10 Best Vegan Wallets in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To find the best vegan wallets, you’ll need to examine a list of criteria to determine what is most important. We recommend the best vegan wallet with a healthy mix of slots and compartments for cards, coins, and cash, along with a super tough exterior, roomy cash compartment, and a slim profile for an easy fit in a front or back pocket. Don’t forget RFID blocking technology to protect against identity schemers looking to steal personal credit card data. These are some of the best cool wallets for vegans.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we’ve determined that the Kinzd Vegan Wallet is the best vegan wallet you can buy. Keep reading about this and our other top picks to learn more about the best cool wallets available.

Top 10 Best Vegan Wallets

 #1  Kinzd Slim Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet consists of minimalist construction and a slim profile (4.4 x 3.15 x 0.12 inches), a great choice for people prioritizing a nice and snug fit in a front or back pocket.

  • Well proportioned slots
  • Clear plastic ID window for easy display
  • RFID protection for data privacy
  • No notches to assist with pulling out cards and cash
  • Strong smell out of the box (airs out over time)

This high-quality vegan wallet is surprisingly well rounded despite its minimalist design, starting with excellent slot distribution (five card slots, one large compartment for cash, and two auxiliary card slots). Materials come in Crazy Horse leather, leather, and wax oil leather versions, each of which offers different sheens and distressed, worn, and aged look. One end holds a translucent ID clear plastic sleeve and the opposite end is good for additional card storage.

We really appreciate this vegan wallet’s RFID protection, which helps protect your cards from identity theft schemes. Our only knock is that this minimalist vegan wallet comes in only three color options (coffee, khaki, and brown) with a clear preference for brown shades. Consider this one of the better wallet brands and vegan RFID blocking wallets. For additional RFID blocking wallets, our best RFID wallet buying guide has several good options.

 #2  Herschel Charlie Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet is made of 100% polyester and holds up to 10 cards, a nice choice for anyone looking for a well rounded slim wallet.

  • Simple, minimalist design
  • Good carrying capacity (up to 10 cards and up to 20 bills)
  • RFID protection for data privacy
  • Not the easiest in pulling cards out
  • Fraying thread with heavy wear and tear

This luxury vegan wallet is very well proportioned, starting with its minimalist yet bold design. The exotic-looking Herschel logo embroidered patch sits dead center with two card slots above. Its back is equally simple with two additional slots. Stitching is neatly etched around the edges with no visible signs of fraying or loose threads. A red and white striped tab also pays tribute to attention to detail.

In total, this women’s vegan wallet is good to hold up to 10 cards, with its large cash compartment holding up to 20 folded bills without adding too much bulk. It also includes RFID technology to prevent data thieves from intercepting your credit card number and personally identifiable data. All in all, this is one of the more well rounded vegan wallet brands on our list. It’s a great gift for anyone looking for the best smart wallet.

 #3  Slimfold Minimalist Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet is made out of waterproof and scratch-proof softshell material and fits up to eight cards, a nice choice for beachgoers or those planning on putting it through heavy wear and tear.

  • Hgh-weave synthetic material
  • Holds up to eight cards
  • Slim profile (4 x 2.8 x 0.2 inches)
  • Stitching could be more durable
  • Not easy to fully close if carrying more than six cards

This vegan wallet is a rugged workhorse. Its eco-friendly vegan material uses a softshell fabric excellent at repelling water/stains and absorbing hits while remaining roughly two times lighter than a comparatively sized leather wallet. When exposed to water, it does not seep into the fabric at all. Consider this vegan wallet having a protective, ‘invisible’ barrier similar to how oil reacts with water.

Despite a slim profile (4 x 2.8 x 0.2 inches), this vegan wallet offers solid capacity, good for up to eight cards and 10+ folded bills. If we could offer one critique, it’s this vegan wallet’s lack of color options, limited to blacks and grays with darker stitching with not much differentiation between one another. We like this option for anyone searching for the best front pocket wallet.

 #4  Review the Ridge Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet is made of rugged aluminum with a removable money clip, a neat choice for anyone looking for quick access to cash, and a durable form factor.

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Built-in money clip for quick cash access
  • Good to hold up to 12 cards
  • Limited color options (five)
  • Only accommodates standard sized cards

This vegan wallet is a rugged workhorse, starting with a military-grade aluminum construction that works more like a case than an actual wallet. Its inner dual elastic track mechanism expands and retracts based on the number of cards for a snug fit. In all, it can hold up to 12 cards without creating added bulk.

Our favorite feature with this vegan wallet is its outside notch, which allows users to ‘pop’ cards out with ease. A built-in money clip also allows folded up bills to be retrieved quickly. In terms of design, it comes in five finishes, including the industrial-looking gunmetal and burnt titanium options with one feminine color (rose gold). Plus, it is on the slimmer side (3.39 x 2.13 x 0.24 inches) for a comfortable front or back pocket fit. If you want the best durable options, the best tactical wallet is likely to be a better fit.

 #5  Hempmania Hemp Eight Compartment Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet is made of durable hemp canvas with a hook and loop closure, a nice choice for people looking for added security with a tri-fold that is good for coins.

