7 Best Wet Dry Bags for Parents

Updated: Jan 27, 2024 1:47 PM
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We believe that the best wet dry bag for parents is the Skip Hop Waterproof Wet Dry Bag. We like that this option was truly waterproof with a large wet compartment that can hold up to 10 wet cloth diapers. Meanwhile, it was machine washable and featured a snap strap to secure it inside of a diaper bag or to a stroller. You need the best bags if you want to keep your baby’s dirty diapers and clothes separate.

To determine the best wet dry bags for parents, we looked at the following core factors: waterproofing, compartments, straps, size, design, and maintenance. We know that these bags are specifically used for storing soiled cloth diapers so a good waterproof lining is essential. Likewise, you’re going to want a diaper wet bag that’s large enough to store multiple diapers simultaneously, with a design that reflects your or your baby’s personality. Keep reading to learn more about our criteria as well as to shop from our recommendations.

Top 7 Best Wet Dry Bags for Parents

 #1  Skip Hop Waterproof Wet Dry Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: Skip Hop is a trusted brand that is known for creating quality baby gear, with one of the best wet dry bag options that’s waterproof and large enough to store up to 10 cloth diapers.

  • Comes with a mesh outer pocket perfect for storing diaper change essentials
  • Waterproof with a large design that can hold up to 10 cloth diapers
  • Machine washable, and comes with a snap-close strap
  • Only one completely enclosed compartment

If you’ve just started your search for stocking up on baby gear, Skip Hop is a brand that’s going to become familiar very quickly. This brand is best known for creating durable clothes, gear, and bags that can stand up to anything you or your baby throws its way. And this is why we made it our Top Pick for the best wet dry bag. This is one of the larger wet dry bags, measuring 12 inches long and 15 inches wide with the ability to hold up to 10 cloth diapers.

Also, this is a waterproof bag with a PEVA lining to keep leaks and smells contained. You’ll appreciate that the internal compartment is designed for soiled diapers while the external mesh zippered pocket is reserved for dry items or those diaper changing essentials like wipes and diaper ointment. Note that this bag is machine washable although air drying is recommended to prevent damaging the lining.

 #2  Teamoy Travel Hanging Wet Dry Bag Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large wet/dry bag that’s water-resistant with a zippered closure to prevent leaks or stinky odors from escaping and featuring handles that snap together for ease-of-use.

  • Comes with handles that snap together
  • Large 24.7” x 18” dimensions for a variety of uses
  • Zippered closure that contains odors
  • Water-resistant but not waterproof

If you’re going to be spending a long period away from home with your baby, then this large wet/dry bag is the right choice for you. We’ve nominated the Teamoy selection as our Honorable Mention because it’s the largest bag from our research, measuring 24.7 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

We like that this pick has two zippered compartments so you can easily keep wet and dry items separated. The nice top handle snaps together and can be used as a hanging laundry bag if you’re on vacation. Or simply hang it on a doorknob while changing diapers so you can quickly toss the soiled ones in the lined compartment. However, keep in mind that this pick is not waterproof but water-resistant. So, while you can store damp items in the wet compartment, it’s not suitable for anything that’s dripping wet.

 #3  Babygoal Wet Dry Bags


WHY WE LIKE IT: A smart three-pack of wet/dry bags for your baby that are waterproof with two zipper closures to keep clean and dirty items separate.

  • Lightweight design that can hold a large quantity of items
  • Two zip closures to keep clean and dirty diapers separate
  • 3-pack set of medium-sized bags
  • Water-resistant instead of waterproof

We’re big fans of baby gear that comes in sets because you go through a lot of items when your children are small, so having extras is always a plus. This pick from Babygoal is great because it’s a three-piece set of medium wet/dry bags for your baby. Each bag is medium-sized, measuring 11.8 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

Each of these bags weighs less than 0.15 pounds and is designed to be easily folded up and stored in a diaper bag when not in use. Each bag can also hold up to seven cloth diapers and features a water-resistant compartment to store soiled diapers or damp items. You’ll also like that it is machine washable and also features a zipped dry compartment. Plus the looped handle makes carrying these bags conveniently.

 #4  Alvababy 2pcs Waterproof Wet Dry Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: The perfect wet/dry bag for swimming thanks to the waterproof protection and the medium size with two zippered pockets to store wet swim clothes as well as soiled cloth diapers.

  • Features side handle for easy carrying
  • Waterproof polyester lining
  • Medium size 11.5” x 14” to store up to 7 cloth diapers
  • Heavily soiled diapers may cause leakage

When you’re having a day at the beach or the pool, you’re not going to want to stay in your damp clothes all day. We like the Alvababy pick because we think it’s the perfect wet/dry bag for swimming or any other activities that’ll have you splashing in the water. This two-pack set of bags is medium-sized, measuring 11.5 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

The colorful print bags all come with two zippered compartments with a wet section designed with a waterproof polyester lining for soiled or damp items. However, we did note through our research that this bag is water-resistant as opposed to truly waterproof. A common issue we found was that heavily soiled diapers that were dripping wet can cause leakage. Still, this is another machine washable option for easy cleanup.

 #5  Damero 3pcs Travel Wet Dry Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: A high-quality three-piece wet dry bag set that gives you a small, medium, and large size so you always have the right size for whatever the day brings.

  • Comes in geometric prints that make this usable beyond the baby stage
  • 3 piece set with small, medium, and large bags
  • Machine washable and made with handles for easy use
  • Water-resistant instead of waterproof

A common issue we see with many wet dry bag options is that often if it’s a multi-piece set you only get one specific size for all of the pieces. So, there’s a good chance that the day will come where you need a smaller or larger bag, but the set you picked doesn’t accommodate that issue. So, we nominated the Damero three-piece wet dry bag as our Best Quality because it fixes this problem. With this set, you get a small, medium, and large bag.

