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10 Best RFID Wallets

Updated: Jan 27, 2024 1:45 PM
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To find the best RFID wallets, you’ll need to examine a list of criteria to determine what is most important. We recommend the best RFID wallet with a healthy mix of slots and compartments to hold coins, cards, and cash, along with a rugged 100% leather or carbon fiber, polycarbonate, and aircraft-grade aluminum combo for durability. Auxiliary features such as pull tabs or finger slots to “pop” cards out quickly also work wonders.  

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we’ve determined that the Flipside RFID Wallet is the best RFID wallet you can buy. Keep reading about this and our other top picks to learn more about the best wallets on the market.

Top 10 Best RFID Wallets

 #1  Flipside RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID wallet comes with an ultra-durable polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum construction, along with an assisted open mechanism, a nice choice for people exposing it to heavy wear and tear (e.g. construction workers).

  • Easy to use automatic locking
  • Polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Six military-inspired color options
  • Bulky design
  • Hard to access cards below the top of wallet
  • Limited money clip capacity (10 bills)

This RFID blocking wallet is rugged to the max, starting with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum construction that holds its own against heavy wear and tear. It also comes with an assisted open and automatic lock mechanism that uses a button to open and close it on a dime, keeping your cards safely contained within. It is a neat alternative to opening it the old fashioned way.

In terms of utility, this RFID blocking wallet is in the upper range, with eight credit card slots and enough room for 10 bills. A rubber strap clip down the center keeps money and other items such as receipts firmly in place, making them easier to remove. Kudos for coming in one of six colors, with three camo-style options (Trooper Green, Stealth Black, and Mech Grey) and three lighter options (Impulse Blue, Flare Orange, and Punk Pink).

 #2  Tommy Hilfiger RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID wallet is made of 100% genuine leather with a minimalist design, a nice choice for people who want all substance and no flash.

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Includes removable ID window for space-saving
  • Six military-inspired color options
  • No snap or zippered closure
  • Hand wash recommended; not machine washable
  • Too much reliance on shades of black and brown

This best RFID minimalist wallet’s interior is as bare-bones as it gets, with nothing but a large non-zippered compartment on the left, two slip pockets, four credit card slots on the right (six total), and a bill compartment. Our only knock is that it does not include a snap or zippered closure.

We love this RFID blocking technology wallet’s minimalist design, heavy on tonal stitching and discrete embedded Tommy Hilfiger logo on the outer band, and embossed lettering in the inner flap. Striped fabric in the inner compartments provides a nice, subtle pop. Kudos for coming in more than 20 color options with the occasional quirky one (e.g. British Tan and Cognac), albeit leaning heavily towards different shades of black and brown more than we would like.

 #3  Travelambo RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This slim RFID wallet is made of 100% genuine leather and has a slim profile ( 4 x 3.2 x 0.1 inches), a nice choice for people who prefer a snug fit in tight front or back pockets.

  • Light profile (4 x 3.2 x 0.1 inches)
  • Comes in 15+ diverse color options
  • Rugged and durable crosshatch leather design
  • Not the highest cash carrying capacity
  • Glue lining in separators could be more intact

This RFID wallet hits all the right marks in terms of minimalist design and utility. Its heavily crosshatch-style and contoured leather provides a nice tough, along with an embedded Travelambo logo on the bottom fold. Big bonus points for coming in more than 15 color options, with all of the neutral colors represented (e.g. black, brown, gray) plus more interesting choices like the rugged brown Khaki Deep Ace and distressed and worn-looking Grey Ace.

Despite this RFID wallet’s slim proportions, it packs a punch, able to hold up to ten cards and comfortably fits 10+ bills. It also comes with a quick access ID window and two larger top compartments for cash and miscellaneous items such as boarding passes and receipts. All in all, this RFID wallet offers a potent combination of size and utility.

 #4  Buffway RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID blocking wallet comes with a diverse mix of slots for cash/cards/coins, along a dedicated finger hole for easy and quick access to your most frequently used cards, a great choice for people who do not carry a lot of cards.

  • Finger slot for quick card access
  • Generous eight slot compartments for cards, coins, and cash
  • Clear ID window for easy display
  • Embossed Buffway logo a bit too deep

We love this RFID wallet’s straightforward design. It is slim (3 1/8 x 4 7/16 inches) and heavily contoured with a cross leather construction that fits great in a front or back pocket. No distinguishable outer markets exist other than an embossed ‘Buffway’ logo on the bottom fold.

