7 Best Grease Guns

Updated: Feb 20, 2024 4:21 PM
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The best grease gun we researched was easily the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun. It features a variable speed trigger, helping to deliver precise amounts of grease even in tight locations, and a powerful motor that delivers a maximum 10,000 psi and the ability to push out 5 ounces of grease per minute. We also loved the included LED light, for visibility, and the cordless design.

To help you find the best grease guns for your DIY repair needs, we have researched a multitude of top models, researching them for power, ensuring that they feature high quality motors with plenty of available pressure and an impressive max flow that pushes the grease effectively, and efficiency, favoring products with extended run times and the ability to load multiple cartridges per charge. We also liked a wide mix of types of grease gun, including those with motors, air compressors and manual systems. Keep reading to learn more about the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun and the other items on this list.

Top 7 Best Grease Guns

 #1  DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Battery-powered design with a variable speed trigger, for enhanced precision, and featuring a high quality motor with a 10,000 max psi and the ability to push out 5 ounces in a minute.

  • Battery-powered & variable speed trigger for precision
  • 10,000 max psi and 5 oz per minute
  • Built in LED lights help with visibility
  • Somewhat heavy, at 15 lb
  • Included carry case is plastic

The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun has a built-in variable speed trigger, which we found delivered on its promise of enhanced precision, even in tight spaces, and a high quality motor with a 10,000 max psi and the ability to push out five ounces per minute. It has a variable speed trigger that offers precise control of grease flow, with a flexible hose made for reaching hard to reach grease fittings. Another feature we also loved was the cordless design, making this the best battery grease gun that we researched. The built-in LED light was also a highlight component/feature, helping with visibility.

Though we appreciated the cordless design and the ability to function with a wide variety of external battery types, this is a heavy grease gun, clocking in at around 15 pounds, which could impact long-term use. Additionally, the included carrying case is made from plastic and not as durable as those made from steel and metal alloys. If you’re also interested in updating your toolbox, grab the best toolbox liner too.

 #2  Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Durable design, with an 18 gauge steel barrel, and a light 3 lb form factor, allowing for one-handed use, in addition to a rod lock that prevents accidental discharge.

  • A very durable design, with high gauge steel barrel
  • Light form factor allows for one-handed operation
  • Rod lock prevents accidental discharge
  • Max 7,000 psi slightly less than top pick
  • Does not ship with any grease tubes

Lumax is a manufacturer of high-quality greasing, lubrication, and fluid management products and this grease gun model is no exception. The Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun is an extremely durable and rugged product, featuring an 18 gauge steel barrel that should last for years and a built-in rod lock to prevent accidental discharge, in addition to a high-quality air bleeder valve for the purposes of venting air. We also loved just how light this item was, at just three pounds, allowing for easy one-handed operation, making this the best lever grease gun that we researched. This is an oil-resistant contoured pistol grip grease gun with a handle that gives plenty of leverage (unlike the manual lever guns) and has a cast-alloy head that is built for durability. For your next project, you might want to also look into the best parts washer. This greasing gun has a handy 3-way loading system that allows you to fill using either a standard cartridge, bulk fill, or suction. It is also equipped with an air bleeder valve to vent out air pockets.

Despite its light form factor, this is not a mini grease gun, as it still uses the large 14-ounce cartridges. Also, we found the 7,000 psi motor to be adequate for most DIY jobs, but it is slightly less powerful than our top pick. All in all, this is one of the best grease guns on the market that you can use for your next DIY project.

 #3  Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely easy to use, thanks to the ability to use bulk grease in addition to cartridges, with a light form factor, an ergonomic rubber handle and a similar variable speed trigger as found with our top pick.

  • Ergonomic rubber handle, making it great for large jobs
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 30” high pressure hose
  • 6,000 max psi
  • Needs to be thoroughly cleaned often

The Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun is a product that highlights efficiency, with an ergonomically designed rubber handle that is comfortable for long term use and the ability to use bulk grease, in addition to pre-formed cartridges. We also loved the variable speed trigger, allowing for maximum precision, and the included 30-inch high-pressure hose, which we found helped with lubrication and greasing tasks in hard-to-reach areas.

The on-board motor features a maximum psi of 6,000, which is somewhat less than our top picks though still serviceable for most tasks. Additionally, this product has many small parts throughout its interior and we found that it needed to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid clogging.

 #4  REXBETI Premium Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Ships with plenty of useful accessories, including various nozzles and double reinforced couplers, with a built-in air-release valve and a light form factor that we found was perfect for one-handed operation.

  • Great for one-handed operation
  • High quality air-release valve
  • Arrives pre-lubricated, saving some time
  • Light weight, but not a mini grease gun design
  • Working pressure up to 6,000 psi

This REXBETI Premium Grease Gun arrives pre-lubricated, allowing you to begin operation as soon as it arrives. We also loved that it shipped with a wide variety of useful accessories, including multiple nozzles, a flex hose and double-reinforced couplers, among other items. The light weight stature was also a positive, allowing for easy one-handed operation, as was that high quality air-release valve, which we found to work flawlessly. It also features a strong rubber handle that gives plenty of leverage and comfort.

Though this is a compact and light grease gun, it still uses standard 14-ounce cartridges and is not a mini grease gun that allows for the use of 3 ounce cartridges. Also, the working pressure goes up to 6,000 psi, which is less than our top picks though still plenty powerful for a wide variety of tasks.

