6 Ways Your Mobile Device Will Optimize Your Battlefield 4 Gaming Experience (list)

There’s been a lot of Battlefield 4 intel coming in fast and hot. It seems almost out of nowhere. But here we are. The next installment is breathing down our necks leaving virtual soldiers will little time to debrief and take it all in. For you cadets I say, “Suck it up!” You can rest on your own time, soldier. A real warrior knows his enemy well but knows the capabilities of his tools even better and EA DICE has thrown a lot of tools at the wall. Many of them are centered on mobile devices and remote input solutions to deepen the experience without pulling soldiers from the virtual battlefield. To do this DICE has taken advice from a many of us players. The result is a bigger more robust Battlelog.  Battlelog will now allow for..

1. Remote Loadout Configurations


Currently in BF3 you can only change your loadout when you are about to enter a game or in between respawns. This is also the only time you can change your in-game graphic and sound settings.

2. Tablet as a Second Screen


First ever “TASS” support. I’m coining the phrase now. Tablet As a Second Screen is the feature of the future. Yes thank you! With this, see what your squadmates are doing and where they are, using your tablet as a 2nd screen. It’s a live, always-on mini window feeding you intel on every single beat of your virtual war.

3. Remote Screen Interactivity Galore


Set attack points and instructions right on the tablet while never leaving the game on your PC or console.

4. Next-Gen Server Surfing

Battlefield 4-touch screen_2

I know I know… Battlelog was a hard pill to swallow and still leaves a bitter taste for many BF3 enthusiasts. But hear us out before the collective eye-rolling.

5. Missions and Meta Games…!?


These are meta games that range from the micro to macro scale. Compete to be the best Support or Tanker operator in your neighborhood. Track the stats in realtime with GPS location integration. Scale the map out a bit and rank your skills against those in your State, nation continent, hemisphere…etc.

6. Commander Mode

This one is for the know-it-all significant-others, spouses and side-pieces who want to game with the loved ones. With the return to Commander Mode, players can take command of the battlefield by doling out orders to the many squad leaders to issue to their subsequent squad members. If rolled out as advertised, friends and loved one can snatch up your tablet and share the roll of Commander by issuing order, designating supply drops and aerial attack strikes.

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