7 Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

To help you find the best leather steering wheel covers, we purchased a variety of different options and installed them directly on our cars’ steering wheels to test them. We spent several hours driving with each cover installed, looking for things like breathability, grip and durability. However, we also measured each steering wheel cover based on how easy it was to install, its heat/cold resistance and overall comfort.

As a result of our testing, the Valleycomfy Universal Leather Steering Wheel Cover takes our top pick spot with ease. It offers incredible resistance to both heat and cold, skidproof lining and extra comfortable leather. Keep reading to learn more about the Valleycomfy and the other best leather steering wheel covers on our list. If you are looking for other car accessories, check out our list of the best car accessories on the market.

Top 7 Best Leather Steering Wheel Covers in 2023

 #1  Valleycomfy Universal Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Valleycomfy is durable and, more importantly, extra comfortable for long driving sessions. It increases your grip and is heat resistant so you don’t burn your hands after sitting in the sun all day.

  • Heat resistant to prevent burnt hands
  • Skidproof lining
  • Soft and thick leather offers durability and comfort
  • Chemicalsmell out of box, though it faded
  • Not the easiest product to install

The Valleycomfy Universal leather steering wheel cover is a 15-inch cover made from genuine leather that works well for cars like the Honda HRV, Toyota RAV4 and a variety of BMW models. It features a contoured design that’s half smooth, plush leather and half textured leather for better grip. We were impressed with the overall performance of the Valleycomfy, especially during long drives. Our hands stayed where we wanted them to during both turns and straight driving. If safety is important to you, also take a look at our review of the best ice scraper.

One of the best features of this steering wheel cover is its heat resistant design. While it will still warm up in direct sunlight, it doesn’t become searingly hot. We were also surprised to find that it resisted the cold to an extent, as well. All in all, the cover will allow you to just get in your car and go, no matter what the temperature is outside. The Valleycomfy also features a skid proof liner, so it stays in place during driving. In theory, installation is easy, but we did have a somewhat hard time stretching the Valleycomfy over our steering wheel. Placing it out in the sun for an hour or two gives it some more pliability so you can install it easier. To complete your luxury ride, you should also take a look at the best natural car air freshener too.

 #2  BDK Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: This steering wheel cover offers a ultra-thick design that is incredibly comfortable for both short and long drives. It also features excellent contouring that increases grip and comfort.

  • Unique contoured traction for added grip
  • Breathable and heat resistant
  • Extra thick for greater comfort
  • No added texture for grip
  • Tough installation

The BDK Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover offers a unique contoured design to increase your grip and comfort. Instead of two different parts and textures, the BDK features grooves around its circumference that match the shape and size of your fingers. It’s also one of the thicker options on our list, making it even more comfortable to use while driving. And while the contoured design is helpful, some added texture would have been nice for additional grip, though the grip was adequate.

Since it is made from leather, the BDK will last for a long time, even through extended periods of use, but it’s also incredibly breathable and heat resistant. Even in hot temperatures, both the cover and your hands will stay cool. Installation could be a little easier here. Out of the box, the BDK steering wheel cover is stiff and requires some work to get pliable enough to put on your steering wheel. If you end up needing some work done on your car you should take a look at the best obd2 car diagnostic scanner too.

 #3  Aully Park Universal Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: This steering wheel wrap cover is one of the most unique options on our list, creating a vintage look that is just great to look at. It’s also comfortable and performs well overall.

  • Overall easy installation
  • No slip design
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • No texture or contour
  • Installation takes time

The Aully Park Universal Leather Steering Wheel Cover isn’t like the other covers on our list because it’s not a single piece that you slide over your wheel and go. Instead, it’s a long strip of leather that you stitch together over your wheel. This may sound like a frustrating and complicated installation process, but our testing revealed that it’s actually one of the easiest covers to install. It gives you more flexibility and pliability than anything else we tested.

But the best thing about the Aully Park steering wheel wrap is how it looks once installed. It looks exactly like the early versions of leather steering wheels, with thick stitching and a sleek, smooth design – without creating a slick grip, of course. That’s why it’s the best vintage leather steering wheel cover on our list. It’s also surprisingly comfortable and grips well in spite of the lack of integrated texture or contour. Instead, the large stitching provides the additional grip that you need for turning and general driving. You might also want a remote car starter for if your car battery dies on the side of the road.

