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The best hydrogen peroxide has a variety of uses, from sanitizing foods to preventing infections from cuts and scrapes out on the playground. It can even be used to clean and whiten teeth. Our evaluation focused on concentration, bottle design, and application method. This is one of the bathroom essentials that is not common in most households.

After more than 14 hours of research, our top hydrogen peroxide formula goes to the Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. It offers the safest food-grade formula on our list (3%), good for sanitizing food such as plants and vegetables before consuming. Keep reading to learn more about Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and six others that met our strict grading criteria.

Top 6 Best Hydrogen Peroxide Compared

 #1  Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hydrogen peroxide offers an eco-friendly, non-toxic stabilizer and a safe 3 percent concentration. It is a great choice for anyone looking to disinfect food and food surfaces in addition to cuts and scrapes.

  • 100% safe on food
  • Does not contain GMO
  • Suitable for gray water systems
  • No flip squirt top
  • High cost
  • Could be mistaken for cosmetics bottle

This hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect all types of foods and vegetation, including fruits, plants, and vegetables. Kitchen counters, common breeding grounds for bacteria, can also be sanitized.  For pest control using the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, add 1 teaspoon per one cup of water in a spray bottle. A slim 16 oz bottle with a small dispenser makes it easy to apply over an infected area.

Thanks to its non-GMO stances, it is free of toxic stabilizers, which can cause toxicity, as well as eye and organ damage if ingested. Even when coming in contact with skin, it can be quickly rinsed with water without fear of skin lightening. We really like this assurance, especially when smaller children are involved. Health and wellness is our first priority.

 #2  Solimo Hydrogen Peroxide

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hydrogen peroxide comes with a 3% formula. It is an excellent go-to antiseptic to treat all kinds of cuts and scrapes, used as a cleansing agent to flush out harmful bacteria and seal wounds quickly.

  • Excellent laundry whitener
  • Great value
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Too diluted for some applications
  • Not ideal for food

Thanks to its safe 3% formula, it is excellent for multi-purpose use. In addition to cuts and scrapes, it can work as a mouthwash, kill mold/mildew, disinfect kitchen sponges, sanitize cutting boards, and remove discoloration from your Cheeto-orange Tupperware containers. We really love its cleaning power.

This hydrogen peroxide comes in a 32-fluid ounce bottle with simple, clean packaging, consisting of a twist cap and an easy to apply spout. Its twist cap makes it easy to use around children if tightened strongly enough. Unlike our #1 pick, Essential Oxygen, which could be mistaken for a cosmetic bottle, Solimo comes in a dark brown bottle which could act as a deterrent to curious children. We consider hydrogen peroxide to be one of several bathroom essentials as many people keep it in the medicine cabinet.

 #3  O. W. Bionics 12 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide

Award: Best Hydrogen Peroxide 12%

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hydrogen peroxide features a 12 percent concentration. It is an excellent choice to clean surfaces throughout your home or office, such as countertops and kitchen cabinets.

  • Excellent pain relief
  • No bad after taste
  • Great sterilization
  • Needs to be diluted before use
  • Poorly designed bottle

Thanks to its higher 12 percent concentration than our first two picks, this hydrogen peroxide solution works great with washing vegetables, sanitizing meat and poultry, and food surface cleaning such as sponges and cutting boards. It can also be used as an oral rinse. Note, this formula does need to be diluted before use.

This 12 percent hydrogen peroxide formula comes in a simple 16-ounce bottle with a twist cap, which makes it safe for use around children. A small hole releases the formula in drops, making it very easy to apply without overdosing. It is a good idea to keep some in the kitchen as it can help with cleaning, as can the best disinfectant spray. You may also want to keep the best plunger in your kitchen or bathroom, to unblock drains and pipes.

 #4  365 Everyday Value Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget hydrogen peroxide comes with a 3% concentration and comes in a small 16 oz. bottle. It is an excellent choice for one time sanitizing jobs or infrequent use.

  • Small bottle
  • Great value
  • Good for small medicine cabinets
  • Not good for heavier sanitizing jobs

We love the fact that this percentage 3 hydrogen peroxide formula is odorless, a welcome reprieve from the overwhelming smell of rubbing alcohol. The formula is also very easy to apply using a twisting cap. The bottle is also dark brown, which makes it instantly identifiable for smaller children to avoid.

Thanks to its small 16 oz. bottle, this hydrogen peroxide formula is best reserved for small, infrequent sanitizing jobs that only need a pinch, including the occasional first aid wound disinfection or dishwasher sponge cleaning. We recommend larger bottles for more frequent use. A small bottle is great for your best disaster first aid kit by the way, for cuts and wounds.

