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Updated: Feb 21, 2024 8:26 PM
best steam mop vacuum guide that shows the top best vacuum cleaner model

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What are the features that make the best steam mop vacuum? With powerful suction, strong steam cleaning, and easy maneuverability, these cleaning appliances are the best vacuum cleaners for many types of flooring. You can use these in vacuum mode, steam mop mode, or both at the same time.

If you’re looking for the deepest clean you can get on your floors, then a steam mop vacuum or a great shop vac is an excellent choice. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to use and maintain in the long run, making them some of the longest-lasting cleaning products you can buy today. Then once the interior of your home is vacuumed, you can move onto your yard with the best leaf vacuum.

Keep reading on to learn more about the best vacuum mop, which features make them stand apart from traditional vacuums, and how you can purchase the right one for your needs.

Top Steam Mop Vacuums

 #1   Bissell 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a decently powerful vacuuming force and can be used on a variety of hardwood floors and carpets. It can also create a scented fragrance and can be switched between its vacuuming and steaming function.

  • Cleans both hardwood floors and carpets
  • Mop pads are scented for enhanced fragrance after cleaning
  • Lightweight enough to move around easily
  • Complaints of water leakages from its reservoir

The Bissell 2747A PowerFresh vacuum cleaner is an ideal all-in-one vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and steam at once, and as a result, it can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The vacuum cleaner also boasts dry tank technology to ensure that there isn’t any moisture in the tank, and since swapping out the mop pads is pretty easy to do, maintaining it doesn’t require a lot of effort. The correct handheld steam cleaner can be set to different cleaning levels. However, some users have complained of water leakages from the reservoir.

This all-in-one vacuum and steam mop can be used on a variety of hardwood floors and carpets. Owners will also be able to use it for improving the scent when cleaning, and since it weighs only 9.74 pounds, moving it around is pretty easy to do. The vacuum cleaner comes with one soft and one scrubby washable microfiber pad, and with a powerful cyclonic suction force, it works great for getting rid of any dirt and debris quickly from most surfaces.

 #2   Moolan Steam Mop and Vacuum All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner

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WHY WE LIKE IT: It has three cleaning modes and an elaborate filtration system that traps up to 99% of dust and debris. Its water tank has a decent capacity of 0.45 liters, and the mop can be used to clean up different floor types and surfaces.

  • Has three different cleaning modes
  • Decent sized 450ml water tank
  • Elaborate filtration system
  • No indicator lighting up when the dust cup is full or when the water tank needs refilling.

The Moolan Steam Mop and Vacuum is an all-in-one vacuum cleaner capable of a suction force of up to 18 Kpa and efficient filtration courtesy of its built-in HEPA filter. The vacuum cleaner can be switched between three cleaning modes, where it can be used for steaming, vacuuming, or both at the same time. It also comes with a 450ml water tank capacity for cleaning large areas, as well as a waterproof motor that keeps it safe from short-circuiting when dealing with liquids. Unfortunately, there isn’t any indicator that lights up when the dust cup is full or when the water needs to be refilled.

This Steam Mop and Vacuum allows for easy storage thanks to its standing design, and with an easy-to-remove dust cup and water tank, owners will be able to empty the dust cup and refill the water tank with relative ease. Its pads are also pretty easy to wash, and with a dust cup capacity of up to 1 liter, the steam vacuum can collect a large amount of debris through each cleaning session.

 #3   PrettyCare Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a relatively large dust cup capacity and a long 8-meter cord for easy maneuverability. Its HEPA filter is also easy to maintain, and it can be used for cleaning multiple floor surfaces.

  • Long power cord for easy maneuverability
  • High suction power
  • Comes with a soft velvet fiber cover to prevent floor scratches
  • Brush head doesn’t have a telescoping function

This Pretty Care Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner boasts a mighty 17 kPa suction power that is great for quickly getting rid of dirt and debris, and since it comes with a 1-layer stainless steel mesh and HEPA filter, its filtration process is quite reliable. The vacuum cleaner also features a soft velvet fiber roller that keeps it from scratching the floor, and since its head can be rotated up to 120° horizontally and 90° vertically, it’ll also be able to access hard to reach places. Unfortunately, its brush head does not have a telescoping function to get to more challenging to reach areas.

