean by getting out any pet hair stuck in the vacuum roller.

The brush-roll here is not a self-cleaning design, so it could become tangled with pet hair after numerous uses, requiring thorough maintenance. Also, the powerful 1150-watt motor can damage fragile carpeting if you aren’t careful. For an even more powerful option, you should try out the best central vacuum systems.

 #7  Gtech AirRam MK2 Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Cordless and handheld design with a robust feature set that includes the unique AirLOC system that excels with both large and fine-grained chunks of debris and dirt.

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  • 40 minutes of use per charge
  • Excels with both small particles and large chunks of debris
  • Easy-to-empty trash bin
  • Debris canister on smaller side
  • No hose or crevice attachment included

The Gtech AirRam MK2 is the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, as it is lightweight, allows for one-handed operation, and includes a lithium battery that can operate for more than 40 minutes on a single charge. The patented AirLOC system allows users to push the vacuum forward to suck up large chunks of debris and then run it backward for a more detailed approach that sucks up fine particles.

Though the debris bin is extremely easy to empty, via a handily placed ejector button, the canister itself is on the smaller side and will have to be emptied regularly. Additionally, the attachments that ship with this vacuum are sparse, with no crevice tool or lengthy hose included. And to keep your PC in the best shape, try one of the best computer vacuums that will keep your computer’s peripherals free from debris and dust.

Speaking of canister size, you know you’ll need a bigger and best canister vacuum, especially if you have more than two furry friends.

 #8  Eureka EasyClean Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A highly versatile vacuum that excels on upholstery, in cars, on stairs, in the garage, and just about anywhere else, featuring a powerful dual-motor design.

  • Powerful dual-motor design
  • Proprietary Riser Visor system great for stairs
  • Easy to empty and clean debris canister
  • Not a cordless design
  • Exhaust vent can blow hot during use

The Eureka EasyClean Vacuum is the best vacuum for pet hair in a car, thanks to a design that places emphasis on versatility, including attachments and accessories for automobile use, as well as stairs and elsewhere throughout the home and garage. We loved the light and portable form factor here and the easy-to-empty debris canister, which allows for easy cleaning between sessions.

Despite appearing otherwise at first glance, as it resembles a DustBuster, this is not a cordless design, though the integrated power cable is lengthy. Also, the exhaust vent blows vigorously and can blow hot during use. It is one of the best vacuums for hardwood floors too.

 #9  Shark ZS351 Rocket Vacuum for Pet Hair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-conscious vac that doesn’t skimp on features, with a durable design made primarily from ABS steel and a self-cleaning brush that resists tangling that accompanies copious amounts of pet hair.

  • Made from durable ABS steel
  • Advanced swivel steering for heightened control
  • Self-cleaning brush resists pet hair tangles
  • Not a cordless design
  • Does not stand up on its own

The Shark ZS351 Rocket is a value-friendly vacuum cleaner with a robust feature set that includes a self-cleaning brush roll that adequately resists the kind of tangling that can occur while cleaning up after a pet or two. This is also a highly durable vacuum made from ABS steel, rubber, and PP plastic. We loved the maneuverability on offer here, thanks to the advanced swivel design and lightweight form factor.

Despite resembling similar cordless designs, the Shark Rocket is a corded vacuum, though the power cable is lengthy. Additionally, this Shark vacuum cannot stand up on its own and must either be leaned against something or hung up on the wall.

 #10  Eureka PowerSpeed Vacuum for Pet Hair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-conscious vacuum with a serious feature set that includes a lightweight design, weighing just 10 lb, and 5 adjustment settings for a wide variety of floor types.

  • Lightweight design, weighing just 10lb
  • Bagless design with washable filters
  • Large debris canister, over 4 liters
  • No HEPA filters
  • Requires some assembly

The Eureka PowerSpeed comes in at a budget-friendly price while offering a feature set in line with more expensive competitors, including a light and portable form factor, weighing just ten pounds and allowing for one-handed operation. The large 4.1-liter debris canister can do multiple cleanings before needing to be emptied, and the bagless design and washable filters increase this vacuum’s cost proposition, as you won’t have to worry about purchasing bags and too many extra filters.

Though the filter can easily be removed and washed, it is not a true HEPA filter, so its capacity to eliminate allergens will be somewhat limited. Also, this may be the best vacuum for pet hair under $150, but it does require some assembly upon receipt.

How We Decided

To help narrow down the above list, we took great care during our research to find vacuums that were built from the ground up to service pet owners. To that end, many of the above vacs feature self-cleaning brush rolls that adequately resist tangles and powerful motors that make short work out of animal-related dirt and debris.

We loved durable and long-lasting vacuums made from high-end components, such as stainless steel and rubber. We also enjoyed cleaners that could excel on a wide variety of floor types, including carpeting, rugs, hardwood floors, tiling, and more, thanks to multiple speed and motor settings that can be adjusted on the fly.

Vacuums that were light enough for a one-handed operation were awarded bonus points, as were models that were relatively quiet during operation. Finally, we admired vacuums that shipped with a multitude of useful accessories and attachments, including extension wands, lengthy hoses, crevice tools, and thick-bristle brushes.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Pet-centric Features
    If you are looking for a vacuum to suck up pet hair and take care of animal-related messes, then you’ll want to ensure that your chosen cleaner is packed with features designed for multi-pet households. Look for self-cleaning brush designs that resist fur tangles, as this will reduce frustration after multiple cleanings. You’ll also want to make sure the motor is powerful, with good suction, and that the vacuum ships with useful attachments and accessories. Plus, you’ll want the device to be easy to use, especially if you’re getting a best lightweight vacuums.
  2. Motor and Suction Power
    Whether you are shopping for a vacuum for pet hair or a vacuum for general house cleaning, the motor, and related suction power are two of the most important metrics to consider. Look for multi-stage motors with a high-grade CFM rating. If you have a pet that accidentally urinates once in a while on carpeting or on a couch, you may want to invest in a wet/dry vacuum, which is intended for just such situations. But, for big messes, definitely opt for a strong vacuum, like the Holife HM036E.
  3. Attachments and Accessories
    Most modern vacuum cleaners for pet hair come with all manner of useful attachments and accessories that are intended for animal-friendly homes. Look for vacs that ship with lengthy hoses and crevice tools, for reaching out-of-the-way places, in addition to brushes with powerful bristles that reach deep into the carpeting to remove pet dander and related allergens. To that end, look for a vacuum with a genuine HEPA filter, for the purposes of ridding the air and floor of potentially harmful particles.

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