Arguably this RFID wallet’s biggest strength is its finger hole design. Pressing the thumb upwards pops the cards out of the wallet, a great choice for one single frequently used card. On the compartment front, this RFID wallet is very well diversified, with a middle cash pocket, two side or slip pockets, three larger slots for all types of cards, and a clear window slot to whip out your driver’s license or badge at a moment’s notice. For a vegan-friendly option, check out our best vegan wallets buying guide.

 #5  Timberland RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID wallet comes with a Cordura fabric and nylon lining and easy to use hook and loop closure, a nice option for beachgoers who need a little extra water resistance.

  • Generous number of card pockets (13)
  • Roomy, clear plastic ID window and cash billfold pocket
  • Durable, water-resistant Cordura construction with nylon lining
  • Not the best craftsmanship with edge stitching
  • May be hard to remove credit cards from slots at times

This nylon RFID blocking wallet is very well proportioned, starting with a whopping 13 credit card pockets, a large cash compartment, and a clear plastic ID window dead center. Both card slots appear on opposed folds with additional spaces behind the clear plastic ID window for less frequently used cards. Its roomy bill compartment is good enough to hold roughly 20 bills without bulking up too much.

In terms of design, this best RFID wallet for travel is pretty straightforward, with heavy stitching along the edges and no significant markings other than the embroidered Timberland Pro logo patch on the bottom outer corner. For a no-frills wallet, the number of slots and clean design should be more than enough to compensate.

 #6  Serman Brands RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID wallet is made of full-grain leather with a pull tab for accessing your most frequently used cards, a neat choice for anyone looking for an all-around wallet.

  • Pull tab for card access
  • Room for eight cards, 10 bills
  • Heavy stitching around the edges
  • Very tight slots out of the box
  • Not scratch-resistant

This RFID leather wallet is a jack of all trades, starting with a rugged yet smooth full-grain leather construction with heavy stitching around the edges. The combination of a curved outer fold and pull tab slot offers plenty of curvy pop. There are also interesting color choices, like the visceral Canyon Red and the heavily checkered Modern Black schemes.

In terms of the number of compartments, this best RFID pop up wallet does well, with room for up to eight cards, 10 bills, and a large ID window for quick flashing at checkpoints. Our favorite feature is the smart pull strap, joined by a hidden compartment that pops out up to four most frequently used cards. A removable, twist-on, twist-off, stainless steel money clip also provides extra storage capacity.

 #7  Bryker Hyde RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID wallet features rugged, distressed leather and two ID windows, a nice choice for people who regularly need to show two forms of identification (e.g. driver’s license and work badges).

  • Excellent stitching around edges
  • Made of durable, full grain genuine leather
  • Two ID windows for convenience
  • Not the biggest wallet (3.5 by 4.5 inches when closed)

This RFID wallet is solid across the board, starting with nine card slots and two hidden slots for miscellaneous items. A divider works great in separating cash from receipts, boarding passes, and other travel documents. However, its biggest draw is the two ID windows, an excellent choice for frequent business travelers.

We love this slim wallet’s styling, consisting of distressed leather with an uneven texture for a firm grip. Stitching is tight and even across the edges with an embossed Bryker Hide logo on the bottom right outer fold. At only 3.5 by 4.5 inches when closed, it offers a nice fit in a front or back pocket.

 #8  Radix One RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This RFID wallet comes in a pure minimalist design with an all silicone construction, a nice choice for people with little to hold.

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Sleek black color & includes money clip
  • Can hold between four and 10 cards
  • May chip with heavy wear and tear

This minimalist wallet is pure minimalist, constructed using a mix of stainless steel with a silicone band on one end used to hold wads of cash and a slotted interior good for holding between four and 10 cards. The silicone band does an excellent job of expanding the wallet by opening or closing two hardened steel plates closer together depending on load.

Using this RFID minimalist wallet is very easy. To hold more or less cash, one side of the band is unhooked to offer more space. It only offers a small learning curve, as it has no traditional closure. All in all, look at this RFID wallet if you are looking for a neat alternative over bifold and trifold wallets. It’s a great gift for anyone looking for the best front pocket wallet.

 #9  Columbia RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tri-fold RFID wallet comes with a heavily coated leather construction and up to nine credit card slots, a great choice for people looking for a rugged and durable solution.

