Best Dyson Vacuum

Dyson vacuum products are known for their power and technology – but what’s the best Dyson vacuum of 2019? We dug down and studied suction capabilities, sealing tech, the latest motors and brushes, and a little bit of everything else. Now we’ve made our top Dyson picks, based on what type of surface you really need to clean.

After comparing models, our top pick was ultimately the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright ($535.94), an extremely powerful vacuum with an upgradable brush bar, rotating heads designed to remove annoying pet hair, and a plethora of accessories that allow you to tackle many different projects at once.

Best Dyson Vacuum

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete UprightDyson V6 Motor Head Cord-FreeDyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld
Rank#1 - Editor's Choice/
Best Dyson Vacuum for Pets
#2 - Best Dyson Stick Vacuum#3 - Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum
Amazon Rating4andhalf-stars4andhalf-stars4andhalf-stars
Brush RollBrush Bar with Extra PowerWith Direct-DriveNA
Dust TrappingBasic FilterPost Motor Filter"Whole Machine" HEPA filtration
Water LiftUnknownUnknownUnknown
Weight27.1 pound5 pounds3.4 pounds
Air FlowUnknownUnknownUnknown
ContainerCanisterSmall CanisterSmall Canister
On Board Accessories5 options2 optionsNA
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

How We Choose the Best Dyson Vacuum

When we compare Dyson vacuums, we take a look at several important features to choose which Dyson vacuum is the best. Some of the key features we examine include:

  • Sealing Technology: While Dyson vacs excel in many areas, one of their strongest qualities is power – and much of that comes from high-quality sealing technology. The better the seals on your vacuum cleaner motor and canister, the better the suction and the less chance of dust escaping back into the air.
  • Automatic Adjustment for Different Floors: Our top Dyson pick, like many high-end vacuums, has a useful adjustment feature that raises and lowers the vacuum cleaner head to match carpets, hardwoods, and other types of flooring, ensuring better suction. We really like seeing these simple but effective automatic adjustment options that are so handy for the average household.
  • Maneuverability: Maneuverability refers to how easily the vacuum cleaner can reach other furniture, clean furniture, handle stairs, and so on. We prefer vacuum cleaners that are lighter and more nimble when possible (below 17 pounds is great, although we made an exception for our top pick), including cordless models. However, maneuverability also refers to container options. If you’re wondering how to clean a Dyson vacuum, most use canisters instead of bags. We give preference to easy-dump canisters that can be poured right into the trash.
  • Additional Suction Specs: Take a look at our Dyson comparison chart and you’ll see the full range of specs that we favor. Dyson doesn’t release much information on water lift or CFM, which refer to suction power and air flow, respectively. However, when available we also look at these statistics or run our own tests to find out just how suction compares to other vacuum models.
  • Price: How much is a Dyson vacuum? While rates can vary, Dyson models can have pretty high price tags. Taking this into account, we still don’t want consumers paying too much for a vacuum cleaner they really don’t need.

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Why You Should Buy a New Dyson Vacuum

More than most brands, Dyson is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to new, consumer-friendly vacuum technology. We’re not just talking about “cyclone” suction and other branding terms, either.

We mean real changes, like cordless, quick-charging vacuums that still have enough power to clean up messes, or stick vacuums that can be adjusted to handhelds at the drop of a hat. The latest brush upgrades also give many Dyson brushes 25%-50% more power, which means they dig more deeply into carpets with more powerful motors.

So, when you’re asking “Which Dyson is right for me?”, think about what sort of messes you need to clean up, and where your current vacuum cleaner is currently struggling. Pick the Dyson model that deals with these shortcomings!

#1 Pick Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright – Editor’s Choice/Best Dyson Vacuum for Pets

Dyson dc65
If you want lots of power and a vacuum that can handle every surface, this upright is for you.

