7 Best Loveseats in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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We looked for the best loveseats that are ideal for your living room and came up with 7 of our top picks based on our own research and testing. We considered factors such as quality of materials used, overall seating area, design, cushioning quality and depth, stain resistance, and assembly. We also made sure to include those that are extremely comfortable—ideal for an intimate date night at home.

The Christopher Knight Home Sheena Loveseat came out as our top pick thanks to its simple but comfortable design and the use of high-quality fabric for the seat and birch wood for the legs. It’s also perfectly-sized for you and your beau. Read on for more details on this and the rest of our picks.

Top 7 Best Loveseats in 2023

 #1  Christopher Knight Home Sheena Mid-Century Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: Made from 100% polyester fabric, this loveseat has a unique and compact design that’s both simple and comfortable. The unique shape of the armrest is what we like best—its height is just perfect enough for supporting your arms, ensuring ease and relaxation.

  • Excellent design aesthetic for the contemporary home
  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Easy assembly
  • Light fabric material might attract stains

The Christopher Knight Home Sheena Loveseat is a great fabric loveseat option with a simple, modern, and minimalist design. Made of beige fabric, the cushions and backrest offer great support and have a perfect balance between soft and firm. Its armrest sits at the perfect height from the backrest too, so your back and arms are properly supported. The seat is around 40.5” wide, which is perfect for intimate seating for a movie night.
Its feet are made of solid birch wood, and the 52.5-lb loveseat itself needs very minimal assembly. The surface isn’t water-resistant, so you might want to consider using waterproofing sprays to avoid stains.

 #2  Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This loveseat offers an extra comfy oversized seat—at 74” wide, it’s the widest on our list and a perfect loveseat for lounging with your partner. It also features removable, down-filled cushions that make sitting on the loveseat feel extra comfortable.

  • Best wide seating area
  • Extra-soft down-filled cushions
  • Stain-repellent fabric surfaces
  • A bit bulky
  • Not hypoallergenic

The Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat from Stone & Beam is the best down loveseat on our list. Its overstuffed appearance persists even after prolonged use, and its fluffiness doesn’t lessen over time. We think it’s perfect for those who enjoy sinking deep into their seats while watching the latest Netflix shows in their living room.

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It’s a bit on the bulky and heavy side, coming in at about 130lbs and 74” wide, as it features a solid, durable hardwood frame. The surfaces are also moisture and stain-resistant, so you’re guaranteed an easier cleaning time in case of accidental spills. Keep in mind that since the cushions are down-filled, it might not suit certain individuals who have allergies. This loveseat comes with a 3-year warranty and seven color options. This loveseat will be the perfect addition to your office decor.

 #3  Modway Prospect Channel Tufted Velvet Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This loveseat has a rather unique design, with a barrel backrest similar to a traditional Chesterfield style, but instead has channel tufting with a smooth, soft velvet surface. We enjoyed lounging on this couch because the velvet was extremely comfortable and its cushion holds up very well.

  • Unique eye-catching timeless look
  • Light and compact build quality
  • Stain-resistant velvet upholstery
  • Narrower than other loveseats

Modway’s Prospect Channel Tufted Loveseat carries a more modern take on the retro Chesterfield couch design. Featuring channel tufting, this unique texture of the backrest coupled with the loveseat’s velvet upholstery adds great comfort for when you’re sitting. The velvet loveseat itself is made of light, durable wood. This means you can easily move it around your space depending on your liking.

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The velvet surface also lends a bit of stain resistance to the removable seat cushion, so you won’t need to worry about minor stains from your food or drinks. At 50” wide and 43lbs, it’s quite compact and light, so it’s a perfect fit for most living room setups. While you’re at it, take a look at one of the best little desks to create a smaller office space for your home.

 #4  Homelegance St. 70” Claire Fabric Chesterfield Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This loveseat boasts the greatest design cues from traditional art thanks to its button tufting and neutral shades. We love the classic style, which should go well with the rest of your classical-themed living rooms.

  • Firm yet comfortable cushioning that maintains its shape
  • Clean and neutral design
  • Wide 70” seating area
  • Cushions are not removable for cleaning
  • Quite heavy

The Homelegance St. 70” Chesterfield Loveseat has a more traditional take for a fabric loveseat with a sophisticated design featuring button tufting and herringbone print. It has a durable wood frame and neutral tone, making it easier to complement the spaces of your home. This loveseat is just a bit wider than others, and its backrest provides enough support for when you just want to relax after a long day.

Its cushions are a bit on the firm side but still offer enough give to make yourself feel comfortable. While the fabric is relatively stain-resistant, make sure to use furniture protectors as the cushions aren’t removable. Or, you could always add the best little office chair cushion if necessary. This loveseat weighs 105.3lbs and has a whopping weight capacity of up to 600lbs.

 #5  Rivet Cove Modern Tufted Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tufted loveseat is built with a sturdy hardwood frame and features light but durable beech wood legs. We like how solid the loveseat feels even with the wide seating area and soft cushioning.

  • A very rigid, sturdy frame
  • Removable, easy to clean cushions
  • Not too bulky
  • Seating could be a bit deep
  • Not stain-resistant

The Rivet Cove Modern Tufted Loveseat takes our best quality award due to its sturdy frame, with its blocky design also lending to its build quality. This fabric loveseat has removable back cushions that are soft and plush, while the seat cushions are fixed and are more on the softer side. It is extremely comfortable, though could be too deep of a seat for some consumers. The fabric material is easy to clean but doesn’t have that much protection against stains. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you practice regular care and maintenance. This 56” wide loveseat weighs 73lbs and offers a one- year product guarantee. If you want the ultimate in comfort for your home, take a look at the best memory foam seat cushion too.

