7 Best Universal Pans and Pot Lids in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

The best universal pan and pot lid is the Modern Innovations Universal Lid. This lid was created with a combination of tempered glass and stainless steel with a traditional handle that’s simple to use for picking up, and an extra-durable design made to withstand even the toughest kitchen activity. You will never regret getting this kitchen product as it will help you cook better.

The best universal pan and pot lids are specifically designed to work with as many pots as they can, suitable no matter what hardware is in your kitchen. All of our top picks have lids that offer graduated edges so they can accommodate a variety of sizes, durable silicone grips, and tempered glass designs that allow you to check on what you’re cooking, whenever you want. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality universal pan and pot lids available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Universal Pan and Pot Lids

 #1  Modern Innovations Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: This excellent all-steel design is easy to clean and will last for years with no plastic parts to wear down. It’s a great pick for modern chefs who want the best for busy kitchens.

  • Larger model fit pans for big families
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Some users may prefer silicone parts

A universal lid does a lot of work, which means getting a durable model is important. This Modern Innovations lid is one of the most durable we reviewed, with a high-grade stainless steel outer rim and a tempered glass inner circle for taking a look at the food you’re cooking. It’s a design that’s meant to last for as long as possible, and the 12-inch diameter fits a wide variety of pans or pots.

All in all, this silicone-free design can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s dishwasher compatible for easy cleaning. Note the traditional handle may get a little hot, and as with all our lid picks, it’s important to keep the steam vent hole clean before and during use. For the rest of your cookware, you might also be interested in our review of the best divided frying pan.

 #2  Ecolution Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: The excellent safe grip handle is one of our favorite designs, and the high-quality silicone keeps this model from overheating. It’s a great choice for frequent use!

  • High-quality graduated edge
  • Thick silicone is safer than metal
  • Handle grip designed to resist heat
  • A bit smaller than other models
  • May not excel on gas stoves

For those who prefer silicone lids, this Ecolution lid is easily our favorite. It fits up to 8-inch diameter pots and pans, with a sturdy glass interior and heat-resistant silicone edge. That thick silicone layer is less likely to damage your pans or counters when dropped. To avoid that you can check out the best trivet mats.

We also love the handle, which resists heat and has the best grip we’ve seen on a universal lid, making it effortless to move around. However, we do want to point out that the silicone edges may not do as well on gas stoves, as the open gas flames can eventually burn the silicone, especially when the lid is used on a smaller pan (this is true of all silicone edges). If you’d rather go with stainless steel, take a look at the best stainless steel cookware.

 #3  Bezrat Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: This oversized model is made to fit larger kitchenware, up to 12.5” in diameter, with a microwave and dishwasher-safe design and a steam vent that excels at safely removing heat.

  • Best for busy kitchens
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Silicone steam vent does a great job at reducing heat
  • A smaller, less effective handle

Looking for an extra-large lid for your biggest pots? This Bezrat lid clocks in with a 12.5-inch diameter, which should be large enough for all but the most specialized pots (deep fryers, woks, and steamer pots may all be exceptions). It will even work on most Instant Pots, upping its use considerably.

The entirely metal-free design also means that this 12.5-inch frying pan lid is particularly well-suited for microwave cooking, so it’s nice to have this option. The durable silicon knob is serviceable, and the silicone-protected steam vent is well-designed for stove cooking projects. While you’re here, you might also be interested in our guide to the best non stick pan.

 #4  Alpha 60005 Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a shape designed for easy wiping, this model can be cleaned in no time. It’s a great fit for a tidy kitchen and features a dishwasher safe design.

  • Great airtight fit
  • Multiple size options to pick from
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Metal steam vent, so cannot be placed in the microwave

The simple design of this Alpha lid means that it’s especially easy to clean and can handle whatever cleaning method you prefer, including the dishwasher. The metal steam vent ring does mean it is not designed for microwave use, however. The multifunction lid can fit up to 11-inch pots and pans, although as with some lids there is an option to purchase a larger model if that fits your kitchen.

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Overall, the quality on the simple lid is very noticeable. The tempered glass and graduated silicone lip are well-made, durable, and designed to create as airtight a seal as possible no matter what size of kitchenware you are working with. This lid is so universal, it will quickly become an essential part of your best cookware.

 #5  Wish Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: The tempered materials used for this model are made to last even in tough cooking environments. The handle is also specially designed for thorough cleaning.

  • Can withstand ultra-high temperatures
  • BPA-free
  • Detachable handle for easy cleaning
  • Not suitable for microwaves

This Wish lid is specifically designed to be as durable as possible: It’s made with stainless steel and tempered glass that can withstand up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit while still giving you a glass panel to examine food. The extra-large 12.5-inch design also makes it easy to fit any pot in your kitchen.

We also want to mention the unique knob design, the only silicone part of the lid, which is made to be detachable. That allows you to take the knob off and clean more thoroughly so you can make sure every spec of food is gone when you are finished. If you want to complete your collection of pots and pans, check out our guide to the best cast iron skillet too.

