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To find the best wristlet wallets, you’ll need to examine a list of criteria to determine what is most important. We recommend the best wristlet wallet with a 100% genuine leather construction, along with a slim profile, healthy number and mix of slots/compartments, and multiple wearing options (e.g. purse to clutch using detachable and extra-long straps). Explore this list as well as our list on the best cool wallets.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we’ve determined that the Michael Kors Jet Set Wristlet Wallet is the best wristlet wallet you can buy. Keep reading about this and our other top picks to learn more about the best cool wallets on the market.

Top 10 Best Wristlet Wallets

 #1  Michael Kors Jet Set Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wristlet wallet is made of pebble leather and features a slim profile (7.25 by 4.25 by 0.75 inches), making it a great choice as an all-around wristlet wallet.

  • Healthy number of slots (six)
  • Removable leather wrist strap for comfort
  • More than ten color options
  • Edges may fray with heavy wear and tear
  • Little hard to remote ID in and out of clear window slot

This wristlet slim wallet comes in all the right proportions. Its slot variety works, with six credit card slots, a large bills pocket, two zip compartments, and two miscellaneous pockets for smaller items such as receipts and coins. A dual zip mechanism splits the wallet, making it easier to find things.

We love this wristlet slim wallet’s pebble leather fabric, which offers durability and is nice to the touch. A gold-toned zipper and lining also complement the piece well. Kudos for coming in more than ten color options, including pink, yellow, off white, and acorn. Consider this one of the more well-rounded wallets for women. It’s a great option for someone looking for the best zipper wallet with some extra flare.

 #2  Lavemi Women’s Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wristlet wallet is made of 100% genuine leather and a whopping 17 card slots, an excellent choice for people who have a lot of credit cards.

  • Lots of quirky colors
  • Comfortable top-grain pebbled leather
  • More than ten color options
  • Receipts and non-cash items need folding to fit
  • Stitching isn’t centered in some places

This wristlet wallet hits all the right notes with styling, with its key feature – pebbled top-grain leather for a textured feel and the choice of more than 20 color options. All of the neutral colors (e.g. brown, black) are well represented, along with some quirky choices such as pebbled Tiffany blue and vintage light green.

Arguably this leather wristlet wallet’s biggest strength is its sheer slot number, with a whopping 17 credit card slots – more than enough for entire families. Rounding out all other slots is a zipper pocket, three cash pockets, a built-in pen holder, and a clear plastic ID window for quick displaying at checkpoints. All in all, this is one of the more complete wristlet wallets we’ve researched. If you’re traveling a lot, you might also wish to consider our best travel wallet guide for options with more security features.

 #3  Doris and Jacky Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wristlet wallet comes with three cash holders and a minimalist design, a preferred choice for people wanting a simple design that is not too eye-catching – more for function than a prestige piece.

  • Comes in 10+ colors
  • Plush polyester lining for comfort
  • RFID blocking technology for security
  • Zipper could be more durable
  • Very stiff out of the box
  • No coin compartment

We love this wristlet wallet’s simplicity, starting with a neutral tone, high durability Nappa cowhide leather construction with a glossy finish. Expect heavy creasing as it goes through regular wear and tear over time, making it look even better. Its slim proportions (7.63 by 3.75 by 0.88 inches) also helps.

In terms of utility, this RFID wristlet wallet is a workhorse. It is very roomy with three cash compartments. more than enough to hold a checkbook, iPhone, and larger documents. It also contains a zipper pocket for smaller items, as well as RFID blocking technology to protect data from being compromised from data scanners. It’s one of the best RFID wallet options on our list.

 #4  Wozeah Women’s PU Leather Zip Around Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This faux leather wristlet wallet is made of waxy soft top grain PU leather and measures 8.51 by 12.5 by 4.3 inches, a great choice for people who wish to use it to carry their iPhone.

  • 19 credit card slots
  • Large enough to fit an iPhone
  • Soft and plush faux leather
  • Limited color selection

We love this wristlet wallet’s proportions. At 8.51 by 12.5 by 4.3 inches, it is long enough for iPhones and contains a monstrous 19 credit card slots, 3 cash pockets, one built-in pen holder, and a zipper pocket for coins. We also appreciate its removable wrist strap, which is useful when stationary and not on the move where a wrist attachment looping would be more appropriate.

Another feature we love with this wristlet wallet is its RFID blocking technology, which uses RFID material to disrupt RFID scanner signals to keep your personal information safe. The combination of RFID blocking, 19 card slots, and top grain PU leather makes this a very well rounded wristlet wallet for all of your essentials. Additionally, you might want to consider the best wallet for Apple Card if you’re a cardholder.

 #5  Mundi Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wristlet wallet is made of vegan, high-quality leather with a crossbody strap, an excellent choice for eco-friendly enthusiasts who want to wear it across the chest.

