The best money clip you can purchase today is the Kinzd Money Clip. We thought it was the best money clip wallet because it was a combination of a billfold clip with a streamlined set of card slots. Plus the RFID blocking technology and luxe leather materials made it a stylish choice.

The best money clip should be functional and also compliment your fashion sense. To create our guide, we looked at the following features: capacity, material, style, magnetic vs. non-magnetic, and additional features. Materials will impact the longevity and durability of your money clip. But we knew that capacity and style were impacted by whether you rely more on cash or cards. So, we focused on a range of options, including whether a clip was magnetic or if it offered safety features like RFID blocking technology. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our top picks.

Top 7 Best Money Clips

 #1  Kinzd Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: The combination of RFID blocking protection and a strong magnet in a sleek leather finish that fits in your front pocket makes this the best money clip wallet.

  • Can hold up to 30 bills and includes credit card slots
  • Magnetic leather money clip
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Magnet may interfere with credit cards

These days, we all want items that pull double or even triple duty in terms of functionality and making our lives easier. We selected the Kinzd Money Clip as the best money clip wallet in our guide because it combines a wide range of functionality in one sleek clip that you won’t be embarrassed to use.

You’ll like that this clip features RFID technology to protect your sensitive banking and credit card information from hackers. But you’ll also get a strong magnet that keeps your money clip in place and gives you peace of mind. We also like that this clip features an outer card pouch for IDs, an internal fold pouch for cards, and three additional external card slots. Plus the external clip can hold up to 30 bills. However, as is a common concern with magnetic money clips, a common issue can be having your cards demagnetized if they’re stored too close to the magnet. If you prefer a more structured wallet, take a look at one of these cool wallets.

 #2  Travelambo Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: A slim money clip made from 100% leather that gives you the confidence of RFID blocking protection and plenty of storage for credit cards and cash.

  • Made from 100% genuine leather
  • Features RFID blocking technology
  • Includes 6 dedicated card slots
  • Lacks a magnetic feature

If you liked the concept of our Top Pick, but are concerned about the magnetic qualities, then we highly recommend that you check out our Honorable Mention from Travelambo. This money clip looks similar to our Top Pick but offers even more card slots. And as is fairly standard, you’ll get RFID blocking technology to protect your sensitive financial information from hackers.

You’ll like that you get six dedicated card slots, plus the billfold clip and an inner pouch for change or additional cards. More importantly, this money clip doesn’t have a magnet — meaning that you can rest assured that your cards won’t be demagnetized by accident. We also like that this clip is made from 100 percent genuine leather, and comes in 17 unique colors. If you like style in general, take a look at some of the best knife brands.

 #3  CL CarbonLife Carbon Fiber Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sleek yet simple smart money clip made from sturdy carbon fiber that’s guaranteed not to stretch or warp with use over time.

  • Durable and will not stretch or warp
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Stylish twill pattern design in 6 colors
  • Lacks RFID protection
  • No dedicated credit card slots

For some people, they prefer something simple when it comes to a money clip. We think our Best Quality pick from CL CarbonLife is the solution for the minimalist shopper. We like that this is a classic money clip design that’s made from durable carbon fiber. This means that it’s designed to last and will return to its original shape even with consistent use, and even if you’re the type who overstuffs their billfold.

You’ll like that you can choose from six colors, all of which feature that stylish twill pattern design. The only drawbacks we found with this smart money clip was that it lacked RFID protection or dedicated card slots. But if you don’t need those things, this is a great basic money clip for anyone to use. This simple clip will easily slide into your pocket next to your best pocket knife.

 #4  Gerber GDC Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: The only money clip in our guide with a multipurpose feature thanks to the included 1.7-inch knife blade with a built-in smart grip for better control.

  • Rust-proof titanium steel construction
  • Includes detachable 1.7” knife blade
  • Holds up to 5 credit cards
  • Lacks RFID protection
  • Magnet can interfere with credit cards
  • May not be airplane compliant
There’s something smart about a product that can pull double duty. We added this Gerber money clip to our recommendations because we like that it’s the only option in our guide that does more than just hold your money. This clip comes with a detachable knife blade made from stainless steel that measures 1.75 inches long. You never know when you might need to cut something like a string or a box, so having this knife can come in handy.