 #4  Elantrip Large Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a wider diameter, extra comfortable design and additional grip and contour, this option is one of the best steering wheel covers for trucks. It’s also one of the easier options to install, which gets you driving in comfort much faster.

  • Extra flexible for easy installation
  • Plush internal cushion
  • Perforated, breathable design
  • More expensive than other options
  • No anti-slip lining

The Elantrip Leather Large Steering Wheel Cover fits wheels with a diameter of 15.5 to 16 inches. This makes it the best steering wheel cover for F-150 trucks and other large vehicles like Jeeps and Land Rovers. It features extra padded grip throughout the entire cover for an incredibly comfortable experience that’s really noticeable on larger steering wheels. The Elantrip is also designed with perforated contour panels on either side for better grip and breathability.

The Elantrip is made from microfiber leather, so it’s incredibly easy to clean and just as durable as genuine leather. This also means it’s one of the more flexible options, which makes installation much easier. We didn’t have any issue stretching this over the larger steering wheels that trucks have. You can also use the best car garbage can to keep your vehicle looking nice.

 #5  BMLEI Top Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: The BMLEI leather steering wheel cover is another wrap cover that you stitch together over your steering wheel for a luxurious OEM look. It’s also comfortable and increases your grip with a variety of different available textures.

  • Tight fit that doesn’t move
  • Various textures for more customization
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Long installation process
  • Needles could be better

Like the Aully Park above, the BMLEI Top Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover is a wrap that you install by stitching it together over the top of your wheel instead of sliding it into place. This gives you an original equipment look and feel that’s hard to beat, especially on older vehicles. And with a variety of different textures available, you can truly customize your cover to fit the look of your car and your personal preferences. We found each texture option to provide excellent grip.

Like all wrap steering wheel covers, you’ll need to take some time to get the BMLEI installed on your wheel, which is honestly the biggest downside with this product. Fortunately, this isn’t too much of a downside since it gives you the ability to create a custom fit and it ships witheasy-to-read instructions to help with the installation process.. The included stitching needles aren’t very sharp or sturdy, though, so you might want to get something better if you run into difficulties during installation. If you want to give the outside of your car an upgrade, you might want to get the best ceramic coating for your car too.

 #6  SEG Direct Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: This SEG cover is sporty, comfortable and contoured for better grip. It also provides added durability as well as excellent heat and slip resistance.

  • Attractive two tone sport design
  • Superior durability
  • Heat and skid resistant
  • Not as much padding as others
  • No added texture

The SEG Direct Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover is one of the sportier options on our list with an attractive two-tone design that complements most car interiors. It also gives you sporty performance with improved grip due to the fact that each color is its own piece of the cover, giving you contours that keep your hands more securely in place. Unfortunately, there’s no additional texture on top of that contouring, so the SEG loses out on some added grip.

The SEG is made from microfiber leather which is much more durable overall than genuine leather and the stitching is extra secure and tough, so it won’t come undone after constant handling. The cover is also heat resistant in high temperatures so it won’t burn your hands after sitting in the sun for too long. We also appreciated the skidproof lining inside, which keeps the cover in place, even when you’re turning. If you love this steering wheel cover, don’t forget to take a look at our list of some of the best car accessories.

 #7  Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Rueesh cover offers the perfect combination of texture and contour so you have the best grip possible, all at an extra affordable price point. It’s also breathable and sweat absorbent for better performance in heat or during long drives.

  • Sweat absorbent material
  • Excellent texture for better grip
  • Good contouring fits hand better
  • Some odor out of box
  • May need hair dryer for installation

The Rueesh cover provides comfort, grip and durability at an affordable entry point, making this the best budget leather steering wheel cover on our list. For starters, it’s made from durable microfiber leather that can stand up to heat, cold and direct sun exposure without all the cracking and warping that many other covers experience.

It also offers excellent overall driving performance, especially during long drives due to its breathable and sweat absorbent materials. This will keep your hands dry throughout your drive, even in the heat. We were impressed with the balance between texture and contour. On the outside of the cover, you get a soft fabric and on the interior portion of the cover, you get texture. We found this to provide excellent grip, even while turning the wheel or driving over long distances.

