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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To find the best bottle jack on the market, we dove deep into the world of automotive gear, researching the factors that make a jack great, including its weight capacity, lift range, stability, and overall construction. Depending on the type of vehicle you intend on lifting and how high you need it raised, we assembled a list of the best options available. Whether you need a high capacity jack that can lift a truck, a jack that can lift higher than the competition, or merely something within your budget, we’ve got you covered. A bottle jack is one of the best tool that you can have in your car for emergencies.

After hours of research, we concluded that the best jack available for most consumers is the Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912. Featuring a weight capacity of 3 tons, the jack can lift most compact SUVs and pickup trucks. Additionally, the Black Alltrade is capable of lifting vehicles to an outstanding height of up to 21 inches, perfect for ensuring you have enough room to work when changing out a tire or performing an oil change. The impressive steel construction also ensures that this is one jack that will last you for the foreseeable future.

Top 5 Best Bottle Jacks

 #1  Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912 – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Black Alltrade 640912 delivers top-notch stability with its extra-wide base, durable steel construction, and safety bar lock mechanism to prevent accidents.

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  • Safest pick
  • Rated for 3-tons
  • Best jack for lifted trucks
  • A bit pricey (relatively speaking)
  • Weight decreases portability

When you’re working under a vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that you’re safe, and that is precisely the feeling that Powerbuilt’s Black Alltrade 640912 delivers thanks to its combo bottle jack/jack stand design. The Black Alltrade’s integrated safety bar locks the bottle jack, instantly creating an incredibly stable jack stand that won’t slip. Add in consideration for the jack’s extra-wide steel base that ensures your jack won’t slip or sink in the soft earth, and you’ve got the safest option in our roundup.

Black Alltrade’s 640912 jack features a 3-ton lift capacity, making it a perfect option for most trucks and compact SUVs. The unit can be adjusted from 11 inches to 21 inches, ensuring that you always have enough room under your vehicle to get work done, even for lifted trucks. We do wish the unit was more portable, as, despite its size, it weighs in at a hefty 22 lbs. It may not keep you out of trouble when speeding like the best radar detector, but more importantly, it lets you lift your car with ease.

 #2  Torin Big Red – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Torin delivers an impressively capable jack that can lift 6-ton trucks and with ease thanks to its glide-action pressure pump, all in a lightweight, portable form factor.

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  • Rated for 6-tons
  • Easy to transport at only 5 lbs
  • Pressure pump reduces needed effort
  • Requires use of separate jack stands

Torin’s Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack has always been a staple in the world of bottle jacks thanks to the company’s reputation for high-quality products at low prices. The 6 Ton jack from Big Red is no different as it features a hydraulic design and glide-action pressure pimp that makes lifting vehicles easier, so you won’t be breaking a sweat. The lifting area of the unit is serrated and heat treated, ensuring that it maintains grip and your vehicle won’t slip; that’s an essential factor when you could be lifting trucks such as Ford’s F150 with this hefty unit.

For all the capability this hydraulic bottle jack provides, you won’t lose any portability as it weighs in at a mere 5 lbs. We’re also happy to report that the Big Red meets the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ safety standards, meaning that you can rely on it without worry. As this is a standard bottle jack, the purchase of jack stands is necessary to ensure safety and stability when working. Best of all, the product is made in the USA. That’s something we always appreciate in the best car accessories.

 #3  Pro-Lift B-004D – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Pro-Lift B-004D brings affordability to the table with an ultra-low price tag, yet is still able to handle the weight of heavier 4-ton vehicles with ease.

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  • Rated 4-ton vehicle lift capacity
  • Heat-treated for increased durability
  • Easily adjusts to desired work height
  • Less-than-stellar 90-day warranty
  • Heavier than other options
  • Requires use of separate jack stands

The Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack is the perfect choice for anyone seeking out an affordable jack that can get the job done without breaking the bank. Don’t let this bottle jack’s low-price tag fool you, though, as it’s still one of the best thanks to its 4-ton lift capacity, an extension screw for easy adjustments, and heat-treated construction. Critical stress areas of the unit have been heated then cooled to strengthen the unit’s overall durability, so you find the need to replace this tool for quite some time.