With a power cord that is up to 8M long, owners will probably have an easy time moving it around the house, and as its naming suggests, it can efficiently deal with both wet and dry messes. For maximum efficiency, this steam vacuum cleaner can reach temperatures as high as 100 degrees, and this is key because it can loosen stubborn stains quickly and get the cleaning done quicker. Its upright design makes for straightforward storage, and it also comes with two sets of HEPA filters and two washable scrubby mop pads.

 #4   Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a long 25-foot cord that allows for easy maneuverability, and its brush head has LED lights for better visibility when cleaning. It also has a large dust cup capacity and a washable HEPA filter that traps dirt and debris.

  • Very long 25-ft cord for easy maneuverability
  • Brush head has LED lights for illuminating tight corners
  • Large 1.45-liter dirt compartment
  • Not effective at cleaning debris from high pile carpets

This professional upright cordless vacuum cleaner from Shark Rotator is a compact-sized vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter for trapping particles and allergens and a long 25-foot power cord for easy maneuverability. It also features LED lights for illuminating tight corners and narrow paths. However, previous users complained that it is ineffective at cleaning debris from high pile carpets.

This Shark Steam Mop comes with two pre-motor filters. These are its foam filter and a felt filter, and it is recommended that owners clean them with water after every three months for efficient functioning. The Mop also has a dirt compartment volume of up to 1.45 Liters, which is excellent for extensive area cleaning. It also has an indicator that lights up when the dirt cup is full. Weighing only 3.3 pounds, this vacuum mop is very easy to carry around, and since it comes with both a crevice tool and an upholstery tool, it is ideal for cleaning various surfaces.

 #5   Light N Easy Multi-Functional Steam Mop Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It can be detached from its telescopic wand and used as a handheld steamer. Weighing only 6.3 pounds, it is pretty easy to move around and can be used for cleaning various surfaces.

  • Great for handheld use
  • Light weight makes it easy to move around
  • Handles both wet and dry messes
  • No dirt cup full indicator

This Light and Easy Multifunctional Steam Mop weighs only 6.3 pounds and can be used on both hard floors and upholstery. It has a smart switch that’ll allow owners to place it upright whenever they need to pause its steaming function, and with three working modes to choose from, owners will also be able to alternate between those modes based on the surface being cleaned. The vacuum cleaner is ideal for a wide range of surfaces and does not require chemicals for more efficient cleaning. Unfortunately, it does not have a full dust cup indicator, so users will have to watch for it when cleaning.

The steam mop can handle dry and liquid messes and be detached from its wand to be used as a handheld steamer. When being used as such, owners will only have to place their fingers over the sensor to activate steaming and take it off to deactivate the function.

 #6   Toppin Steam Mop 10 in 1 Detachable Handheld Steam Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It comes with a wide range of cleaning accessories, and its cord is also pretty long for easy maneuverability.

  • Comes with a variety of attachments for convenient cleaning
  • Long cord length
  • Easy to store
  • No HEPA filter

The Toppin Steam Mop comes with a 450ml water tank that’s great, especially for users who need to clean up large areas. It can generate steam in less than 20 seconds and comes with a wide range of tools, including a round brush, angle nozzle, window cleaning brush, and ironing brush. It is cleared for use on many floors, and its mop head swivels up to 180° for access to hard-to-reach areas. Still, it does not have a HEPA filter built in.

With a power cord that is up to 23 ft long, users will easily be able to maneuver around large spaces, and since it also comes with a knob to adjust the amount of steam produced, owners will be able to adapt its functioning to their own preferences. The steam mop also comes with a carpet glider, and its ergonomic handle makes using it very easy. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, it also comes with a cord wrap and maintains an upright position for easy storage.

Beginner’s Guide to Steam Mop Vacuums

What Are Steam Mop Vacuums?

Steam mop vacuums are combination cleaning appliances that provide both vacuuming functionality and steam mop functionality. As such, these cleaning tools are well-equipped to clean both dry messes like dust and dirt or wet messes like dirty water and food spills. Thanks to the power of steam, these appliances can also tackle tough stains, pet messes, and sticky messes, even on delicate surfaces like hardwood floors.

