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7 Best Soap Dishes For Your Home

Updated: Nov 20, 2023 10:47 AM
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The best soap dish for your home is the Yamazaki Self-Draining soap dispenser. It boasts a unique but highly functional design, excellent value, ease of upkeep, eco-friendliness, and a soap-saving self-draining design. This is a must-have kitchen product for any home.

We took the time to assemble a list of the best soap dishes for your home, preferring soap dishes that were easy to clean, durable, and inexpensive. We also liked products that were eco-friendly, included soap saver features to increase the life of your soap bars and minimize waste, and those that didn’t take up too much space around sinks, baths, and showers. Keep reading to learn more about the Yamazaki Self-Draining Soap Dispenser and the other models on this list.

Top 7 Best Soap Dishes For Your Home

 #1  YAMAZAKI home 2992 Self Draining Soap Dish


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s sleek-looking, available in multiple colors, and made with highly durable and semi-flexible silicone, and it’s small enough to fit comfortably in even the most cramped and crowded bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Easiest to clean of all soap dishes on our list
  • Unique self-draining bristles extend soap’s life
  • Made from recyclable material
  • May be too small and light for some specialty soaps
  • Flexible silicone may not be best for attaching to shower walls

The Yamazaki stands out on our list for a unique but function-oriented design and excellent value. While several soap dishes on our list are self-draining, only the Yamazaki employs a brush-bristle like design, which allows excess soap and water to drain down the bristles, while the bristles themselves help hold the soap in place better than a flat surface does.

The Yamazaki is made out of a 100% recyclable silicone, making it highly eco-friendly, but the flexible nature of silicone means it’s not the best choice for attaching to walls and tile, and while its especially compact 3.35 x 4.33” size makes it easy to fit in practically any bathroom or kitchen, it also means it may not accommodate some specialty soap bars. Speaking of your kitchen, you may want to pick up some of the best dishwasher soap.

 #2  Magift 2 Piece Home Bathroom Wooden Soap Dish


WHY WE LIKE IT: An attractive and sturdy wooden soap dish with some unique features that can help soap last longer and reduce mess, such as high side slats that help prevent soap from slipping out.

  • High end finish and spa like look
  • Large enough to accommodate most speciality soaps
  • High side slats help prevent soap from slipping out of dish
  • Wood construction makes it more susceptible to mold
  • Not as indestructible as many on list

The Magift earns its Honorable Mention due to its stylish and classic appearance, range of different uses, and excellent value. Made of 100% pine, the Magift is 4.25” x 3.14”, making it larger than many on the list and thus capable of holding slightly larger or odd-shaped speciality soaps, but still small enough to fit perfectly in most kitchens and bathrooms. The high side slats are an excellent design touch that will keep bars of soap from slipping off the dish easily.

While the wood construction makes it among the nicest-looking soap dishes on the list, it also means it’s more susceptible to gathering mold and easier to damage or break by over-vigorous scrubbing or dropping, but coming in packs of two for only a fraction more than the cost of one make it an excellent value, and the fact that it can be used for sponges, scrubbers, and brushes as well means it’s a great all-around choice. All you’ll need is some of the best dish soap.

 #3  TOPSKY 2-Pack Soap Dish


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Topsky is made of extra-durable plastic that won’t break even when dropped and is large enough to accommodate larger specialty soaps but also built to prevent soap from going soft easily.

  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Made with a special non-toxic plastic compound
  • Self-draining and won’t spill soapy water
  • Less eco-friendly than most on list
  • Aesthetics may not suit all consumers

The Topsky is made of highly durable plastic and its self-draining two-part design keeps water away from the soap. This is an important feature for increasing the life of specialty soaps, which tend not to have the same preserving and hardening agents as mass-produced soaps. We also loved that this dish helps to keep water from spilling out, reducing mess.

With dimensions of 5.1″ x 3.7″, it’s great for larger soaps, and it’s made without the use of volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs), meaning it’s hypoallergenic for people with allergies and other sensitivities. However, ut its plastic construction also makes it a somewhat less eco-friendly option but great for kids! You may not keep your best shaving soap in this dish, but you could use it for anything else.

 #4  Zenna Home Boddington Soap Dish


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Zenna’s beautiful design puts style in front and accommodates practically any kind of soap bar, with a large interior that can easily fit multiple soap bars.

  • Largest capacity on our list
  • Made from durable and long-lasting resin
  • Heavy weight keeps it from sliding
  • No self-draining functionality
  • Most expensive dish on list
  • May be too large for some kitchens and bathrooms

The Zenna Home Boddington soap dish is the most stylish on the list, made from a glass-like resin and featuring a bronze-colored, bejeweled inlay. It’s also the largest dish on the list, which means it can accommodate practically any size or shape of soap bar available.

The attention to appearance does come with some drawbacks, however, as the lack of a self-draining feature means it needs to be cleaned and dried more often to prevent soap from becoming soft and decreasing its shelf life, however, the high walls will keep water inside the dish and off surfaces better than most on the list.

 #5  Lofekea Ceramic Soap Dish


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Lofekea is a well-built workhorse with a number of features that make it a good choice for hectic, accident-prone households, and is an excellent value for the materials and construction on offer.