 #5  UTOOL Heavy Duty Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an iron diecast head, which offers enhanced sealing, and other high quality components, including a silver anode coating, making for easy cleaning, and an ergonomically designed pistol grip.

  • Easy to clean, thanks to anode coating
  • Ergonomically designed pistol grip and light form factor
  • Strengthened O-ring prevents leaks
  • Working pressure up to 7,000 psi
  • Only includes one grease coupler, though it is adjustable
  • Uses 14-ounce cartridges only, despite the light weight

This UTOOL Heavy Duty Grease Gun is a high quality product, with a premium iron diecast head, offering enhanced sealing capabilities, and a strengthened O-ring to prevent leaks. We also loved how easy it was to clean, thanks to a silver anode coating, and the ergonomically designed pistol grip, which, coupled with an extremely light form factor, allows for one-handed use, unlike what you get with manual lever grease guns. This grease gun also features an automatic upgraded exhaust valve that bleeds air automatically so no need for manual exhaustion as you are loading grease.

Though the working pressure goes up to 7,000 psi, ably handling most DIY projects, we did find that the power on offer was slightly lower than what was featured with our top picks. Additionally, this item only ships with one grease coupler, though it is adjustable to integrate with most grease fittings and adapt to most lubrication/greasing situations.

 #6  Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely light mini grease gun design, weighing just 1 lb, coming in at a budget-friendly price point and boasting the ability to use nearly any kind of bulk grease, up to 3 oz at a time.

  • Extremely durable design, made from polished steel
  • Can use nearly any kind of bulk grease
  • Needle nozzle can fit into tight spaces
  • Does not include hose
  • Cannot purchase different-sized tips
  • Not for Zerk fittings

This Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun is the lightest option on this list, weighing just one pound, making it absolutely excel with one-handed use. This is the best mini grease gun that we researched, and a great option thanks to a budget-friendly price point, an included needle nozzle that easily fits into tight spaces and the ability to use nearly any type of bulk grease, up to 3 ounces at a time.

Though the needle nozzle is great for certain applications, this product does not include a hose, which may limit certain uses. Also, due to the design of the nozzle, this grease gun is not to be used with common Zerk fittings. For that, you’ll need a standard-sized product. Also, you may want to check out the best duct tape if you are looking to add more supplies to your toolbox.

 #7  GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly item with plenty of high end features, including a dual-positioning grease loader, a light form factor that allows for one-handed operation and shipping with extension pipe, a coupler and several other accessories.

  • Light enough for one-handed operation, 2.6 lb
  • Functions with all standard 14 oz cartridges
  • Includes extension pipe and coupler
  • Working pressure up to 4,000 psi
  • Included hose on shorter side, at 18”

The GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun comes in an extremely budget-friendly price point while offering features in line with higher priced offerings, including a light form factor and pistol grip handle that allows for one-handed operation and the ability to function with all standard 14-ounce grease cartridges. We also loved the accessories on offer, including a hose, a durably designed coupler and an extension pipe. It also has an improved plunger design that is useful for easy priming and loading grease.

The included hose is on the shorter side, however, coming in at just 18 inches, which could impact certain use case scenarios. Additionally, the working pressure is on the lower side, at just 4,000 psi, which is significantly less power than what is found with our top picks.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we took our time researching each grease gun across a variety of use scenarios, ensuring that they were easy to use, often with variable speed triggers for precision control, and that they boasted high functioning motors with plenty of psi on offer, as much as 10,000 psi, with a minimum of around 4,000 psi.

We also made sure that each of the above products were light enough for one-handed operation, within some items excelling with this more than others, and that they featured ergonomically designed handles, increasing stability during use. We also made sure to populate the above list with a series of multi-featured standard-sized designs that function with 14-ounce grease tubes, and smaller mini grease gun designs that use 3-ounce tubes, in addition to several products that allow for the use of bulk grease.

As far as accessories, we made sure that everything you need to get going is shipped in the box, including hoses, nozzles and couplers, among other useful objects. Finally, we ended up picking a couple of products that arrived pre-lubricated, saving you some time and allowing you to instantly begin greasing.

Best Grease Gun Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Motor Types and Pressure
    You may want to choose a product with a powerful motor and a high volume pump, such as what is found with our top pick. Not all grease guns use traditional motors to achieve the desired results. Some models are pneumatic or air-powered, which apply grease via a trigger powered by compressed air. Other units offer a more traditional manual design, which emits grease by pushing and pulling on a hand pump. Generally speaking, grease guns with an actual motor, such as our top pick, are great for industrial-grade uses but may be overkill for simple DIY jobs.
  2. One-handed Design
    Most, though not all, grease guns are manufactured to allow one-handed use. Lever-handle grease guns on the other hand require two hands for precision. Look for products with light form factors and those with ergonomically designed rubber grips and handles, reducing the chances of accidentally dropping it.
  3. Standard and Mini
    There are two sizes of grease guns available for purchase. Those that use standard 14-ounce canisters of grease and much smaller products that function with three-ounce tubes of grease. Each has its benefits, with the mini grease gun designs typically coming in at cheaper price points.
  4. Accessories
    Modern grease guns come with all manner of useful accessories, including lengthy and flexible hoses, to reach out of the way spots, and a number of couplers, nozzles and related pieces of equipment. Some products also arrive pre-lubricated, so you can begin using them immediately after opening.

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