7 Best Kid’s Dressers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

Through our exhaustive research, we believe the best kid’s dresser is the Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser. It’s perfect as a nursery dresser thanks to the height that makes it ideal for placing a changing mat — turning it into a changing table for diapers. Likewise, the large six drawers and choice of six wood finishes means that you can easily integrate it into any nursery. We think it’s also one of the best bedroom products available today.

To create our guide of the best kid’s dressers, we focused on the following features: durability, materials, age compatibility, storage, and design. Parents are looking for durable dressers that won’t fall apart after a year or two of use. But more importantly, they want a dresser that looks nice and will ideally grow with their child while also offering plenty of storage. Also note that since all of our recommendations require assembly, they all ship with anti-tipping hardware to anchor them to the wall and reduce the risk of injury in case you have an active child in the home. Keep reading to learn more about our criteria as well as shop from our recommendations.

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Top 7 Best Kids Dressers

 #1  Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Kid’s Dresser



WHY WE LIKE IT: A six-drawer dresser that’s available in six finishes is at just the right height to also double as a changing table — making it the best baby dresser in our opinion.

  • Best baby dresser that is double wide for changing diapers
  • Meets U.S ASTM. anti-tipping standards
  • 6-drawer dresser available in 6 popular finishes
  • Wood & wood composite blend

When you’re shopping for a nursery, safety should be the most important thing. We nominated this 6-drawer dresser from Delta because it meets the U.S. ASTM anti-tipping standards. While it’s a combination of materials (wood frame and drawer fronts with composite drawer sides and base), we like that you can choose from six popular finishes that are designed to match a range of decors — including the neutral white and gray hues. Because of the above, we think that it’s the best baby dresser.

Most importantly, this dresser measures 33.5 inches tall, making it the perfect height for a changing table. This is great because now you have less furniture that you need to buy for your nursery. We also like that this dresser offers a minimalist design that makes it great as a transitional piece as you shift your child from a nursery to a traditional child’s room. You’ll also like that the drawers feature a smooth metal glide system that prevents the drawers from being fully pulled out. The perfect solution for storing your baby’s clothes. While this is a fairly common safety feature for children’s furniture, it’s important to note. You might also check out our guide on the best furniture repair markers, in case something happens to this dresser.

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 #2  Storkcraft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Kid’s Dresser


WHY WE LIKE IT: A tall dresser with five drawers in a classic design and Espresso finish which is perfect for someone who wants to create visual interest and variety with the layout of their child’s room, and is made primarily from high-quality wood materials.

  • Taller furniture made from primarily natural materials
  • 5-drawer set in classic Espresso wood finish
  • Universal design that matches other Storkcraft nursery furniture
  • Wood and composite materials
  • Only available in one finish

Not everyone likes the shorter dresser designs. If that sounds like you, then we think you’ll like this tall five-drawer dresser from Storkcraft, another popular brand known for creating timeless furniture pieces for nurseries and children’s rooms. Measuring 49.75 inches tall, this is a taller chest of drawers. As is common, this piece of furniture features a wood frame and composite drawers.

The classic espresso finish makes this a great transitional piece that will work for nurseries, children’s rooms, or even a teen’s room. Specifically, this drawer is designed to match other items within the Storkcraft catalog — which is great if you’re focused on creating a cohesive design scheme. Like most dressers, the drawers feature smooth glide movements and rely on steel hardware to do so. Note though, that this dresser also contains engineered wood material. For the ultimate Christmas or birthday present, you should also take a look at one of the best hoverboards for kids.

 #3  Sauder Pinwheel Kid’s Dresser


WHY WE LIKE IT: A top nursery dresser that combines three wide drawers with a lower storage chest that can double as toy storage at the right height for little hands to find their favorite lovie.

  • Safety tested for stability to reduce the risk of tip-overs
  • Large bottom storage bin with sliding covers
  • Features solid wood knobs on the drawers
  • Primarily made from particleboard

Children and toys go hand in hand, but finding a place for all those toys can feel like an exercise in futility. This pick from Sauder is a great two-in-one solution. It features three drawers, each of which measure 32 inches wide and a lower storage chest with sliding doors to quickly put those dolls, building blocks and even books away when the day is done. Overall, the dresser measures 47.16 inches tall and 17.5 inches deep.

This top nursery dresser comes in a soft white finish that can blend in with any nursery decor. As is common for furniture designed for children, this pick from Sauder has been tested to meet safety standards and is designed to minimize the risk of tip-over accidents. While assembly is required, little ones will like that they can participate in cleaning up by sliding the chest doors. However, note that this pick is made primarily from particleboard with real wood accent knobs on the drawers. You might also be interested in our guide to one of the best little desks for your kids room.

