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Best Robotic Window Cleaners

Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:55 PM
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The best robotic window cleaner we found was the Mamibot W120-T. This small, yet efficient, robot uses suction technology to attach to your window, while microfiber pads scrub the surface for a deep clean. An included safety rope attachment helps ensure that your robot never takes a tumble to the ground, and a smart artificial intelligence feature helps to scrub your windows quickly.

To find the best robotic window cleaner on the market, we began by examining the features that will determine each cleaning device’s effectiveness, including the robot’s overall cleaning ability, failsafe features, machine intelligence, and ease of use. Depending on the types of windows in your home or office, each robot’s cleaning ability and machine intelligence will play a significant role in overall efficiency. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you keep your cleaner protected if the power goes out or slips off your window; that is why failsafe features are critical. Keep reading to learn more about the Mamibot W120-T and other robotic vacuum options.

Top 4 Best Robotic Window Cleaner

 #1  Mamibot W120-T Robotic Window Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: This window cleaner can be easily operated in one of three ways — via a smartphone app, one-touch button, or included remote control. Thanks to the square design of the unit, it’s able to cover up to 99% of window surfaces.

  • Can control via smartphone or one touch button
  • Square shape covers 99% of surfaces
  • Built-in battery for power failures
  • Performance depends on cleaning solution

The Mamibot W120-T is here to clean your windows any way you want. Thanks to its multi-cleaning operation, you can initiate a window cleaning using the included smartphone app, one-touch button, or the included remote control. Once you get going, the square shape of the pad can cover 99% of glass surfaces.

Multiple safety features are included to keep your robot on track as it is working on your glass windows. These include anti-falling sensors, a strong safety rope, and a built-in UPS battery that can take over for 20 minutes in the event of a complete power failure. That is also useful if you’re cleaning a window far from where the power cord can reach. The anti-falling sensors enable this unit to work well, even on frameless windows. We did find that the performance of the W120-T varies depending on your cleaning solution, so be sure to select a quality option for a streak-free result. All in all, this is one of the best robotic window cleaners there is.

 #2  Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro Robotic Window Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: This robotic window cleaner from Ecovacs is sure to keep your glass clean thanks to its three cleaning modes. The included backup battery can even last over 30 minutes in a power failure.

  • Thorough cleaning with three modes
  • Advanced edge-detection technology
  • Comparatively expensive option

This intelligent robotic windows cleaner from Ecovacs features three cleaning modes to ensure your glass windows feature a sparkly finish. As the robot passes a spot on your glass window, the machine first wipes it and then squeegees it, then repeats the process. As it works, the system determines a smart, systematic pattern for cleaning the glass surface. All this can be done with the included remote control using the directional buttons easily or with a smartphone.

You won’t need to worry about the machine falling off as the Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro features advanced edge-detection technology and can be powered by a 30-minute battery in the event of a sudden power failure. Edge-detection technology means this unit doesn’t fall off even when used on a frameless window, although the robot does have a safety cord. Overall, this is a great robotic window cleaning option from Ecovacs, but we wish that the Winbot automatic window cleaner was a tad more affordable. For the price, it would almost be better to get the best robot vacuum for your carpet instead. If this doesn’t do the trick, tackle big stains with the best carpet cleaner.

 #3  Wexbi Window Cleaning Robot


WHY WE LIKE IT: This robotic window cleaner helps you get started on the right path; it includes a safety tether, a bottle of cleaning solution, and an edge brush. The unit also works fast, cleaning one square meter in 3-minutes.

  • Also excels with bathroom walls
  • Returns to origin when finished
  • Quiet operation
  • User manual needs is somewhat confusing

This window cleaning robot from Wexbi is one of the fastest options that we’ve seen, able to clean up to a square meter in only 3-minutes; additionally, it is quite quiet when in use. Once the robot has finished cleaning your window, it returns to its original start position, making it easy for you to retrieve the unit.

Wexbi states that the robot can also be used to clean bathroom walls, and it has no trouble with tables, glass windows, floors, and kitchen counters. All the intelligent cleaning features and safety features are included, such as edge detection and a backup battery. The user manual of this automatic window cleaner could be improved, however, as it can be challenging to follow at times. With your home looking fresh, you’ll want to use the best car vacuum to keep your car looking fresh too.

Note: Other robotic cleaners worth mentioning that we have not listed here include the Hobot 388 dual wheel robotic cleaner. This Hobot is an upgrade on the Hobot 198 and comes complete with an onboard water tank, and it can be used with the HOBOT washing fluid. The Hobot sprays the water and detergent on the window automatically, and washes clean. There’s also the Alfawise S60 window cleaner robot, which is a smart magnetic unit for indoor and outdoor high windows. This window cleaner robot has built-in AI technology to sense frames, a 4m extension cord, and a professional climbing rope. It is also remote and app controlled.