 #6  Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Beige Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This loveseat has a great design that meshes well with open spaces—a wider living room would benefit from this. We also love that it comes in one box and is easy to assemble.

  • Multi-layer cushioning
  • Easy assembly
  • Strong, rigid frame
  • Not stain-resistant

Zinus’ Josh Traditional Loveseat is 56” wide and championed a more traditional couch design that’s perfect for wide-open spaces. Its armrests taper outwards, giving the loveseat a wider, more welcoming stance, and the soft foam cushions further extend impression once you sit down.

The frame itself is solid enough that it doesn’t wiggle or flex when you sit down, and the couch’s heavy feet affix firmly to the ground. Fabric loveseats like this one don’t have much protection against stains, so it’s a good idea to get couch protecting sprays for it. This 80-lb loveseat chair offers a tool-free assembly and a one-year product guarantee. If this doesn’t seem like the right chair for your office space, take a look at the best office stability chair instead.

 #7  Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst Loveseat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This loveseat is the best and only leather loveseat on our list—the surface is made of stain and water-resistant faux leather that’s easy to clean. Its padding and cushions are made of a perfect mix of polyester and polyurethane foams for the right softness.

  • A classic timeless look best for studies and libraries. Premium quality furniture
  • Soft, comfortable cushions
  • No assembly needed
  • On the bulky side
  • Extra care necessary for faux leather

The classic-styled Signature Design Ashley Larkinhurst Loveseat marries the classic silhouette found in rustic settings with a more modern faux leather approach. This gives the leather loveseat a premium look and also makes it easy to clean. You’ll need to maintain it more regularly than fabric loveseats though, but the visual impression of this 66-inch couch in your living room makes it worth your while.

The cushions are made of ultra-comfortable polyurethane foam that gives enough bounce and softness to let you sink with ease once seated. One more thing we like about it is that there’s no assembly needed, although you’ll need a doorway that’s at least 32” wide and a large enough space in your home for this 118-pound loveseat.

How We Decided

In choosing the best loveseats, we considered several factors that could impact the look of your living room with the addition of your new furniture.

First, we considered the size of each product, including the overall seating area. We checked for either a wide or narrow depth loveseat. With this, we chose picks that would go well for both wider and narrower spaces, opting for loveseats with a seating area that fell between 40” and 74”. We included picks that have wide depths, perfect for individuals who love to sink into their couches, as well as some loveseats with narrow depths for those who find getting up from deep seats a bit more challenging.

We also considered the quality of the materials that were used. While fabric loveseats are generally more affordable and are well made we also included velvet loveseats and even leather loveseats that often have some degree of stain resistance for easier cleaning. Some of the fabric loveseats we chose are easier to clean since they’re generally made of water-repellent fabric or can be sprayed on with fabric protectors. Meanwhile, we also included loveseats made of more premium materials such as faux leather for those who want to fancy up their spaces.

We included options that varied in terms of the filling material used in cushions—while down-filled cushions are extra plush, they can be unsafe for people with certain types of allergies—as such, safer cotton or polyurethane foam fillings will be more suitable.

The wood frames used also factored in greatly—we chose loveseats with hardwood frames for added durability. Bonus points were given to loveseats that were easy to assemble or required no tools for a worry-free setup.

Best Loveseats Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Cushion Type
    The material used for the cushion dictates the overall feel when you use your loveseat. You’ll frequently come across foam cushions, but there are options for down-filled or memory foam cushions. Think about how soft or firm you want your loveseats to be before you decide on buying one.
  2. Material
    The material that the loveseat is made of also factors into the longevity of your couch. Firstly, the frame’s materials determine its durability and load capacity. Loveseats also vary in the finishing of the surfaces—fabrics, while easy to clean, could have “pilling” when used frequently, while leather loveseats need more frequent cleaning to take out oils and grime that might quickly damage the surface. Finally, filling material on the cushions must also be considered—this will determine the softness or firmness of your cushions, as well as safety for those who might be allergic to certain materials such as down feathers.
  3. Size
    You have to match your loveseats with the space available in your living room. There are small loveseats that are suitable for more compact apartments, while bigger, more comfortable (and often more expensive) loveseats are perfect for open areas in your home.
  4. Easy-to-clean
    Depending on your material choice, you’ll find that some types of loveseats can be more challenging to clean than others. Consider getting those that have detachable cushions so you can easily take them out for a wipe and cleaning under the sun when the need arises.
  5. Fire Safety
    Also consider fire safety concerns when shopping for your next loveseat. Some materials may be more susceptible to catching fire when exposed to certain elements such as cigarette burns. Make sure to check your local fire codes regarding this.

Loveseats FAQs

What is the most comfortable loveseat?

It depends on your taste, but the most comfortable loveseat needs to support your body properly and fully when you sit on it. Some people prefer those that have softer cushions that let them sink deeper, while others are content with loveseats that give proper back and neck support.

What’s the difference between a loveseat and a sofa?

Loveseats and sofas typically only differ in the number of people they can seat. Normally, sofas can seat three people, while loveseats have enough room for two.

What’s the length of a typical loveseat?

Typical loveseats are anywhere from 52” to 71” in length, but there are also some compact loveseats that are narrower at 45” to 51” that are meant for more compact spaces.

Why is it called a loveseat?

It’s mainly because loveseats are meant to seat two people, often a couple who are staying in the same home, hence the name.
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