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How Long to Charge a Robot Vacuum

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Updated September 22, 2022

Whether you’re looking for something to clean your hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors, finding the best vacuum cleaner is vital to the health of your home. Because crumb-cleanup is a frequent chore, many look into the best robot vacuums as an ideal hands-off solution. However, many don’t know much about these gadgets and wonder if the hype is worth the price. One common question is how long to charge a robot vacuum until it has a full battery. Below, we’ll answer this as we dive into the specifics.


  • From dead to full battery, a robot vacuum cleaner takes around 2-3 hours to charge.
  • Ensure that the robot is correctly connected to its charging base and that there are no problems with the power cords.
  • Consistent charging and regular cleanings are the best ways to preserve a robot vacuum’s battery life.

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Insider Tip

The Roomba user manual recommends charging your vacuum for at least three hours before using it for the first time.

How Long Does it Take to Charge Robot Vacuum?

A robot vacuum cleaner’s battery capacity varies by brand. However, you can usually expect the battery to last between 60-90 minutes per cleaning cycle. Once the battery dies, a robot cleaner must be plugged into the charging dock and let sit until the machine indicates that it’s fully charged.

Robot vacuums take 2-3 hours to reach a full charge. And it’s crucial to fully charge your robot after each cycle, as having a battery at 100% improves the cleaning experience.

When going to plug in your vacuum, ensure the device is correctly placed in the dock charger and always check for anything stuck in the cleaning brushes or wheel cavity. Keeping your vacuum clean and free of obstruction is a great way to preserve its battery life.

Another thing to remember is that many of these devices have features allowing them to charge independently. For more on this, we have an article explaining how a robot vacuum finds its charging dock.


If you’re purchasing a new battery for your device, make sure you get a battery approved by the manufacturer. Not all batteries will work properly, and some can damage the electronics.

Something else to be aware of is that robot vacuums often have lights that indicate various battery levels. Below are the light indicators for a Roomba vacuum, but keep in mind they might not apply to other brands:

  • Solid Red: Dead battery
  • Flashing Red: Battery too low to clean
  • Flashing Amber: Roomba charging
  • Solid Green: Fully charged
  • Quick Flashing Amber: 16-hour refresh charge mode

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STAT: A Roomba’s battery should last up to 400 charging cycles. (source)

How Long to Charge a Robot Vacuum FAQs

Should you unplug the dock whenever the vacuum isn’t charging?

If your device charges automatically, leave the dock plugged into the wall. Letting the device charge itself on routine is an excellent way to preserve battery life.

How frequently should I clean the vacuum filter?

It’s recommended to wash or replace the vacuum filter every month. Having a clean filter increases the overall lifespan of your device and allows it to clean better.

How can you maximize the vacuum’s battery life?

To ensure your robot vacuum stays in prime condition, it’s always good to clean the brushes often. Additionally, check that no string, tangled hair, or wire is caught in the base.
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