  • Generous nine credit card slots
  • Rugged look with dark undertones
  • More than ten color/logo placement combinations
  • Does not come with a closure
  • Tin metal gift box a bit cheap looking

Styling with this RFID wallet can best be described as “rugged” with a heavy coated and slightly distressed leather combination with heavy stitching along the edges. It comes in more than 10 color combinations, mainly neutral tones with different shades of brown and black. One interesting design cue is different versions of the Columbia logo on the outer fold, appearing as a stamp or a graphic-only logo depending on the color.

In terms of utility, this RFID wallet does well, with nine card slots, a removable ID window, and two hidden compartments for miscellaneous items. The removable ID window has a thumb slider which makes it very easy to pull out your ID for showing. For the price you pay though, the tin metal gift box looks rather low-quality. All in all, this bi-fold wallet is pretty well rounded.

 #10  Fossil RFID Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This aesthetically pleasing RFID wallet is made of 100% genuine leather and comes with a flip ID window, a nice choice for people who like the convenience of showing their IDs quickly.

  • Very spacious cash compartment
  • ID window flips for convenience
  • Includes two slide pockets for miscellaneous items
  • Polyester lining, not the most durable

This leather RFID wallet is as basic as it gets. It comes in slim proportions (4.5 x 0.75 x 3.56 inches) and comes in a bifold closure design with a clear plastic ID window on the inner left fold and four credit card slots on the right inner fold, giving you that nice coverage and privacy you get out of bifold wallets. Its main cash compartment is pretty roomy, with two slide pockets that also provide extra room for miscellaneous items.

Although the color options with this RFID wallet are limited (navy, dark brown, and brown), it makes up for it with its ultra-smooth texture, which makes it easy to place or retrieve in a front or back pocket. It is an excellent choice for people who do not have many credit cards to carry and mainly rely on cash. You may also be interested in our best money clip buying guide.

How We Decided

In determining the best RFID wallet to buy, we explored aesthetics, durability, and performance.

RFID wallets come in all shapes and sizes, starting from simple money clips for quick access to bulky bi-fold and tri-fold wallets with sewn protective RFID blocking sleeves. Usually, these come in a variety of material and stylistic combinations, from distressed leather with an aged and worn look to sleek, carbon fiber body pieces with stainless steel or aluminum plating.

As for durability, most wallets consist of leather, carbon fiber, nylon, polyester, canvas, and aluminum. Genuine leather is known for withstanding heavy daily wear and tear versus scratch and scuff-free carbon fiber. Note, within the leather family, there are different types, most notably genuine, full-grain, and top grain leather. Top grain leather is sanded full-grain leather, which is rawer, more durable, and more prone to showing cowhide’s imperfections. Depending on the wearer, this may be a good thing.

Lastly, we are big on performance. RFID wallets should carry a healthy and diversified number of slots and compartments to hold credit cards, cash, coins, travel documents, and other miscellaneous items. Auxiliary features designed to pull out your cards quicker should be kept in mind, such as pull straps or thumb holes.

Best RFID Wallets Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Aesthetics
    RFID wallets come in different styles and materials, starting with varying versions of leather (genuine leather wallet, vegan leather, top-grain, full-grain), all the way down to harder options such as carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is known for its versatile design cues (e.g. striped or heavily checkered designs for a modern look). Aesthetics also factor into utility, with many featuring extra long detachable straps or elastic straps to convert it as a clutch, presenting it to the world much more prominent than stashed away in a front or back pocket and comes off as a more stylish wallet. This applies to the best RFID wallet women’s and RFID wallets for men. If you’re into the folded look like traditional wallets, consider a bifold or trifold wallet. Some wallets have a more slim design than others, so if it applies to you, opt for a compact wallet that best suits your interests or lifestyle, like if you carry around both your wallet and phone in your pockets. Some also look like a coin pouch to serve as a loose-change holder.
  2. Durability
    We are big fans of genuine leather and full-grain leather, which hold up the best to everyday wear and tear. Top grain leather, a modified version of full grain leather, also works but weakened somewhat due to sanding and buffing down to remove imperfections. If you’re concerned about accidents or wear and tear over time, consider giving yourself some peace of mind and investing in a wallet that can be covered by a warranty or lifetime warranty.
  3. Performance
    Outside of combating electronic pickpocketing, preventing identity theft, and blocking RFID radio waves, our preference is for the best RFID wallets to carry even proportions and a mix of open, zippered, and roomy compartments with dividers for cash, coin pockets for coins, business cards, and credit cards. Kudos for clear plastic ID windows that allow users to quickly display their identification at checkpoints. Aim for a minimum of five card slots. Auxiliary features such as pull tabs for quick card access and hook and loop closures are much appreciated.

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