A few trades are made for the Pro-Lift’s lower-price tag, one being a brief 90-day warranty, compared to most jack’s 1-year warranty. Additionally, the unit weighs in at 9 lbs, which isn’t beyond reason but is undoubtedly more substantial than some of our other more portable picks. Those looking for industry compliant options will be happy to find the hydraulic jack does meet both ANSI and PALD standards. Much like the best car battery charger, your jack should be safe and reliable.

 #4  Pro-Lift B-006D – Best Durable

WHY WE LIKE IT: Pro-Lift brings forward a heat-treated stainless steel design that helps its bottle jack outlive the competition while,offering an overall impressive 6-ton lift-weight.

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  • Rated 6-ton vehicle lift capacity
  • Heat-treated for increased durability
  • Saddle ensures vehicle is held securely
  • Less-than-stellar 90-day warranty
  • Heavier than other options
  • Requires use of separate jack stands

The Pro-Lift B-006D is a bottle jack that delivers an impressive 6-ton lift weight and an impressive construction that gives it a step above others in the world of durability. Featuring a heat-treated design, Pro-Lift has ensured that the typical stress points found on these styles of jacks won’t give out under normal conditions. The Pro-Lift’s saddle also features a steel design aimed at holding loads securely during use. You may also want to get the best brake bleeder just in case you also your brake fluid is leaking.

We do wish the company included more than a 90-day warranty, but with this unit’s overall durable construction, we aren’t extremely concerned that it will be an issue. One item that is worthy of note is the item’s 12 lb weight, which reduces its portability saving you put a bit of muscle strength into carrying it around. Pro tip: When listening to the best car stereo when working on a car, turn it on before you lift the car, otherwise it can be dangerous to access it after your car is lifted.

 #5  Torin Big Red Stubby Bottle Jack – Highest Capacity

WHY WE LIKE IT: When you need to lift a large vehicle, there is no better option than the Stubby Bottle Jack as it rockets past the competition with its formidable weight capacity.

  • Rated for 12-tons
  • Pressure pump reduces needed effort
  • High strength heavy-duty steel construction
  • Heavy design not for everyone
  • Short lift height of 14”
  • Requires use of separate jack stands

If you are looking for the most capable bottle jack, you have found it – this is the big boy. Torin’s Big Red Stubby Bottle Jack has a mind-blowing weight capacity of up to 12-ton (that’s 24,000 lbs), enough to lift some of the world’s most massive pickup trucks including models of Ford’s F-650. On top of its remarkable weight capacity comes the company’s drop forged alloyed steel construction, ensuring the jack can stand up to the rigors of such work. As with other Big Red products, it includes the company’s glide-action pressure pump, which makes lifting even the heaviest of trucks easier than you thought possible.

Overall, if you need the best bottle jack that can handle the weight, we’ve got a clear winner with the Red Stubby. We would have liked to see a lift height higher than the rated 14” so that getting under vehicles would be a bit easier. It should also be noted that the unit weighs in at over 14 lbs, so if you don’t require this level of weight capacity, there are lighter, more portable options on the market. Portability is always a good thing, which is why we look for that trait in the best car charger as well.

Note: Some more bottle jacks worth mentioning here that we have not included in our review are the Powerbuilt 647501 heavy-duty bottle jack used to lift heavy objects, with a 12-ton capacity and a pin style release valve that makes it easy to use. There’s also the Tooluxe Low Profile Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack made for prolonged durability and with a good lifting range, the jack lifts a maximum height of 20 inches and connects to a vehicle’s air compressor. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the Performance Tool Hydraulic Bottle Jack that has a 20-ton capacity and an extra wide base that may also make it easy to use because of the extra stability.

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How We Decided

At first glance, bottle jacks might appear to be a dime-a-dozen, and while they are certainty widely available at great prices, we needed to ensure that we only highlighted the best options. The bottle jacks that we researched all met a minimum set of requirements when it came to weight capacity, lift range, stability, and overall construction.