  • Comes with anti-slip mat
  • Ceramic and stainless steel construction for longer life than plastic dishes
  • Self-draining
  • Ceramic is more fragile than many materials
  • Too heavy for wall mounting

The Lofekea combines a ceramic base with a stainless steel self-draining surface for a durable, hefty, and easy-to-clean dish that will help increase the life of your soap. At 5 x 3.7”, it’s reasonably large and can hold most normal-sized bars, and the included anti-slip silicone mat greatly reduces the chances of it sliding off kitchen and bathroom surfaces, making it an excellent choice for households with children. When you live with kids, you also need to have the best cleaning cloth at the ready!

Ceramic is, however, less durable than many materials high-quality soap dishes are made of, meaning if it is knocked off surfaces, it’s more susceptible to damage. More expensive construction also means the Lofekea isn’t quite as much of a value as many on our list.

 #6  Creative Home Slate Soap Dish


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Creative Home’s stone construction makes it among the most durable on our list, and its unusual dimensions make it stand out among other models, with a rustic design that is perfect for outdoor bathroom setups.

  • Longest dimensions on the list
  • Can withstand the elements
  • Made from ultra-durable hand cut stone
  • Too large for some kitchens and bathrooms
  • Completely flat surface means no self-draining function
  • Stone could scratch some surfaces

The Creative Home Slate Soap Dish is made out of 100% hand cut slate, giving it a beautiful, rustic look and making it extremely tough and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse, and making it the best choice for outdoor showers, baths, and kitchen spaces. With dimensions of 3.5 x 5.5”, it’s the best choice on the list for people looking for a long soap dish, and could hold multiple soaps depending on size and shape.

The Creative’s bulk, however, makes it less ideal for kitchens and bathrooms with limited space, and the hardness of the stone could make it more prone to scratching certain surfaces. With a completely flat design, it also lacks a self-draining feature, meaning it won’t preserve the life of your soap as well as most on the list. This soap dish is durable and will become invaluable among your bathroom essentials.

 #7  Vyriloner Soap Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a full-featured, fairly compact soap dish that’s a great value, and its added functionality will make it a no-brainer choice for some uses.

  • Pull-out water tray makes cleaning easy
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Comes wall-mountable making it great for showers and baths
  • May not hold extremely heavy soaps
  • Slightly cheaper construction than other models

The Vyriloner comes wall-mountable with the use of an adhesive-coated pad that locks into the dish, making it a great choice for the shower, or a bathroom or kitchen with limited flat surface space. At 5 x 3.9”, it’s large enough to hold most normal soap sizes without being in the way.

While the wall mount and adhesive are rated at being able to hold up to an impressive 11.02 lbs, actual experience may vary, and it may not be best to test that limit with anything you don’t want to be broken, but it’s more than adequate for your average bar of soap. The Vyriloner’s self-draining design features a bottom compartment that pulls out, making it easy to clean without dismounting the entire dish.

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How We Decided

There is no shortage of options online when it comes to soap dishes, but for our list, we looked at soap dishes that were easy to clean- many of soap dishes on the list had a self-draining feature to facilitate easy cleaning but all were easily washed and dried with a minimum of fuss and without damaging them.

Speaking of damage, we also made sure to see that all our top picks were durable enough to generally withstand being dropped, knocked off sinks and shower stands, and taking whatever other normal abuse bathroom and kitchen items can receive over the course of their lifetime.

We also looked at soap dishes that could hold multiple bars and bars which are larger than average or unusually shaped without taking up too much space for the average kitchen or bathroom.

Finally, we favored inexpensive models that were notably eco-friendly and were small enough to fit in most sinks, showers, or bathtubs without taking up too much room or crowding out toiletries, sponges, or other common bathroom and kitchen items you’d keep in the vicinity. Be sure to also check out the best sponge if you want clean surfaces.

Best Soap Dishes For Your Home Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Durability
    Any product that sits in a bathroom or kitchen all day is bound to take some abuse over time, be it from kids, cats, accidents, and general use. Every soap dish on our list has been built to last with material that can take a beating- or a knocking to the floor by furry family members. Our picks are made from high-quality plastic, stone and other ultra-durable materials.
  2. Easy to clean
    It might seem like your soap dish doesn’t really need to be cleaned terribly often, but even soap dishes need to be cleaned as things like black mold can easily develop on surfaces regularly exposed to water, especially if they’re frequently not exposed to regular light. All of the dishes on our list proved themselves easy to clean and care for with little difficulty, regardless of the material they were made out of, and most of them featured a self-draining design, adding up to less mess and soap that lasts longer without becoming mushy or soft by sitting in water.
  3. Easy to fit anywhere
    Bathrooms, baths, showers, and kitchen sinks can be crowded spaces where real estate is scarce and subject to being taken over by toiletries and other sundry items. All of the soap dishes on our list were found to be small enough to fit easily into the smallest and most crowded sink, shower, and bath configurations, but not so small as to not be able to accommodate the large variety of sizes and shapes consumer soaps come in.
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