 #4  South Shore Fundy Tide 4 Kid’s Dresser


WHY WE LIKE IT: A cheap kids dresser in a classic espresso finish with four drawers that will blend in with a wide range of decor schemes.

  • Easy to clean by just wiping with a dry cloth
  • Antique bronze finish handles
  • Four drawer style is perfect for additional clothing storage
  • Made from particleboard so not ideal for younger children

If you’re ready to transition your child’s bedroom from a more juvenile design to something that shows they’re all grown up, then this Best on a Budget pick from South Shore is a great option. We like that it creates a storage organization solution while still creating a sophisticated impact. It’s a cheap kids dresser that has four drawers, all with a smooth gliding motion. The dark espresso hue is great for serving as a low profile dresser regardless of your design schemes.

This pick measures 27.5 inches wide, 34 ⅞ inches tall, and 18 ⅞ inches deep. And that means that the four drawers offer plenty of depth to store clothing. Each drawer features antiqued bronze handles to create a more sophisticated effect. However, keep in mind that this option is made from particleboard so it’s best for older children. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your older kids next birthday, check out our guide to the best kids mountain bike.

 #5  Homecho Dresser with 4 Drawers Kid’s Dresser

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WHY WE LIKE IT: We think this is a great high-quality kids dresser for teens thanks to the white finish, deep drawers, and the minimalist design, in addition to the waterproof finish paint used in the construction.

  • Waterproof finish paint for enhanced durability
  • 5.5” deep drawers offer plenty of storage
  • Minimalist design that fits a range of decor styles
  • Dresser may ship without instruction manual

If your teen has a lot of clothes then we think this is a great kids dresser for them and their belongings. You’ll appreciate the drawers that measure five and a half inches deep for more storage. This four-drawer dresser is made from poplar wood and has a nice white finish that’s perfect for keeping your teen’s room looking bright and welcoming.

We liked the waterproof paint, making this a great choice because it’ll be easy for your teen to keep it clean. And because it’s made from wood, it’s very stable, meaning that if you wanted to use it in a child’s room, it wouldn’t be an issue once you anchored it. This pick also comes with the anti-tipping fittings for added security. Plus assembly is easy since all the necessary hardware and tools are included so you can quickly set this up in any bedroom in your house. For the rest of your kids needs, you should also take a look at the best robot toys for kids.

 #6  South Shore Sweet Piggy 4-Drawer Kid’s Dresser


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best toddler dresser with a lower height, four spacious drawers, and three additional cubbies with storage bins for increased capacity.

  • A large amount of storage that’s perfect for clothes or toys
  • Each drawer can hold up to 25lbs
  • Adorable pink button drawer knobs
  • Color combination may be limiting because it’s gendered

When you have a toddler in the house, it’s like having an adult with tons of opinions who still need your help to complete basic tasks. And that also means they have more clothes and want to be more involved in picking their clothes and getting ready for the day. We think this pick from South Shore is perfect as a toddler dresser because of the adorable design as well as the combination of drawers, baskets, and cubbies that helps to maximize your storage options.

This double dresser features four drawers, three cubbies, and coordinated pink baskets that match the pink button knobs on the drawers. We think the shorter height of this dresser at 34 ⅞ inches is ideal for toddlers since it leaves everything at their height — including the baskets and top drawers. And while you use the four lower drawers to store clothing, you can keep their favorite toys or books tucked in the baskets in the top row. However, do note that this is only available in the pink and white color combination, which can be a little limiting if you’re concerned about buying gendered furniture. And as is common, this option also comes with anchor brackets to prevent it from tipping over.

 #7  Prepac White Monterey 6 Drawer Kid’s Dresser


WHY WE LIKE IT: A great kids dresser that’s double-wide, creating more top space to store vanity items, toys, or other essentials.

  • Sleek design that transitions from nursery to kid’s room
  • 6-drawer set that’s ideal for medium to larger sized rooms
  • Built-in safety stops prevent drawer from being pulled fully out
  • Made only from composite wood
  • Assembly can be difficult

Transitioning a nursery into a kid’s room can be hard because you still want to get them age-appropriate furniture, but want it to last. We like this double-wide dresser from Prepac because it’s the perfect kid’s dresser with six drawers and a lower height that’s easier for kids to access. This dresser measures 48 inches wide, 29 inches tall, and 15.75 inches deep.

The six drawers feature sturdy pewter finish metal knobs and as is common, smooth-gliding drawers. While this pick is made from composite wood, we like that it’s designed to fit into a compact space, which is why it’s perfect for a kid’s room. Assembly is required with this option as well.