Price: $535.94 | Brush Roll: Brush Bar with Extra Power | Dust Trapping: Basic Filter | Container: Canister | On Board Accessories: 5 Options | Weight: 21.2 pounds

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Excellent at dealing with big messes, matted hair, and all those other vacuum nightmares.

When it comes to all-purpose Dyson models, the DC65 Animal impressed us the most with its power and versatility. In addition to standbys like Radial Root Cyclone technology in the famous Dyson Ball, there are also more practical adjustments to this new model, such as a new brush bar that now has 25% more power – perfect for cleaning deep carpets filled with tough dirt, as well as the best Dyson vacuum for pet hair. In addition to the extra digging power, the model comes with counter-rotating heads that are particularly useful for removing pet hair and other stubborn debris from upholstery or carpet.

The accessories are also worth a mention, because Dyson manages to include a plethora in this otherwise slim vacuum cleaner. A turbine tool, flat tool, soft brush, corner brush, bristle brush, and more help you clean just about every surface you can think of.

However, there are two caveats to choosing this ultra-powerful mode. First – well, you have to pay for it, and going over $500 is a bit much for small houses or apartments. Second, at just over 27 pounds this is one of the heaviest consumer vacuum cleaners we’ve seen, so it’s not very suitable for the elderly or those who don’t want to lug it around the house.

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#2 Pick Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-Free – Best Dyson Stick Vacuum

Dyson v6 Motor
This cordless vac is super quick and perfect for smaller homes.

Price: $365.00 | Brush Roll: With Direct-Drive | Dust Trapping: Post Motor Filter | Container: Small Canister | On Board Accessories: 2 Options | Weight: 5 Pounds

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Cordless, lightweight, but still powerful enough for any floor.

Moving from one of the heaviest floor vacuum cleaners we’ve seen to one of the lightest, the “stick” vacuum cleaner line is a newer type of model designed for quick, lightweight work. In many ways the V6 stick is an attempt to combine the power of traditional Dyson models with the lighter, more maneuverable stick model, and in most ways it is a resounding success. We appreciated the Direct-Drive adjust that adds extra power to the bristles and enables the motor to easily clean carpets (something stick vacuums can sometimes struggle with).

Versatility is a big focus for this vacuum. There’s an accessory you can pop out to reach distant corners, nooks, or crannies, and another soft brush for cleaning keyboards. It also features a collapsible mode that turns this model into a handheld for any upholstery work, which saves you a lot of time with other, less necessary accessories. We also liked the wall mount/recharge station, although it does need to be near an outlet when you install it.

If you are cleaning multiple surfaces and furniture at the same time, this model is a perfect fit. However, the battery is a little disappointing, with only up to 20 minutes of run time – not a lot when you’re looking at a whole-house cleaning job. However, we do like the power trigger, which only uses this battery when you’re ready for suction, saving as much energy as possible.

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#3 Pick Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld – Best Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Dyson v6 Trigger
This powerful handheld can hold its own even with traditional vacs.

Price: $195.99 | Brush Roll: N/A | Dust Trapping: “Whole Machine” HEPA filtration | Container: Small Canister | On Board Accessories: N/A | Weight: 3.4 pounds

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: A handheld vacuum that can handle all those tricky tasks other vacuums can’t.

Not everyone needs a floor vac – and one of Dyson’s most impressive models is actually an ultra-powerful handheld cleaner. This handheld version is a trigger-based vacuum with a small canister, one that’s designed to be quickly dumped into the trash so you can clean up and get on with your day in minutes instead of hours. The radial cyclone design also gives it a surprising amount of power. If you are look for a great vacuum cleaner for tackling upholstery, car detailing, and other specific projects, this is one of the best models that we’ve seen.

Of course, it does come with that problematic 20-minute battery life, so you may need to recharge often. However, there is an interesting feature that allows you to go into high-power mode for several minutes, which is particularly handy if you have a mess to clean up ASAP and only need to use the vacuum for a brief amount of time.

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What to Look For When Buying the Best Dyson Vacuum?