 #5  Member’s Mark Hydrogen Peroxide

Award: Best Hydrogen Peroxide for Wounds

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hydrogen peroxide contains a 3% concentration and comes in a two-pack. It is an excellent choice if you are a teacher or parent who regularly treats children with minor scrapes and cuts.

  • Safe 3% formula for all uses
  • Sanitizes very well
  • Great value
  • Huge pouring spout
  • Flimsy bottle
  • Hard to dispense

This hydrogen peroxide does an excellent job as a multi-purpose disinfectant, treating everything from plants, laundry, and kitchen surfaces such as countertops and cabinets. It can even remove earwax, with its safe 3% formula causing no damage to your ear canal. Consider this a household disinfectant that does not need to be diluted (unlike 12% hydrogen peroxide) to work effectively.

We love the fact it comes in a two-pack, which creates great value for larger households. Though it creates value, its flimsy bottle and large pouring spout may make it messy to apply from time to time. We prefer our #3 pick O.W. Bionics bottle of hydrogen peroxide for its drop-forming spout which makes it nearly impossible to overdose. You may want to store it near the best white vinegar since both are great for cleaning and sanitizing.  Speaking of clean, the best anti bacterial spray will also come in handy. Apart from using this product for dying your hair, you can also style your hair using the best hair wavers.

 #6  Heritage Store Hydrogen Peroxide

Award: Best Mouthwash

WHY WE LIKE IT: This food-grade hydrogen peroxide includes Coca Theobromine, as well as CoQ-10 and other minerals. It is an excellent option if you want to complement your regular tooth brushing with an intensive mouthwash regimen.

  • Brightens teeth
  • Foamy when activated
  • Another pro here
  • Lid snaps accumulate moisture
  • Spout may clog
  • High cost

Thanks to its theobromine cocoa formula, it helps strengthen your teeth’s enamel, with many studies showing that it is more effective than fluoride. It also helps prevent bacteria growth, which develops into cavities, helping you save on dental costs in the long run. Use hydrogen peroxide with salt, silica, or baking soda for brushing, to get rid of stains and supercharge teeth brightness.

This hydrogen peroxide rounds out its ingredient list with CoQ-10, probiotics, and xylitol, which help to reduce plaque and cavity-causing acids. A mint flavor also keeps your breath feeling fresh. The formula is very easy to apply using a 4 oz bottle.  This is geared more for your teeth, but if using any of these to clean surfaces, you can use them with the best cleaning cloths.

How We Decided

Choosing the best hydrogen peroxide formula could mean the difference between bacteria breeding grounds all over the house and a safe, clean, and sanitized environment.

In determining the best hydrogen peroxide to buy, we looked into concentration, food-grade, and bottle design. Formulas with a 3 percent concentration are safe for use on household floors, countertops, and other cooking surfaces. It can also be used to sanitize and prolong shelf life for fruits and vegetables or spritz up your dishwasher. Higher concentrations are better suited for more intensive cleaning jobs.

The bottle design is also very important. Bottles generally come with twist caps and a small spout. When tightened correctly, twist caps are virtually foolproof, but nonetheless, should be kept safely out of the reach of children. Small spouts help apply hydrogen peroxide as drops, which helps prevent overdosing.

Hydrogen Peroxide Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Concentration
    For food grade jobs, look for a maximum concentrate of 3 percent. This is more than enough to disinfect and sanitize all types of items, including fruits and vegetables, to extend shelf life and remove and completely get rid of pesticides. For more intensive jobs, look for a 12 percent formula you can dilute.
  2. Bottle Design
    Look for hydrogen peroxide bottles with small spouts to help apply the formula in drop-form. This helps to prevent overdosing and causing irritation to the affected area.

Hydrogen Peroxide FAQs

What are the uses of hydrogen peroxide?

There are multiple uses for hydrogen peroxide, E.g. used to prevent infections on cuts and scrapes. Besides, it is a powerful antiseptic, helping to sanitize kitchen surfaces such as countertops and oven ranges. Some versions, like 3% formulas, are also food grade, which means they can be used to clean dishwashers and rinse off fruits and vegetables before serving. This also helps to improve its shelf life.

Is hydrogen peroxide dangerous or bad for skin?

It depends on the concentration. A 3% formula is typically safe on the skin. However, 12% formulas and up require dilution. If left untreated, it can cause skin burns and eye tissue damage. Note, using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash is fine, as long as it is a 3% concentration.

How does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth?

Hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth by breaking down the stain-cause molecules collected in your teeth. The formula can be applied by gentle padding teeth with formula, gel, or by using a mouthguard that is applied directly over the teeth.

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