 #4  Gladwell Gecko Robotic Window Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: This company produces a robotic window cleaning solution that sticks to your window with suction technology and uses microfiber pads for an efficient deep-scrub. Smart artificial intelligence makes for an efficient, quick, clean.

  • Highly effective microfiber pads
  • Quick, intelligent cleaning modes
  • Features automatic & manual control
  • May leave behind circular patterns

Gladwell produces our top pick for the best robotic window cleaner, the Gecko; this small device can achieve a deep window clean thanks to its washable microfiber pads. The company’s clean technology uses artificial intelligence to select the best method of glass window cleaning while detecting your window edges quickly.

In addition to automatic cleaning mode, you can take control of the Gecko using the included remote — a great way to hit those extra-tough spots. If the machine loses power, it can catch itself thanks to an included safety rope. We love the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner, but some cleaning solutions may leave behind circular patterns on the glass due to its circle pads. However, its washable microfibre cleaning pads do a thorough scrubbing, leaving your windows sparkling clean. The only downside with this is the power cord is not too long for large windows.

How We Decided

To select the best robotic window cleaners on the market, we began by establishing critical factors that add up to a great unit; these include each robot’s overall cleaning ability, machine intelligence, failsafe features, and ease of use. Once we had a list of factors, we set minimum criteria, so only the best options would find their way onto our list. Buy with confidence, as we’ve researched to find you the best robotic window cleaning solution.

When it comes to each unit’s cleaning ability, we made sure the cleaning pads included were sufficiently soft, and the unit had both a way to wipe and dry your window surfaces. Additionally, we selected robots that do a great job of covering the entire pane of glass. For machine intelligence, we ensured that each unit features intelligent window cleaning patterns and efficient edge detectors to know when a window has come to an end.

Safety is an integral part of each robot, so we paid close attention to each robot’s failsafe features, ensuring that all can use a leash in the event the robot was to slip. Additionally, all of our picks feature back-up batteries to keep the robot affixed in the event of a power failure. Lastly, for ease of use, we selected robots that all feature a one-touch operating mode, but can also be controlled via a remote and, in some cases, a smartphone app.

Best Robotic Window Cleaner


  1. Cleaning Ability: When selecting a window robot cleaner, consider how it accomplishes the task.
    • Finding the ideal choice with the right noise level is an important factor. Advanced models may have features that reduce sound, making them an ideal choice for busy environments. Additionally, it may be impossible to adjust the noise level on less expensive models.
    • We recommend choosing a solution that includes a squeegee or other method of drying the window as it operates. In fact, using a dedicated window vac is much safer than attempting to vacuum windows using a regular vacuum cleaner.
    • Additionally, select a square bot for rectangular windows and an oval bot for more circular windows to get the best cleaning experience.
    • These bots use a powerful vacuum for strong suction power to cling onto the entire window, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of the windows with ease. Such power will help keep your home looking pristine with robot technology that gives you clean windows every time.
  2. Machine Intelligence: Check to ensure that the advanced window-cleaning robot you have your eye on is smart enough to get the job done.
    • Any machine you select should include intuitive cleaning technology, like edge detectors, so that the unit knows when it has reached the end of the window. In this regard, a window washing robot is an excellent choice as it will guarantee spotless windows every time.
    • Some robotic options may offer advanced options, including the ability to select from a list of pre-programmed patterns. For example, some smart devices can be used to clean dirty windows with an automatic window washer.
  3. Failsafe Features: Don’t allow your new investment to plummet to the ground in the event of failure.
    • Ensure that the robot you select features a leash attached to the window; this will catch the robot if it slips. Additionally, look for robots that are made specifically for larger windows, since these will require more manual cleaning than those with smaller frames. Lastly, be sure to check the surface of the window; smooth surfaces tend to make robotic cleaning easier.
    • Additionally, many units have advanced features, like UPS battery units to keep the robot suctioned to the surface, even in the event of a power failure.
    • This emergency battery provides a couple of minutes of backup power so that the window cleaner can finish its task and return to its base, extending the average battery life. Battery-powered window cleaners are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and reliability.
  4. Ease of Use: Robotic window cleaners should be easy-to-use gadgets, and most will feature a one-touch button for cleaning. To make your life even more comfortable, you can select an option that allows connectivity with your smartphone for direct control of your robot window cleaner. Choosing a unit with washable pads will also keep you from needing to replace them continually.

Best Robotic Window Cleaners Questions (FAQ)

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