But aside from that useful feature, we like that this money clip can accommodate up to five credit cards. Plus it features a large engravable surface, making this a great option for birthdays, Father’s Day, or even winter holiday gifts. You’ll appreciate that this is a rust-proof option thanks to the titanium coated steel body. The only drawbacks with this option are that it lacks RFID protection and the magnetic nature of the clip can interfere with credit cards. If this knife blade isn’t enough for you, you might want to grab one of the best survival knives too.

 #5  The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: A serious money clip card holder that can hold up to 12 cards and features RFID blocking technology means this is ideal for people who rely more on credit cards than cash.

  • Durable aluminum in anodized gunmetal finish
  • Holds a lot without stretching
  • Designed with RFID blocking technology
  • Not magnetic

Some of us prefer to use plastic instead of cash. And that means that a traditional money clip might not be a great option since they’re usually designed to hold more bills than credit cards. We picked this credit card focused money clip from The Ridge because it securely holds the most cards of all the recommendations in our roundup. We like the fact that not only can you hold up to 12 cards, but that they’re securely stored in a slim wallet style case. Speaking of style, take a check out some of the best signet rings.

More importantly, this money clip card holder has RFID blocking technology to keep your information safe. And while this case does lack magnetic functionality, we think that’s a good thing since a top complaint about magnetic money clips is that they can destroy your credit cards’ magnetic strips, rendering them useless. Aside from that, you’ll like that this money clip does include an outer clip for cash. There’s also a built-in thumb opening to make getting your cards in and out of this clip easier.

 #6  Toughergum Genuine Leather Magnetic Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: A leather money clip in 11 rich hues that are each made from genuine leather with a sophisticated weathered finish that sets this clip apart from the competition.

  • Available in 11 stylish colors
  • Magnetic closure made from Rare Earth alloys
  • Features RFID blocking technology
  • Magnetic closure may interfere with credit cards

Leather money clips are a classic choice that adds a touch of sophistication to your overall style. We like that this is another affordable genuine leather option — this time from Toughergun. It’s also the best luxury money clip on our list. With 11 colorful choices, you’ll like that this gives you the best features of a quality money clip along with a sturdy closure that relies on the power of four Rare-Earth magnets.

Aside from the Napa leather and the solid closure, you’ll like that you get three card slots, an external ID slot, a full 180-degree opening bill fold clip, and two additional pouches (one on each side) for extra cards or change. And as is standard, you’ll also enjoy RFID protection.

 #7  LeatherBoss Strong Magnetic Money Clip


WHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly simple leather expandable money clip with a magnetic closure to hold credit cards and cash.

  • Classic single-fold design
  • Made from 100% leather
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Lacks RFID protection
  • Lacks dedicated credit card slots

If you’re thinking about buying a new money clip but don’t want to break the bank, you’ll appreciate this wallet-friendly (pun intended) option. LeatherBoss’ entry into our guide is a great simple option that’s ideal for someone who relies more on cash than credit cards.

This classic style features a single expandable money clip that’s better suited for people who rely on cash instead of credit cards. You’ll like that the clip is made from genuine leather and that you can pick from seven different colors. But because this is more of a basic money clip, you won’t get popular features like RFID protection or even dedicated credit card slots.

How We Decided

Money clips are a classic accessory for men that are equal parts functional and stylish. To create our guide, we focused on the following core features — capacity, material, style, magnetic vs. non-magnetic, and additional features.

In our guide, capacity varied widely between each option and often depended on the style. Classic money clips like our Best Quality and Best on a Budget pick can technically offer the biggest capacity that includes a combination of cash and credit cards, but lacked popular additional features like dedicated card slots, RFID blocking technology, or magnetic closures. It’s more common to find money clips that mimicked slim wallets, offering a minimum of three card slots in addition to the classic billfold clip.

