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Updated: Feb 6, 2024 10:24 AM
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Based on our research, the best car vacuum is the ThisWorx Car Vacuum; it is a high-powered option for your vehicle with an 8.8-amp powerful motor and metal turbine design. The included cord is up to 16-feet long and plugs directly into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter port — you won’t struggle to reach the mess with this vacuum. ThisWorx also includes a healthy collection of accessories, including a flathead hose, extension tube, and brush attachment. If you’re ready for more great product recommendations, then visit our top-rated vacuum cleaner guide.

To find the best car vacuum for keeping your car clean, we began by examining the most crucial factors, including each vacuum’s suction power, dust bin capacity, included accessories, and convenience. Depending on your vehicle, you may merely desire a vacuum with lots of suction power, on the other hand, you may prefer an option with an extra-large dust bin for your truck or SUV. To easily navigate around your vehicle, you’ll probably be interested in cordless vacuums at a compact size, or there’s always a corded car vacuum if the price of a cordless model is out of the question. A vacuum’s included accessories can also help you grab every last crumb and bit of first. No matter your needs, we have the best car vacuum for you. And after vacuuming your car, you find the need to vacuum your garage as well, check out our list of great shop vacs too.

Top 7 Best Car Vacuum

 #1  ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: This automotive vacuum cleaner is all you’ll ever need for your vehicle, thanks to its strong 8.8-amp motor, which fit into a lightweight 2.4-lbs design. ThisWorx has even included an extra-long 16-foot power cord, for added convenience.

  • Metal turbine for increased suction and performance
  • Includes easy-carry storage bag
  • Extra-long 16-foot power cord
  • Struggles with pet hair & grass

If you’re searching for a car vacuum to keep your vehicle in tidy order, ThisWorx offers an excellent solution. Built with a metal turbine and 106W motor, the Car Vacuum has enough suction power to pick up pesky bits of crumbs and dust off your vehicle floor for a deep cleaning. The extra-long 16-foot power cord means that the vacuum can help out, reaching the entirety of your vehicle, even if you own a large SUV or truck. And in case you also want to keep your floor tiles spotlessly clean, check out the best vacuums for tile floors.

The Car Vacuum from ThisWorx also includes a collection of cleaning accessories, including a flathead hose, extension tube, and brush head; all of this can be stored inside the included easy-carry storage bag. The only thing to note is that the unit struggles with some trickier materials, such as pet hair and grass. While you’re cleaning your car, you might also want the best natural car air freshener and a bottle of the leading carpet cleaner solutions.

 #2  Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: With its fiery red exterior, this car vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil isn’t just eye-catching, it’s powerful thanks to a 7-amp motor. The QuickFlip crevice tool lets you get into tight spots without fiddling with accessories.

  • Integrated QuickFlip crevice tool
  • Quick-release 16-foot power cord
  • Requires no storage bag or case
  • Lack of accessory attachments

Dirt Devil has been making products to keep our lives cleaner for over 100-years, and we can see why with the Scorpion Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner with nearly half a liter of dust bin capacity and a powerful 7-amp motor. We especially love the integrated QuickFlip crevice tool for getting in between your seat cushions or in other tight spaces in your vehicle. And, if you also need to clean your car’s interior and upholstery, take a quick look at the best carpet cleaner detergent.

The unit also includes a quick-release 16-foot power cord, so that you can keep the vacuum tidy when not in use, and then access every part of your car with ease when it’s time to clean. Due to the tools being mostly integrated, you don’t even need to store the unit in a separate carrying case. We do wish it included more accessories, such as a brush. You can also keep your car clean from trash with the best car garbage can.

 #3  Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Car Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tiny cleaning machine from Bissell gets the job done, managing to store up to .78-liters of dirt, despite weighing only 5-pounds. The included rubber nozzle also makes removing dirt and pet hair a breeze. But to get really deep into the carpet, you’ll want one of the top-rated vacuum cleaners for carpets.

  • Rubber nozzle for pet hair & dirt
  • Easy to clean bagless design
  • Includes long reaching hose
  • Strong vent can blow debris

Bissell provides a robust car vacuum cleaning solution that weighs in at only five pounds while sporting a compact body design. What we love most about this unit is the included rubber nozzle, which works like a dream to remove pet hair & dirt from upholstery; a test other vacuums commonly struggle with, including some of the leading vacuums for stairs. But that’s up for debate.

The easy-to-clean bagless design means you don’t need to fuss about when it comes to clean-up time; open the bin and dump your .78-liters of collected dirt into a trash can. The included accessory hose is also quite long, almost like you’ve attached an extension hose to the original, making it an excellent option for spots that are generally in hard-to-reach areas. However, we didn’t like that the strong fan vents can blow debris about the space you are cleaning. If you struggle to keep your car clean from your kid’s daily path of destruction, protect your vehicle with the best car seat protector.

 #4  Black+Decker Dustbuster Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum


WHY WE LIKE IT: You don’t need to feel tied down with this Black+Decker option, as it trades in an old-fashioned cord for a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 18-months in standby. It also features a 4-hour fast charging base.

  • Charges in only 4-hours
  • Standby time up to 18-months
  • Easily washable dirt bowl
  • Non-replaceable battery

This Black+Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum makes a great addition to any vehicle, providing reliable suction power from a 15.2-amp motor. Wires won’t limit you; simply charge this unit in your home via the included 4-hour fast charging base and bring it out to the car when needed; it can even last up to 18-months in standby mode.

The vacuum can store up to 20.6-ounces of dirt and debris, and cleanup is easy as the attached dirt bowl can be washed under your sink faucet without worry. The one aspect we didn’t love about the unit is the non-replaceable battery, so when the machine no longer holds a charge, you’ll need to grab another vacuum. If you like a nice smalling car, you might want to grab the best car diffuser too.