  • Comes in 20+ styles
  • Spacious phone pocket (3.5 by 6.5 inches)
  • Ar anti-theft RFID technology protects card data
  • Not genuine leather; may heavily wear and tear over time
  • Strap is not size adjustable

This faux leather wristlet wallet is very well put together. It has several pockets and slots for credit cards (six), cash (one0, a coin pocket, and a clear plastic ID window. At 4.5 by 1.5 by 7.5 inches, it is also roomy enough to carry an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Kudos for RFID blocking technology, which helps prevent electronic scanners from stealing personal data.

One of this wristlet wallet’s biggest strengths is its sheet selection of fun colors to choose from. These include two-tone and print art styles, with quirky names like Bahama, New Pebble Blush, and On Stranger Tides with pictures of birds and trees. Consider this wristlet wallet as belonging to the humble chic side. It’s a great option for someone looking for the best vegan wallet.

 #6  Loveshe Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wristlet wallet comes with five function pockets for cash/card/ID, ticket, and coins) and highly vibrant artwork prints, an excellent choice for people looking for a complete eye-catcher.

  • Durable, tight snap closure
  • Comes in more than 16 design combinations
  • Includes a generous 11 card slots
  • 1.25-inch thickness may be too bulky for some people
  • Lack of single tone and minimalist designs

This wristlet zip wallet shines with its design collection, which avoids single and two-tone colors and goes all-in with original artwork pieces that range in different styles from elaborate mosaics, floral arrangements, and squiggly lines.

On the utility side, this wristlet wallet works well, with a whopping 11 card slots, a clear ID window, a zipper case for coins, and five separate layers for cash. It’s even roomy enough to hold an iPhone with enough durability to not fray at the seams. A snap closure also keeps all items safely contained within. All in all, we love this wristlet wallet’s combination of design and utility. It’s a great alternative to the best coin wallet if you need some extra carrying space.

 #7  Beyzi Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wristlet wallet is made of 100% genuine leather with an astronomical 17 credit card slots, an excellent choice for entire families who want one place to store all cards.

  • Whopping 17 credit card slots
  • RFID blocking technology for data protection
  • Variety of color options (10+)
  • May be too big for some people

This wristlet wallet is pretty well designed, starting with 100% genuine leather with a zipper that wraps around the entire side for secure closure. We love its single tone but a wide variety of color options, including lake blue, dark pink, and bronze gold.

At 8.5 x 4.5 x 1.18 inches, this zip pocket and double zippered wallet for women is roomy enough to hold an iPhone 6/7 Plus, along with a passport and checkbook. However, its biggest calling card is its number of credit card slots (17) and distribution, with two long compartments, a built-in pen holder, and a clear ID window. It is large enough to hold roughly 20 bills, more than enough for an entire family to use. Consider this one of the better wristlet wallets for family travel and essentials. You might also want to check out our best passport holder buying guide.

 #8  Nuoku Women Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wallet for women comes in a crossbody style and a healthy diverse number of storage options for credit cards, cash, keys, and makeup – a nice choice for women who want a well-rounded wristlet to replace a purse.

  • Variety of wearing options
  • Massive storage capacity (e.g. 10 credit card slots)
  • Scratch-proof and waterproof for durability
  • Slots a bit too snug for thicker cards
  • Front flap not secured by a snap closure

This wristlet wallet screams utilitarian with its mix of style and storage. it comes in a premium synthetic leather construction and cross-body style, easily replacing a purse with roominess everywhere, including 10 credit card slots, one cash compartment, a zipper pocket. and a cellphone pocket. It even includes a large main compartment for makeup and other smaller items.

Arguably this wristlet wallet’s biggest strength is with its wearing options. It can work as a cell phone purse, shoulder, clutch, or evening bag with its removable and adjustable shoulder strap. We also like the fact this phone wristlet comes with RFID blocking technology, which protects personal information from getting compromised by data skimming machines. It’s great if you’re looking for the best smart wallet with some added style.

 #9  Fossil RFID Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wallet for women comes with a wrap-around zipper and genuine leather construction, a nice choice for people who want a straightforward and minimalist design.

  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Generous number of slots (e.g. 12 credit card slots)
  • RFID protection for data privacy
  • Overwhelming leather smell out of the box

This Fossil wristlet offers a strikingly minimalist design with a single tone brown leather and thick gold stitching around the edges for a neat and clean look. A gold zipper wraps around three sides, providing nice security for all of your items.

In terms of pocket distribution, this Fossil Women’s wristlet wallet works. It comes with 12 credit card slots, two bill compartments, three hidden pockets, and a large zipper pocket for larger items such as boarding passes and an iPhone. Plus, this leather wristlet also includes RFID protection, which helps prevent your debit and credit cards from unauthorized breaches by data skimming machines. Goodbye to identity theft. If you don’t need quite so much technology, the best checkbook wallet is another large capacity option for you. For the ladies, you can check out the best wallets women guide.