The small bag measures 11.5 inches wide by 9 inches tall, the medium is 11.8 inches wide by 14 inches wide, and the large bag is 13.3 inches wide by 16.8 inches tall. While this pick isn’t waterproof, we do like that the medium and large bags feature two zippered closures — one for wet and another for dry items. And all three bags are machine washable and come with a sturdy handle for easier transport.

 #6  Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy wet dry bag that’s made from polyurethane laminate that’s anti-microbial to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi.

  • Antimicrobial polyurethane laminate lining to prevent growth of bacteria or fungi
  • Medium-sized bag that can hold up to 9 cloth diapers
  • Snap handle and machine washable construction
  • Can take a long time to dry after machine washing

The Planet Wise wet/dry bag is considered one of the most durable options on the market today. This particular option is for a medium-sized bag that measures 12.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches tall. As is relatively common, you’ll get two separate compartments to keep your wet and dry belongings separate.

However, what sets Planet Wise apart is the fact that these wet-dry bags for parents feature a wet compartment with a polyurethane laminate lining that’s naturally antimicrobial. This means that it’s preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi — two major contributors to odors. The Planet Wise bag can hold up to 9 cloth diapers and is also machine washable. Although an issue we found was that because of its double layer construction, the air-drying process can be longer than expected.

 #7  Hi Sprout Grab and Go Wet Dry Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: A medium-sized and budget-friendly wet dry bag in a wide range of colorful prints and colors with a snap handle, with two separate compartments for your wet and dry items.

  • Available in 17 colorful designs
  • Waterproof medium-sized bag that measures 11.8” wide by 13.8” tall
  • Machine washable with a snap handle for easy carrying
  • Only one bag instead of a multi-piece set

If you’re looking for an affordable and reusable solution for storing those soiled cloth diapers, our Best on a Budget selection is the way to go. Hi Sprout’s wet dry bag is available in 17 colorful designs and solid hues with some options that are available in multi-piece sets.

As is common, you’ll get two zippered compartments that are designed to keep your wet and dry items separate. This medium-sized bag measures 11.8 inches wide and 13.8 measures tall. You’ll also get the snap handle which is perfect for securing the wet-dry bag to a stroller, or inside a diaper bag. The Hi Sprout wet dry bag is also a great machine washable option.

How We Decided

If you’re thinking about using cloth diapers, then a wet-dry bag is an essential item. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — waterproofing, compartments, straps, size, design, and maintenance. All of the recommendations we highlighted come with two compartments to keep dry and wet items separate. However, only one of those selections featured a dry mesh zippered compartment as opposed to a fully covered dry pouch.

Waterproofing is a key feature for a wet-dry bag since its primary purpose is to keep wet items from soiling or ruining other things. In our guide, four of our picks were waterproof while the remainder were water-resistant. But it’s important to note that if you’re placing dripping wet items in a wet-dry bag and plan on storing them in that bag for extended periods, there’s always a risk of leakage.

All of our recommendations also came with straps, which makes handling or securing these bags easier. Some offered snap straps, which is convenient as well. And in terms of size, the majority of our recommendations were medium-sized options. However, we did include a few that were large wet dry bags, as well as multi-piece sets with a range of sizes included.

Design is going to be a personal choice as you may prefer to use a dry bag that matches your baby’s nursery theme, or something more understated that can be useful after your child gets older. So, we made it a point to provide a range of options that could appeal to a wider range of people. Likewise, all of the picks in our guide are machine washable but must be air dried to prevent damaging the wet compartment lining.

Best Wet Dry Bags for Parents Buyer’s Guide

Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Waterproof
    With a wet dry bag, the last thing you want is for the contents of a dirty diaper to leak through into the rest of your diaper bag or onto the seat of a car. So, always check to confirm that your wet-dry bag has a waterproof lining to prevent leaks and spills. But remember some bags are water-resistant while others are waterproof. If you’re genuinely concerned about anything leaking through, opt for bags that promote the fact that they’re waterproof.
  2. Compartments
    You don’t want to keep your clean dry cloth diapers in the same section where you’re storing the soiled ones. A good wet dry bag should have separate compartments for clean and soiled diapers. Additional external compartments for essentials like diaper ointment and wipes can keep all of the changing items in one place, ready for the next diaper blow out.
  3. Straps or Handles
    Even if you have a larger diaper bag where you’ll store your wet-dry bag, it’s nice to have a strap or handle that makes carrying it easier when you’re changing a diaper on the go. This eliminates the need for bringing your entire diaper bag into a bathroom when the wet-dry bag is all that’s necessary. If you have other bulky items to carry like your wallet, a water bottle, laptop, etc., you may want to consider one of the best messenger bags for men so you can have your own stuff but still be prepared for your baby’s needs.
  4. Size
    Even if you initially buy a wet-dry bag to store soiled cloth diapers, that doesn’t mean that it won’t have future purposes once your baby is potty trained. Picking the right size means your wet-dry bag can transition to other uses such as housing wet towels at the beach or even protecting your laptop from water damage if you’re caught outside in a rainstorm with a wet backpack.
  5. Design
    Since this type of wet-dry bag specifically falls in the baby gear category, there are countless prints and designs that you can select. If you want something that can also be used past the baby stage, opt for solids or geometric and floral prints that don’t look like they’re for a child.
  6. Maintenance
    Since wet dry bags house dirty diapers, you want a bag that can be easily wiped clean or is machine washable. However, you will most likely need to air or line dry these bags to maintain the integrity of the waterproof lining.

7 Best Wet Dry Bags for Parents Questions (FAQ)

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