How We Decided

Our first and foremost concern when testing leather steering wheel covers was to measure how well each option protected your steering wheel. By providing comprehensive protection, a good cover can extend the life and quality of your steering wheel for years to come. The level of protection you get is mostly dependent on the fit of the cover you purchase, as well as the materials from which it’s made.

Since all of the options on our list are made from leather or microfiber leather, you can count on the overall durability of each one. We didn’t favor one material over the other here, as they both offer excellent protection and durability.

Next, we took our testing to the design of the steering wheel covers. We favored covers that provided additional grip to your steering wheel. No one way of adding grip is better than the other. What’s most important here is that you purchase something with texture. Contoured designs are also worth considering, as they add different levels of thickness to the cover that can help improve your grip.

Finally, we only included options on our list that were durable enough to last through daily use. You shouldn’t be worried about spending money just to have the product wear out after a few short months.

Best Leather Steering Wheel Cover Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Microfiber Leather vs. Genuine Leather
    When it comes to the type of leather found in steering wheel covers, you really only have two options: microfiber leather vs. genuine leather. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two:

    • Microfiber Leather: This isn’t true animal hide leather. Instead, it’s a synthetic form of leather made from microfiber. It offers greater resistance to heat and creasing, but mimics leather in appearance and feel.
    • Genuine Leather: This is the traditional form of leather most people think about when they hear the term. It’s durable and long-lasting, but also feels soft and smooth under the skin.
  2. Size and Compatibility
    Steering wheels come in all shapes and sizes, and the same can be said for their covers.. Before setting your heart on a specific steering wheel cover, make sure you know how big your steering wheel is so you can be sure the two are compatible. Some car manufacturers also make non-standard steering wheel shapes, so be sure your steering wheel cover will fit appropriately if that’s the case. The most common size is 15 inches, but you can also buy a 16” and 17” leather steering wheel cover if your wheel is that big.
  3. Grip
    You never want to lose your grip while driving, but purchasing the wrong steering wheel cover may cause you to do just that. This is why it’s important to purchase an option that provides anti-slip properties. Leather is naturally good all around for grip, but when you add textured or contoured patterns to the cover, your grip only increases.
  4. Aesthetics
    You want your car to look good, and many car manufacturers design their steering wheels to fit the overall design of the car. The steering wheel cover you choose can either enhance or detract from that design aesthetic. Of course, in the end, you are the one who matters the most when it comes to how everything inside your car looks. Choose a steering wheel cover that fits your personal preference when it comes to visuals.
  5. Durability
    If you drive your car every day, it means your leather steering wheel cover will experience daily handling. This is why it’s important that you purchase something that will hold up against daily exposure to your hands, the sun and varying temperatures in both extremes. Overall, leather is one of the most durable materials, but the different ways leather steering wheels are designed can make them more or less durable.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover FAQs

What is a leather wrapped steering wheel?

Leather wrapped steering wheels are like any other steering wheel except covered in leather material. This can happen either with aftermarket leather wrapping kits or directly from the manufacturer. Leather wrapped steering wheels increase grip and breathability, thus creating a more enjoyable and comfortable driving experience.

What kind of steering wheel cover do I need?

The steering cover you need depends on a variety of different factors. First, you’ll need to know how big your car’s steering wheel is to ensure you purchase the right size of cover. After that, you’ll want to determine if you want more grip or contouring for a more comfortable experience. However, your final decision will become personal preference. What do you want the steering wheel cover to look like? Do you want to be colorful or match your car’s interior color scheme?

How do you protect your leather steering wheel?

For the most part, leather steering wheels are incredibly durable and need minimal maintenance. However, you should always perform that minimal maintenance as regularly as possible. Make sure your hands are clean before you drive and condition the leather from time to time with a leather cleaner. We also recommend avoiding wearing jewelry like rings when using a leather steering wheel cover.

Is a steering wheel cover worth it?

Yes! A steering wheel cover is definitely worth it, especially if you want to keep your car in great shape and maintain its resale value. Steering wheels can get worn faster than you’d like, especially with daily use. A steering wheel cover prevents that from happening. Steering wheel covers can also add more comfort to your driving experience. For example, if you buy the best heated steering wheel cover, it will keep your hands warm during winter. Other options include heat resistance for the summer or extra padding for added comfort. Some companies even make disposable steering wheel covers.
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