 #10  Michael Kors TR Wristlet Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wallet for women is made of 100% Saffiano leather, a great choice for people who want a nice imitation version of genuine leather.

  • Secure 7-inch closure
  • Includes an ID window for easy display at checkpoints
  • Excellent color selection (e.g. Rose Gold Metallic)
  • 100% Saffiano leather construction a bit cheap feeling to some people

This wallet for women offers a nice set of features, starting with a 100% Saffiano leather construction for a slightly plastic-coated feel version of a genuine leather wallet. A gold or silver 7-inch drop zip closure extends three-quarters of the entire wristlet wallet’s sides, keeping your items well protected.

Like Kate Spade wristlet, Coach wristlets, and Tory Burch wristlets, this wallet for women does a decent job, a bit on the lighter side with only four card holders, a coin pocket, a cell phone pocket, a cash pocket, and a clear ID window slot. For those who do not have a lot to carry this wristlet wallet is a solid choice. Bonus points for coming in a variety of colors, including gems Pearl Grey, Dusty Blue, Soft Pink, and Rose Gold Metallic. For a slimmer design, check out our best front pocket wallet buying guide.

How We Decided

In determining the best wristlet wallet to buy, we explored aesthetics, durability, and performance.

Aesthetics extends itself to the number of color options. Along with your no-frills and neutral black, brown, and gray color schemes, wristlet wallets should be an extension of your personality, including quirky and fun color combinations like wine red and more rugged, distressed brown designs. Focus on the details and complementary pieces (e.g. single tone brown leather and thick gold stitching) and zipper design, with a nod to tassel and spade-shaped zippers over your blah chrome options.

In terms of durability, we are big fans of 100% top grain genuine leather for general wear and tear and nylon for water resistance. RFID protection to protect RFID chip data from prying identity thieves should be a focus as well, although not required.

Look for the best wristlet wallets to carry a minimum of six credit card carrying capacity, along with enough space for coins, bills, and your everyday items such as phones, boarding passes, receipts, and SIM cards. The slot design can come accordion-style (with extra room for each card) or slot style for space-saving, including a separate iPhone compartment. We also look towards wristlet wallets with detachable, extra-long straps, which makes it convertible to a crossbody strap or more traditional “over the shoulders” purse – each suited for more or less formal occasions.

Best Wristlet Wallets Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Aesthetics
    Our preference is for a wristlet travel wallet to feature a minimum of 10 color options, along with complementary hardware pieces to the main design. For example, single tone brown leather and thick gold stitching produce a nice and subtle combination along with barely distinguishable embossed or embroidered logos and lettering. Even zippers should complement (e.g. spade-shaped zippers or tasseled zippers for easier access).
  2. Durability
    Go for the best wristlet wallets with 100% top grain genuine leather, followed by nylon for increased water resistance. They should also come with RFID protection, which protects against identity schemers looking to steal personal credit card data.
  3. Performance
    Performance extends to the number and mix of compartments and slots designed to hold cards, cash, coins, and miscellaneous items such as boarding passes and SIM cards. Look for a minimum of six credit card carrying capacity, along with clear plastic ID windows, an iPhone holder, and two bill compartments, which should satisfy most of your everyday needs.Don’t forget roomy phone pockets and extra-long, removable straps also work their magic to convert your wristlet wallet into a crossbody bag or handbag. If you are a frequent traveler, a passport holder is a good-to-have as well.

Wristlet Wallets FAQs

Which wristlet wallet is the best?

The best wristlet travel wallet depends on what you are looking for. Some prefer higher card-carrying capacity over an extra-long strap to double as a crossbody. Others are more focused on zippered versions for coins or extra roomy compartments to store an iPhone. As a general rule of thumb, we are high on 100% genuine leather for general. everyday wear and tear and nylon for water resistance.

Is a cardholder better than a wristlet wallet?

It depends on needs. Cardholders are known for a slim and minimalist profile limited to no more than a shell and a slot/compartment to save cards. Wristlet wallets are bulkier, with room for the essentials such as cards, coins, cash, and odds and ends such as receipts and phones.

Are wristlet wallets good?

Yes, we highly recommended wristlet wallets, as they come in a wide variety of designs and slot/compartment formats from minimalist to cavernous. They are also somewhat customizable with many versions carrying built-in pen loops, iPhone slots, adjustable, and removable wristlet strap to convert it into a wristlet clutch or shoulder bag to better complement your outfits for a fun night out on the town.

Do RFID wallets really work?

Yes, we are big fans of RFID protection to keep your data from your credit card from being transmitted wirelessly by data thieves. Although it is not prevalent practice, RFID protection combined with a bi-fold or tri-fold construction does some serious damage when combating identity theft and other data crimes.

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