You’ll note that materials also varied widely. In our guide, we featured metal and leather picks. Our Top Pick, Honorable Mention, #6, and Best on a Budget are all made from genuine leather. The remainder (Best Quality, #4, and #5) are all made from metal ranging from carbon steel (Best Quality) to brushed steel.

Likewise, the style of the money clips in our guide varied significantly as well. The leather models tended to feature more traditional wallet-style designs. In contrast, the metal-based clips ranged from extremely utilitarian (#4 and #5) to sleek as seen in our Best Quality.

Next, we looked at magnetic versus non-magnetic models. This will be a personal choice as the biggest drawback of using a magnetic money clip is that there’s always the potential that it will demagnetize your credit cards. Our Top Pick, #4, and #6 picks all feature magnets. So, if this is a concern, we recommend looking at the other picks in our guide.

And finally, we considered additional features. Only our #4 pick came with an accessory in the form of a detachable blade. But another popular option is RFID blocking technology to prevent hackers from pulling sensitive credit card data. And across price points, it’s a fairly common option. Our Top Pick. Honorable Mention, #5, and #6 picks all come with this important feature

Best Money Clips Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Capacity
    Are you the type who carries a lot of cash or do you rely on a few select cards when you’re out for the day? While money clips are historically meant to be slim ,you can find significantly larger options on the above list. Consider whether you’re a cash or plastic type of person and shop accordingly. However, if you are the type who tends to carry a lot of cards and cash, a traditional wallet might be a better choice.
  2. Material
    Money clips come in a range of designs from classic metal clips to leather or even plastic. Within the metal category, your options can range from brushed stainless steel to carbon fiber. Metal clips tend to be the most durable, but the material you pick is going to come down to your aesthetic preferences.
  3. Style
    This is another personal choice, but money clips also run the gamut when it comes to design. While there are plenty of basic options that are more utilitarian than stylish, you can also showcase your personality through your money clip. Depending on the type of clip you purchase, you might be able to get it engraved, or find plastic or leather styles with unique prints or colors.
  4. Magnetic vs Non-magnetic
    Maybe you prefer knowing that you can keep your money clip securely held in a safe place. In that case, a magnetic money clip is a great option. But buyer beware if you plan on storing credit cards in your money clip. Some magnetic money clips shouldn’t be used to hold credit cards as they can demagnetize the strip — rendering your cards useless.
  5. Nice to Have Features
    While none of the following are essential to the overall functionality of a money clip, they can be nice to have. Options like RFID protection, extra card slots, or even an extra pocket for coins or transit passcards can be nice add-ons that make using your money clip more useful or secure throughout daily life.

Money Clips FAQs

Are money clips good?

Money clips are a good option if you traditionally don’t walk around with a lot of bills or credit cards at one time. If you carry a small amount of cash or a credit card or two, this slim holder can help you keep organized without weighing down your pockets.

How much can a money clip hold?

This is going to depend on the type of clip you select. However, on average a clip can hold between 20 to 25 bills and possibly a few cards. But overstuffing your money clip can cause it to stretch out over time, rendering it useless.

Are magnetic money clips bad?

Magnetic money clips aren’t inherently bad, but they can be troublesome if you plan on using them to hold credit cards. If you’re planning on storing credit cards in a magnetic money clip, look for options that feature a separate pouch for cards. This will help prevent your cards from being accidentally demagnetized.

Do magnets interfere with RFID?

No, they don't. RFID chips rely on radio signals, which are not impacted by permanent magnets. However, while the RFID technology won’t be impacted by a magnetic money clip, the magnetic strip on your credit cards can be affected by that. So, always keep this in mind as you shop for a money clip.

Who are the best money clip manufacturers?

The best money clips are going to be those that can sustain being used frequently — even possibly overstuffed — without losing their shape. But if you’re focused on luxury money clips, there are options like Gucci money clips, Tumi money clips, and m-clip money clips that will create a great first impression on your next date night.

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