How We Decided

Picking a kid’s dresser can be a process since you want something safe for them but is also going to last more than a year or two. To create our guide, we focused on the following factors — durability, materials, age compatibility, storage, and design. For the most part, we focused on more universal options. However, we did highlight two options that were explicitly for nurseries or toddler rooms.

Durability is a major factor, and part of what determines how durable a dresser will be is the materials that are used. You’ll find that dressers marketed for very young children are usually made from either all wood or a combination of wood for the frame and composite for the drawers. However, we did include one pick that was made entirely from particleboard — meaning that it’s best suited for older children who are less likely to attempt to climb furniture. Still, all of our recommendations came with anchors or anti-tipping hardware to guarantee stability.

Next, the amount of storage you can get with a dresser will matter. While you can find dressers with a range of drawer configurations, the smallest drawer set we highlighted was four drawers. In our guide, you’ll find three four-drawer picks, one five-drawer pick, and two six-drawer picks. And, one of the four-drawer options also comes with additional cubbies and baskets for increased storage.

And finally, we considered the design. This is going to be a personal choice based on your preferences or that of your child’s if they’re old enough to have input. Still, we focused on designs that were the most versatile and could work for a range of design schemes.

Best Kids Dressers Buying Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Durability
    Children are, by default, pretty rough on things. So, ideally, you’ll want a dresser that can stand up to rough behavior and won’t fall apart after a year or two of use. Look for sturdy materials and finishes that don’t chip or fade easily.
  2. Materials
    There are a range of options for dressers, but the most common materials include solid wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard. If you’re looking for the most durable dresser, opt for solid wood. However, these are also the most expensive and tend to be very heavy and difficult to move. MDF is lighter and easier to move than solid wood but tends to be less durable although it is more affordable. And the cheapest and least durable option is particle board.
  3. Age Compatibility
    When picking materials, consider your child’s age and their ability to maintain a piece of furniture. Even though you should always use safety features like anti-tip brackets, a solid wood dresser might be a better choice for a younger child since it’s harder to move. Likewise, an older child who’s more careful and conscientious with their belongings may be able to better maintain a dresser made from MDF or particleboard.
  4. Storage
    Think about what you plan on storing in your child’s dresser and how much space you’ll need. Do you prefer a dresser with wider drawers or would you rather have a blend of wide and half-width drawers? Also, consider how deep the drawers are. A shallow drawer might make sense for smaller items like socks or scarves, but wouldn’t be suitable for core pieces of a wardrobe like tops and bottoms.
  5. Color
    Dressers can come in a range of hues. From natural wood to wood finishes, to paint colors, the sky’s the limit for dresser colors. If you’re looking for longevity, white or traditional wood finishes tend to be the most timeless. But if you’re thinking of creating the ultimate teen room, then let your child pick their favorite color.
  6. Style
    Depending on the age of your child, you should take their personality into account as you shop for a dresser. Timeless and minimalist styles are great because they offer longevity — especially if you’re shopping for a dresser for a nursery that will eventually transition into a child’s bedroom as they grow. Consider how the dresser will fit with the overall decor scheme of your child’s room. In general, most dressers fall under the following categories: tall (one row of 4+ drawers), double-wide (two rows of 3 – 4 drawers), and the classic 3-drawer design.

Best Kids Dressers FAQs

How can I safely install a dresser in my child’s nursery?

Look for anti-tip brackets or straps and be sure to securely install them by using a stud finder to make sure that the device is safely anchored to the wall.

What is the best dresser for a nursery?

A good nursery dresser should come with an anchor to prevent it from tipping over and should be made of sturdy materials that are less likely to shift or move if a child bumps into it. Our Top Pick from Delta is a great option for a nursery because it meets U.S ASTM standards and can double as a changing table thanks to its larger width.

How do I pick the right dresser?

Always start by measuring the space where you plan to place your dresser. Knowing the available space that you have ensures that you won’t waste time looking at dressers that are too deep or wide for the room. Then consider whether you want a tall, double-wide, or classic style dresser. After this, think about the design and color that you want and which options will work with your overall decor goals.

What is the benefit of solid wood over MDF or particle board dressers?

Solid wood is the sturdiest of the three common dresser materials. In addition to being sturdy, it’s also extremely durable and is less likely to show extreme wear and tear if you’re outfitting a room for a small child as opposed to the other two materials. And while you should always safely secure a dresser using anti-tip features like brackets or straps, a solid wood dresser is less likely to tip over.
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