Another PS3 Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Patch For Friday…Hurry!


Yesterday Infinity Ward had released a patch to alleviate the problems that players were having with Trophies.  Since that patch, Multiplayer has gone down and is unplayable at the moment.  Ahhhh!!!  That sucks.

I’ve been having a stellar time playing MP on my 360 and I’m glad there are no hiccups there.  According to IF’s Robert Bowling Twitter feed, another patch will be available on Friday that will effectively patch the bad patch.

What day is it?  Wednesday?  The patch is on Friday?  Wait.. this just in…Activision is stating that the multiplayer issues are unrelated to the IW patch and that they don’t have a “hard” ETA as to when their servers would come back up.  I’ll say it again.  That sucks.


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  1. matt you r so right, allthough you pay for xbox live, you get more gameplay as microsoft get a patch done asap and no fuss is made.

    ps ps3 shitttteeeee
    xbox 360 kickzzzz itss nans ass and its nans dead

  2. this is BS this is all SONYS fault and their shitty 3rd person servers. microsoft has so much more of a commitment to western gamers so im not going to buy sonys next gen console

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