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Made of water-resistant hemp canvas
  • Durable velcro closure and tri-fold construction
  • Not enough credit card slots
  • Only four color options
  • Could be more durable

This plant-based vegan or “leaf leather” tri-fold wallet packs a punch despite its small size, made of 100% hemp canvas which offers water resistance. Velcro closure and tri-fold construction provide an extra buffer for your cards, coins, and cash, with a simple and straightforward minimalist design that uses a simple embroidered tag reading ‘Hemp’ on the outside. It comes in four color options, black, indigo, natural, and sage.

In terms of capacity, it is on the smaller side, with a middle slot, zippered pouch, cash compartment, and a clear plastic ID window. Most compartments are designed for items other than cards, despite having three equally sized sections. It’s certainly the best coin wallet on our list.

 #6  Gallery Seven Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet minimalist wallet offers a well-rounded compartment mix and is made of waterproof microfiber, a great choice for people who want an easy to clean option.

  • Tight reinforced stitching for durability
  • Slim profile (4.3 x 3.4 inches)
  • Tear and abrasion-resistant microfiber
  • Only one color option
  • Not a high card-carrying capacity
  • Inner fabric prone to fraying and tearing with heavy use

This faux leather wallet is made of microfiber, which is supremely water-resistant and easy to clean. Design is rather minimalistic, consisting of a tan and navy combination leather with neater tight stitching around the edges and the embroidered, square-shaped Gallery Seven metal emblem on the bottom right.

Utility with this vegan wallet is very mixed, starting with two hidden compartments, two bill compartments, 1 ID card window, and three card slots. Rounding it out are tear-free plastic holders that are pretty durable even with heavy wear. All in all, we love this tri-fold vegan wallet;’s combination of being easy to clean and cash holding capacity, although the number of credit card slots leaves a lot to be desired. For more card holding options, the best travel wallet is an excellent alternative.

 #7  Alchemy Goods Night Out Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet is curiously made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes with a plastic ID window, a nice choice for minimalists looking for durability over holding capacity.

  • Includes a plastic ID window
  • Made of durable upcycled materials (inner bicycle tubes)
  • Decent holding capacity (up to eight cards)
  • No hook and loop, tri-fold, or snap closure for extra security
  • Does not include RFID protection

This vegan wallet’s upcycled bicycle inner tubes is one of the more peculiar materials we’ve researched. Its highly wear-resistant and waterproof, great for use in humid environments. At 2.75 inches by 3.75 inches, it is also on the slimmer side. Consider this one of the slimmest vegan wallets for cardholders.

In terms of utility, this vegan wallet is on the simpler side, consisting of nothing but a clear plastic ID window on one end and folded up cash pockets on the opposite end. Its middle compartment can hold several standards and non-standard sized cards, roughly eight without producing too much bulk. If traditional is more your thing, the best wristlet wallet has more options.

 #8  Lam Gallery Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet is made of eco-friendly “cork leather” fabric and extra-thick proportions to carry lots of cash, a great choice for people who carry a lot of paper money regularly.

  • Long strap; good as wristlet
  • Large capacity and on the larger side (7.8 by 4 inches)
  • Made of highly durable sustainable cork fabric
  • Polarizing design and material may turn off some people
  • Not the easiest to clean; damp cloth and a little dish soap recommended
  • Zipper closure not the most durable

This vegan wallet woman offers one of the more eye-catching designs we’ve tested. Its corked fabric resembles a rock quarry with jagged lines and multi-colored vegan cork pieces throughout. Neat stitching lines the edges and it includes a long strap to double as a wristlet, carrying the exact same color scheme. At 7.8 by 4 inches, it is one of the longer and roomier vegan wallets we’ve researched.

We love this vegan product’s utility, consisting of four slip card holders and three accordion-style pockets for cash and cards. Its spacious middle compartment can also hold a phone with no problem. The wrap-around zipper is on the thicker side for an extra layer of security. All in all, we love this large capacity vegan zipper wallet for your cards, coins, and cash. Consider this one of the more interesting men s wallets. You can also opt for the best money clip if you’d like to keep it as minimal as possible.

 #9  Ducti Super Duct Tape Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet comes in an intriguing duct tape style design with a snap closure and tri=-fold construction, a nice choice for anyone looking for an unorthodox design and material – perhaps to offer as a novelty gift.

  • Two hidden card slots
  • Lengthwise pouch easily accommodates bills
  • Durable nickel-plated grommets for extra support
  • Heavy nickel color scheme may turn off some people
  • High opacity with multiple plastic card windows

Consider this vegan wallet a pure novelty play, with its heavily duct-taped tri-fold design in rugged gray coloring and no distinguishable markings other than an embroidered ‘Ducti’ tag and large hole ring to attach keys and smaller items. Two snap closures and nickel-plated grommets give it a highly industrial type of look.
Utility with this vegan wallet is a bit on the larger side, measuring 4 by 9.35 inches when fully open.