All of the bottle jacks that we highlighted in this roundup can lift at least 3-tons; we selected this number as it allows for usage with some of the most common trucks and compact SUVs. However, other options on our list can handle up to 12 tons, ensuring that no matter the vehicle, we have an option for you. Additionally, the jack’s lift height was essential with us selecting no unit with a height lower than 14,” meaning that you have plenty of space to work under your vehicle.

Beyond standard specifications, we wanted to ensure that all of our selections in this buying guide would last for years to come. Our selected bottle jacks are constructed from stainless steel so that they can handle the weight of the vehicle they need to lift without leaking over time. Stability aspects such as the size of the jack’s base and saddle have also been taken into consideration to ensure user safety.

Bottle Jack Buyer’s Guide


Top Features

  1. Weight Capacity: How heavy is your vehicle? Different bottle jacks are rated to lift varying amounts of weight, and your jack must meet the requirements of your car, truck, or SUV. Check with your manufacturer for your vehicle’s official weight before purchasing a bottle jack. Selecting the wrong weight capacity could cause your jack to fall, injuring whoever might be working underneath.
  2. Lift Range: Ensuring that a bottle jack can lift a vehicle properly off the ground is essential, and thus lift range comes into play. Most bottle jacks can lift a car up to 16” off the ground, allowing for a comfortable fit under the vehicle. Consider factors such as the size of the person working under the car to determine how much space you will need.
  3. Stability: Stuck in soft-earth, trying to change a tire? That could easily cause stability issues, depending on the jack you purchased. Ensuring that the bottle jack has a wide enough base so that it won’t sink into the soft ground might be something you wish to consider depending on the types of roads you travel. Additionally, selecting a jack with a textured saddle helps to keep the vehicle from slipping.
  4. Construction: You want your bottle jack to last, so keep an eye on the construction material used. We prefer to see jacks made from heat-treated steel; this ensures that they are toughened for rugged use. Avoid any jacks that utilize plastic or other easily breakable materials as they are a sure sign the company is cutting corners.

Bottle Jack FAQs

Are bottle jacks safe?

Yes, bottle jacks are a safe method of lifting a vehicle. Be sure to use jack stands when working under a vehicle as the job of a bottle jack is merely to lift a vehicle. Jack stands are separate tools used to hold a vehicle up once it has been raised. Never place your body under a vehicle only held up by a bottle jack.

What is the best bottle jack?

In our research, we found the best bottle jack to be the Powerbuilt Black Alltade 640912; it made our top pick thanks to its top-notch stability with its extra-wide base, durable steel construction, and safety bar lock mechanism to help prevent accidents. The Powerbuilt Black Alltrade features a hybrid bottle jack/jack stand design.

What is better, a floor jack or bottle jack?

Both bottle jacks and floor jacks can raise a variety of vehicles, but bottle jacks require more clearance height and thus might not fit under a standard sedan. On the flip side, bottle jack can raise a vehicle to a higher overall height. Bottle jacks work great on trucks and SUVs, but if you’re working on a sedan or other low-clearance vehicle, a floor jack might be the best option.

How much weight can a bottle jack lift?

Different bottle jacks have various weight capacities. It is essential to check the details of jack that you are purchasing to see if it can support the total weight of your vehicle. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for more information on your car, truck, or SUVs, curb-side weight. This information is vital to your safety and should not be overlooked.

Why are bottle jacks so cheap?

Bottle jacks feature a simple hydraulic construction and are generally able to be mass-produced on a scale that makes them easy to afford. Not all bottle jacks are cheap, however, and you should make sure the jack you are looking at offers the features you need for your vehicle.

How many jack stands do I need?

When working with a jack, you will need to use jack stands tåo keep your vehicle firmly supported. If you are lifting one end of your vehicle, use two jack stands. On the other hand, if you need to raise your entire vehicle, use four jacks - two in front and two in back.
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