 #5  Bissell AutoMate Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: This car vacuum from Bissell features the freedom of a wireless battery, while sporting excellent performance, thanks to the triple-level filtration system. It even includes a variety of attachments built to clean car surfaces.

  • Multiple crevice tools for vehicle seats
  • LED lights for illuminating dark spaces
  • Motorized brush tool for removing dirt
  • Battery only lasts about 15-minutes

Bissell also offers a cordless handheld car vacuum cleaner with the AutoMate. Designed specifically for use in cars and trucks, this vacuum excels with reaching tight and out-of-the-way spaces.. The multiple crevice tools help to reach between seat cushions, removing dirt you didn’t think was possible.

If you can’t see into the dark nooks and crannies you are cleaning, it’s no problem; the AutoMate features built-in LED lights to help illuminate the darkness. Bissell also includes a motorized brush tool that works great when removing embedded dirt and tricky pet hair; this helps to make it both the best car vacuum for pet hair and the best vacuum for car detailing. The only downside is that the battery life is 15-minutes on a charge — we would have preferred around 30 minutes for cleaning, or even longer. If you still need to organize your trunk after you’re done with your car, take a look at the best trunk organizer to finish the job.

 #6  DEWALT 18/20V Max Car Vacuum


WHY WE LIKE IT: Not all car messes are easy, but DEWALT is here to help with a vacuum that can clean both wet and dry surfaces. The unit even includes a durable 5-ft heavy-duty hose with crush resistance.

  • HEPA filter traps 99% of particles
  • 5-ft durable, crush-resistant hose
  • Able to clean both wet & dry debris
  • Additional purchases need for cordless

For the worst car messes, the DEWALT 18.20V Max Car Vacuum is here to help with its heavy-duty design that can clean both wet and dry debris. You won’t need to worry about the dirt bin, as the included 2-gallon tank allows you to work for extended periods. The included HEPA filter also helps to trap 99% of particles.

If you’re worried about damage, this vacuum also includes a long 5-foot hose that the company totes as crush-resistant. The DEWALT 18/20V Max can be operated with a standard AC outlet, so keep that in mind for usage in your vehicle, or you can go cordless with an 18V or 20V Max battery – but you will need to purchase these cordless options separately.

 #7  Stanley 3-Gallon Wet Dry Car Vacuum


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you have large messes to clean up in your vehicle, you’ll want this vacuum from Stanley by your side with its 3-gallon tank. Additionally, the 3 crevice nozzles make cleaning up wet or dry debris easy.

  • Includes mulit piece crevice nozzle kit
  • Extra-large 3-gallon tank size
  • Includes a reusable dust filter
  • Large & bulky to carry

The Stanley 3-Gallon Wet Dry Car vacuum is perfect for anyone who has large messes to clean up and needs it done fast. The Stanley includes a 3-piece crevice nozzle kit for getting into the most challenging spaces, while also sporting an extra-large 3-gallon tank size, so you can keep cleaning without taking a break.

Stanley also provides a reusable dust filter with the vacuum, so that you don’t always need to buy new filters, especially after a long cleaning session. Once you are ready, wash the dust filter under running water and let it air dry. The only downside to this unit is that it’s a bit large & bulky, so you won’t want to carry it for extended periods.

How We Decided

To find the best car vacuum cleaners on the market, we began by establishing a list of critical aspects that denote a functional and reliable product. For each vacuum, we examined each machine’s suction power, dust and dirt bin capacity, included accessories, and overall convenience. Next, we crafted a set of minimum criteria to ensure that no matter which option you select on this list, you’ll end with a well-cleaned car or truck.

For suction power, we took a look at the motor included on all of our selected units; to ensure the machine can handle any debris you throw at it, the minimum motor amperage we allowed is 7-amps. When it comes to dust bin capacity, you shouldn’t continually run to the trash bin, so we ensure that each unit includes a dust tank or storage area of at least half a liter, with options up to 3-gallons.

Included accessories help to make a vacuum cleaner more useful, so our selection all include the basics, such as an extendable flexible hose and crevice attachment. Many of our choices go the extra mile, providing multiple additional tools to help you battle even the most hardened debris. Lastly, for overall convenience, we made sure that no option weighs more than 10-pounds, and all selections feature convenient bagless designs that are easy to empty. We also looked at a mix of both cordless car vacuums  and corded vacuum models with extension cord or extendable hose features.

Best Car Vacuum Buyer’s Guide


  1. Suction Power: Finding a vacuum cleaner with the proper power to clean messes is the most critical factor. In our research, we found that portable vacuums worked well, even down to 7-amps. If you need something more intensive with powerful suction, consider options that rate their performance in horsepower — with these standards, three horsepower is quite healthy.
  2. Dust Bin Capacity: Don’t opt for a dust-bin less than half a liter, or you’ll find yourself running out of space quickly, making frequent trips to your nearest trash bin. For large jobs, consider an option with at least a 3-gallon tank capacity. The time that you’re not emptying your container is more time to complete your cleaning.
  3. Included Accessories: To help clean up messes, you’ll want to ensure that you vacuum cleaner of choice features, at minimum, an extendable hose, and a crevice cleaner. Other great options that can improve your experience include motorized brush tools and brushes — these options are great for removing dirt and pet hair.
  4. Convenience: For cleaning a car, we would stick with a lightweight option for convenience; an upper-end of 10-lbs is recommended. Additionally, forgo the need to buy new debris bags regularly by purchasing a model with a bagless design; this will help to save money over the life of the car vacuum. Although, you’ll want to know how to buy a vacuum. So, take your time and read plenty of reviews before you make a purchase

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