New Technology 

  • We’ve already mentioned the new, more powerful brush roll, the cordless models, and the radial cyclone designs used by Dyson. Features like this easily increase vacuum cleaner power and are dealmakers when looking for a heavy-duty model.

Manageable Prices

  • To be blunt: Dysons have high prices. When looking at a model like a Shark vacuum compared to Dyson, one of the noticeable difference is price. Shark models rarely go beyond $350 or so, while Dyson models of the same type can easily soar above $500. This is one reason we preferred the less expensive, lighter models that Dyson has been working on lately: they allow you to save much more money (and more weight) at the same time.

The Right Model for the Job

  • If you have a lot of dirty carpet to clean, then a Dyson ball multi-floor upright vacuum – corded, preferably – is probably going to be the best model for the job (even if it is extra heavy). However, if you have a smaller floor space to work with, or need to clean a lot of furniture quickly, you may want to take a look at our other models. What is the best Dyson vacuum? It depends on your home.

Dust Requirements

  • Do you need a vacuum cleaner that helps prevent allergies and asthma? Look for a model that includes excellent sealing and filtration. Dyson doesn’t have much of a focus on HEPA – high efficiency particulate air – filters (even our handheld pick only calls itself HEPA because of its sealing tech, not because of a filter). But many other brands offer replaceable HEPA filters for powerful dust and pollen control, often for a fraction of a Dyson’s cost.

Head and Roller Size

  • Do you have a lot of tight spaces to vacuum around or within? Take a look at the roller size and make sure that it’s small enough to get under your furniture and into crevices.

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Mistakes to Avoid

  • Buying Only Because of Dyson Tech: We get it, Dyson does a lot of exciting, high-end work in the vacuum cleaner world…but avoid getting fixated on Dyson models just because that’s what you’re currently looking at. Check out our picks for the best vacuum cleaners for carpets and other choices on shelves before making up your mind. Not everyone needs a Dyson, however powerful they may be.
  • Buying for the Wrong Type of Floor: If you have hardwood and tile, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a vacuum cleaner with extra powerful brushes for carpets. If you are cleaning a lot of carpet, you probably don’t need a suction setting for flat floors; look at your floors, and then purchase the model you need .
  • Forgetting About Accessories: Accessories can take a lot of work out of the vacuum cleaner process, or solve a problem that you didn’t even know you had. Our top pick is a monster of a vacuum, but it comes with an array of useful accessories for pretty much every surface, which counts for a lot in our book.
  • Using Too Much Power: We’re not talking about energy consumption here (although that may be a valid concern for you as well). We mean vacuum cleaners that are a little too good at their jobs: Dyson machines are especially powerful, but that doesn’t always lead to good results. If you have fragile carpet or rugs (international products especially fall into this category), then that extra brushing power may actually rip out fibers and damage your furniture or floor. Tread carefully!

What Else You Should Think About

Once again, remember to buy the right vacuum cleaner for your situation – our top pick is a great upright, but you may not need a full upright vacuum! One reason Dyson vacuum units tend to be high-end is because they are very durable and come with some of the longest guarantees in the business, so this is a long-term choice. It deserves careful consideration.

Additionally, we know Dyson terms can get a little confusing, so don’t be afraid to do more research if necessary. For example, Dyson talks frequently about “cyclonic” action, which may not make much sense in terms of vacuuming. This actually refers to a design pioneered by the original James Dyson, which sucks air in a spiral pattern around the canister to siphon off dust more effectively without losing suction power. Sometimes terms like these help you understand your vacuum better – or keep you from falling for flashy names that don’t really mean much.

After considering the best Dyson vacuum, think about what else you need, too. You can learn more about the latest changes Dyson is making to its vacuum cleaner models, or study some of the latest vacuum cleaner models that make even Dyson look low, like the Gtech AirRam. If you’re interested in robot or automatic vacuums, take a look at our review of the Deebot D45 or check up on Dyson’s latest robot vacuum plans too!

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