Steam Mop Vacuums vs. Traditional Vacuums

If you were to place a steam mop vacuum cleaner and a traditional vacuum cleaner next to each other, you’d immediately recognize how similar they are in terms of design and form factor. Most of these appliances look exactly like a standard vacuum cleaner, with the exception of some extra components like a water tank or a handheld steamer attachment.

steam mop vacuums vs regular vacuums table

The two appliances also share the same vacuuming functionality. Using a combination of internal mechanical components, these cleaning tools create a vacuum effect near the intake port or inside the vacuum hose, which is then able to pick up debris as you pass over it.

Where steam mop vacuum hybrids differ from traditional alternatives is the added steam mop functionality. On these appliances, you’ll get the addition of a water tank and an internal heating element or boiler. These two components work together to create hot steam, which can sanitize and clean your floors. Steam mop vacuum combinations can switch between different modes: vacuum only, steam only, and both simultaneously.

How Steam Mop Vacuums Work

With steam mop vacuum cleaners, a few different processes happen simultaneously. When you’re vacuuming, the same thing happens as with traditional vacuum cleaners. After receiving power, the vacuum runs an electric motor to spin a fan, creating an airflow through the vacuum. This airflow creates a pressure drop and partial vacuum effect near the intake port or vacuum hose. Then, as you pass over debris, the vacuum effect sucks it up and carries it into the dust cup.

There are two additional components to consider when it comes to steam mop functionality: the water tank and the boiler. Once you switch to the steam mop cleaning mode, the boiler turns on and heats the clean water in the tank to a boiling temperature. This turns the water into steam, which then jets out of the vacuum and soaks the washable microfiber pad attached to your vacuum head.

Do You Really Need a Steam Mop Vacuum?

If you’ve ever wanted an all-in-one vacuum that can handle both vacuuming and mopping needs, then a steam mop vacuum is an excellent choice for you. These models offer dual functionality without sacrificing cleaning efficiency in either vacuuming or mopping. Plus, with lightweight designs and a large dust cup capacity, you’ll be able to clean for long periods without getting tired.

Steam mop vacuums are great for lifting stains and cleaning hard messes. But some of the canister vacuums can do just as good of a job. Although, if you need a steam mop vacuum, then keep reading.

Is a Steam Mop Vacuum Worth Buying?

  • You Need an All-In-One Cleaning Solution: Steam mop vacuum combinations provide comprehensive cleaning functionality, creating more convenience and less time cleaning for you. When you use one of these cleaning tools, you won’t need to swap back and forth between different products to get a deep clean on your floors.
  • You Need to Clean Up After Pets: If you have pets in the home, you know just how messy things can get and how fast they can happen. Steam mop vacuums can help you vacuum up pet hair and pet dander as well as mop up wet messes and sanitize areas with steam. This way, you’ll know your floors are clean, even after your pets make messes on them.
  • You Want Your Floors to Be as Clean as Possible: Vacuuming can only ever clean up dry messes like dust bunnies, dirt, and dry food spills. If you want a deep clean that you know involves sanitizing bacteria, mold, and other contaminants, then a steam mop vacuum can help you achieve that. Steaming can keep floors clean for longer, and it can even help you clean stubborn stains.

Why a Steam Mop Vacuum May Not Be For You

  • You Don’t Need Steam Cleaning Functionality: If you don’t need the steam cleaning functionality, either because you already have a steam mop or because your floors can’t be steam cleaned, then purchasing a steam mop vacuum isn’t for you.
  • You Don’t Need Vacuuming Functionality: If you already have a vacuum and you’re just looking to get steam mop functionality, then we recommend not purchasing a steam mop vacuum hybrid. Instead, look for a standalone steam mop option. This way, you won’t be duplicating the cleaning tools you already have.
  • You Only Need to Steam Upholstery: Steam mop vacuum cleaners are meant specifically for cleaning flooring. Some options offer handheld steamer functionality, but if you’re looking to steam upholstery, we’d recommend looking at the best upholstery steam cleaner instead.

How Long Will a Steam Mop Vacuum Last?