 #6  Eexcel-leader Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: This affordable model is a great pick for busy kitchens and tighter budgets without sacrificing on quality, with a dishwasher safe design and availability in multiple size options.

  • Great fit for kitchens of all sizes
  • Multiple size options
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Not microwave compatible

If you’re looking for a more affordable lid – or two – then this Eexcel version will provide all the pot/pan protection you need without being too hard on your wallet. It’s designed with durable glass and a high-quality silicone outer ring that has no problem withstanding the heat involved in serious cooking tasks.

We also really like that this lid is available in three different sizes, in case you want to upgrade to a lid for larger pots or choose a smaller version for sauces, etc. It has one of the widest ranges of sizes in our list. For when you need to quickly pan-fry, you can’t go wrong with our guide to the best cookware.

 #7  RSVP International Universal Pan and Pot Lid


WHY WE LIKE IT: In addition to the excellent and durable metal design, this lid comes with a large steam vent for the purposes of creating custom steam-based recipes.

  • Long-lasting all-metal design
  • Oven safe to 425 degrees
  • A broad range of size options
  • No silicone models available
  • All metal design cannot be placed in a microwave

Overall, this lid has the high-quality options we like to see, including tempered glass and durable stainless steel to deal with temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes in multiple sizes, supporting pots from a particularly small 5.5 inches to a large 12.5 inches depending on what range you want. However, it also has a unique option to switch to a “steam vent” style that switches out the glass frame for a metallic steam vent that’s more suitable for high-steam cooking.

In addition to this specialty, note that the all-metal design is dishwasher safe but you won’t be able to use it in the microwave. The traditional handle design also makes it a little easier to be burned so remember to take precautions.

How We Decided

We chose only the highest quality lids for pots and pans. That meant looking for the best materials, including tempered glass, silicone specifically designed to withstand high heat, and durable stainless steel. While our top picks have varying designs, they all have these key materials in common.

We also favored larger lids. While these universal lids are available in many different sizes, larger pot lids are generally better because you can easily use them on both large and small pots, making them more versatile. So we tended to pick lids that were 12-inches in diameter and ready for work in almost every kitchen, no matter what sort of pans you may have.

We also awarded more points to lids that have extra, useful features. That includes graduated rims that make it easier for the lid to fit a variety of pots and durable handles with great grips that allow you to quickly adjust and move them without worrying about burns.

Best Universal Pan and Pot Lids Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size
    Always pay attention to a lid’s diameter. You will want to get a lid that’s as large or larger than your biggest pots and pans so you know that it will work with everything. Generally, the lid will be rated for a certain number of pan sizes, but it’s always important to look for the full diameter measurement before you buy.
  2. Seal
    Is it important that your lid seals well for moist heat cooking and other projects? Then look for well-design rims that will work for you. Ideally, the rim should be made of durable materials like silicone that won’t have any problem sealing your pan. The best options are also “graduated” which means the lip of the lid has a gradual incline, which makes it easier to seal off pots and pans of a variety of sizes.
  3. Handle
    A good handle makes it easier to place and remove the lid effortlessly. A good handle should be durable, have a well-designed grip, and should be easy to use with one hand. Our top picks for the best universal pan and pot lids have a variety of handles depending on your preference. Take a look at the current lids in your kitchen, and think about what handles you prefer.
  4. Durability
    You want your lid to last! Look for lids that have tempered glass, stainless steel, and high-quality silicone so you know that they are ready to help you out for years. Silicone rims in particular are nice if you accidentally drop your lid while working. Materials that are free from BPA are an added bonus.

Universal Pan and Pot Lids FAQs

How Do You Measure A Pan for a Lid?

With measuring tape (you can use a ruler, too)! Just place the pot down on your counter and measure directly across from rim to rim to get the diameter. You can use this diameter measurement when shopping for a lid. If your pot or pan has an especially thick rim, it’s a good idea to measure from the inside and the outside to see how different the diameter is.

Does a Frying Pan Need a Lid?

That depends entirely on what you are using it for, but generally speaking, it does not. A frying pan has sloping sides that are designed for easy spatula work and tossing ingredients (eggs, pancakes, etc.). However, a saute pan has steeper, straight sides and almost always comes with a lid for various moist heat cooking methods. But sometimes, a busy chef might use a lid on a frying pan for a specific task, although it’s not common.

Can You Put Silicone Lids In the Oven?

Generally speaking, yes. Well-made silicone products can withstand temperatures beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them suitable for more oven cooking projects. However, it’s not smart to test this with cheap silicone or product materials you don’t know a lot about.

What Can I Use Instead of a Pan Lid?

If you don’t currently have a lid handy, you can use a basic kitchen tool like a baking sheet that can rest over the pan while you work. However, we don’t suggest using a cutting board, since the heat and moisture may damage the board. Stick to metal or glass objects.

Who are the best universal pan and pot lid manufacturers?

Our list includes many renowned manufacturers of universal pan and pot lids, including Wish and Modern Innovations. Other high-quality products that nearly made our cut include the Zwilling Universal Lid, the Tramontina Universal Lid, and the Onelid Universal Pot Lid.
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