Compartments are well-diversified, starting with six credit card slots, two hidden compartments, and several plastic transparent card windows. Consider this one of the more well rounded and funky wallets on our list, even with its unorthodox material and heavy nickel color scheme. If the snap enclosures are a problem for you, the best zipper wallet is a good alternative.

 #10  QU:SP Toronto Baldwin Bifold Vegan Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vegan wallet comes in a sleek, bifold wallet design and is made of highly durable 500D Cordura nylon fabric, excellent for beachgoers looking for extra water resistance.

  • Two quick-access external slots
  • Super-durable 500D Cordura nylon construction
  • Eight inner slots and a full-sized billfold
  • Interior is non-RFID blocking
  • Odd branding style with supersized engraved logo in the inner fold

Arguably this softshell vegan wallet’s biggest calling card is its 500D Cordura nylon construction, which uses a water-resistant coating that repels it on contract. It is more scratch and scuff resistant than canvas, on par with carbon fiber. Its inner compartment is almost as durable, consisting of natural cork material with sloped slots for cards. With its wide range of design cues, this vegan wallet is rather basic with no distinguishable markings of the outer folds and an engraved QU:SP logo on the bottom left inner fold, easily missed as its color matches the natural cork.

We love this bi-fold vegan wallet’s interior, which consists of eight inner slots and a full-sized billfold to stash cash without folding. It also comes with two exterior slots for quick access to your most frequently used cards. Look at this wallet if you are a heavy boater or beachgoer looking for extra protection. If you’re looking for some great travel accessories, the best passport holder would go great with this wallet. You can also take some time to explore the best wallet apple card.

How We Decided

In determining the best vegan wallet to buy, we explored aesthetics, durability, and performance.

Vegan wallets carry some of the most diverse designs you will ever see. The need to substitute leather and less eco-friendly options give us natural cork, processed duct tape, Cordura nylon, and other rugged and enticing options. Aesthetics with these products are very farmhouse style with a lot of worn and distressed patterns where no two matches (as is the case with cork). Details with vegan wallets can also fall on the eccentric side, heavy with nickel grommets, engraved logos, and embroidered tags.

In terms of durability, different materials serve different purposes. 500D Cordura nylon is best for water resistance with the special coating that repels it upon contact, similar to how oil reacts with water. Others, like natural cork, are less durable and less wear-resistant, acting more of a prestige piece. When assessing durability, focus on attention to detail as well, observing even stitching along edges, well-sewn edges, and hardness with nickel grommets.

When it comes to performance, we are big fans of vegan wallets that have a healthy number and mix of compartments, starting with slots for cards, roomy bill compartments, and zippered/hidden pockets for miscellaneous items such as coins and receipts.

Best Vegan Wallets Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Aesthetics
    Vegan wallets come in a variety of designs guided by their material. Non-traditional leather types tend to evoke more creativity, as is the case with natural cork and its heavily jagged symmetry. Other vegan wallets are made of 500D Cordura nylon or water resistance and even processed duct tapes with heavy nickel grommets for a highly industrial and dull feel. All of these unorthodox materials tend to produce less of a color selection than leather, nylon, and polyester options, but more than makeup for it with unique designs.
  2. Durability
    Like the Fossil vegan wallet, different vegan wallet materials serve a different purpose. We are big fans of 500D Cordura nylon for its water-repelling properties. Natural cork has a rough and rugged feel, but less water resistance. Focus heavily on all of the finer details, such as stitching along edges, weighty-ness of nickel-plated grommets, and accordion slot seams to ensure it does not wear and tear heavily over time with repeated use.
  3. Performance
    Go for the best vegan wallets with a healthy mix of slots and compartments for cash, coins, and cards. Aim for a minimum of five credit card slots, a roomy billfold, and several auxiliary pockets for miscellaneous items such as receipts and boarding passes. RFID blocking technology also helps prevent data skimmers from reading your card’s RFID chip data, stealing personally. identifiable information.

Vegan Wallets FAQs

Does vegan mean cruelty-free?

Yes, vegan means that animals were not exposed to harmful practices during the manufacturing process, as is the case with leather, a non-sustainable material. It also means the product is made from non-animal-derived ingredients and cruelty-free materials.

What are the best vegan wallets?

In our opinion, the best vegan wallets have a healthy mix of slot compartments and are made of water, scuff, and scratch-resistant material (e.g. 500D Cordura nylon). We also appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and appeal particularly with tight stitching around edges and extras like plastic ID windows for quick reveals. Note, vegan wallets are often made of unorthodox/recycled materials for the quirky person (e.g duct tape and natural cork), so poor craftsmanship can become even more noticeable than leather. All of these options should be PETA approved.

Are minimalist wallets good?

Yes. Like some vegan collection and vegan leather versions, we are big fans of minimalist cardholders for their lightweight and compact profile. They are a lot less bulky than bi-fold and trifold wallets.

Are carbon fiber wallets good?

Carbon fiber wallets are known for their scuff and scratch-resistant properties. We also love it for its dazzling array of finishes, from a heavy checkered look to pinstripe designs. Consider them one of the more versatile wallet materials out there.