According to professional cleaning companies like Classic Cleaners, most vacuum cleaners offer an overall lifespan between five and seven years. This expected lifespan assumes that you maintain the vacuum well with the proper maintenance. However, your vacuum’s durability can increase or decrease depending on how often you use it and the types of messes you clean up on a regular basis with it.

How to Choose a Steam Mop Vacuum

Before you finalize your purchasing decision with a new steam mop vacuum, you’ll need to do some homework. We always recommend evaluating your current situation to determine exactly what kind of product you need. In this case, consider the type of floors in your home to determine how they need to be cleaned. Then, consider features like suction power, dust cup capacity, water tank capacity, and maneuverability.

Best Steam Mop Vacuum Key Factors to Consider

1. What type of steam mop vacuum should you purchase?

Virtually all steam mop vacuums are upright vacuums. The upright configuration is best for mopping floors. As such, you’ll need to decide between cordless vacuums or corded vacuums when shopping. You’ll also want to consider the various robotic vacuum mop hybrids available today.

Keep reading to learn more about each of these types of vacuums and why you might buy each:

  • Cordless: Cordless vacuums and steam mops are becoming much more popular and affordable in today’s cleaning appliance marketplace. Instead of relying on a wall outlet as a power source, these steam mop vacuums utilize a built-in rechargeable battery as their power source. Cordless steam mop vacuums tend not to offer as much suction power as corded options, but they are more portable and lightweight, making them easier to use overall.
  • Corded: Corded vacuum and steam mops tend to be more affordable and powerful than cordless options, but they are also less flexible and less portable. If you prefer the extra power, then a corded vacuum is an excellent choice. You’ll just need to remember that you will be limited in terms of movement based on which wall outlets are available to you during your cleaning session.
  • Robot: Many robotic vacuums are starting to offer vacuum and mop hybrid functionality. Like full-sized steam mop vacuums, robot vacuums can use a water tank with clean water and reusable microfiber pads for the mopping functionality. If you’re looking for autonomous convenience, then a robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice for you.

2. Can the floors in your home be cleaned with a steam mop vacuum?

Take some time to evaluate the types of floors in your home that you are planning to clean with your new steam mop vacuum. You cannot use these cleaning appliances to clean every floor type. On the contrary, they can actually damage certain flooring options.

Let’s take a look at different types of flooring and how steam mops perform on them:

  • Carpet: Most types of carpets can be steam cleaned without damage. In fact, this flooring type is one of the prime candidates for steam cleaning, especially when you’re trying to get out a stubborn stain.
  • Hardwood: Most steam mop vacuum manufacturers will indicate whether you can use their products on sealed hardwood only. If your hardwood floors aren’t sealed, you won’t want to use a steam mop on them.
  • Vinyl: Steam mops should not be used on vinyl plank flooring.
  • Laminate: Steam mops should not be used on laminate flooring.
  • Tile: If you have porcelain tile in your home, it can be steam cleaned without damage. However, not all tiles are porcelain, so we recommend checking to make sure before you fire up the steam mop vacuum.

3. How powerful do you need your vacuum’s suction?

Most vacuum cleaners offer plenty of suction power for the average homeowner. However, there are instances where you should purposefully purchase an option with a more powerful suction capacity. If you’re planning on cleaning up heavy-duty messes across larger areas, we recommend getting a more powerful vacuum.

4. Do you have pets in your home?

If you have pets in your home, you’ll want to be sure you’re purchasing a steam mop vacuum labeled as an option for cleaning up after pets. These steam mop vacuums offer more suction power, larger dust cups, tangle-free brush rolls, and more. With features like these, you’ll be able to clean up pet messes without a problem.

However, the opposite is also true. If you purchase a steam mop vacuum that isn’t made for cleaning up after pets, you’ll likely end up with more of a mess than when you started.

5. What kind of vacuum accessories and steam modes should you consider?

Most vacuum cleaners give you the option of attaching accessories for different scenarios. Take a look at the following common attachments to understand which ones you might need:

  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery brush
  • Microfiber mop pads
  • Quick-release mop pad tray
  • Pet hair tool

You might also want to consider these extra features and advanced functionality:

  • Dry tank technology
  • Handheld mode
  • Swivel steering
  • Continuous steam functionality
  • Removable water tank

Best Steam Mop Vacuums Questions (FAQ)

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