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If you want to watch more channels like ABC CBS, and FOX you can get an amplifier signal booster like the Amplified HDTV Antenna. This signal booster indoor antenna increases your signal strength to give the best reception when you’re watching digital TV. This indoor HDTV HD antenna made our best TV antenna list because of its small size. Unlike an outdoor antenna, it’s ideal for apartments.

Why We Like It – Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 120 Miles Range

The Amplified indoor HDTV antenna has a long, 120 miles range and delivers crystal clear pictures on full HD channels like ABC CBS NBC, and more. This digital TV antenna comes with a long coaxial cable and increases your signal reception if you live in a remote area.

  • Long range of 120 miles
  • Access to many free channels
  • Full HD quality picture
  • Average build quality
  • Not all channels are clear
  • The range might be lower in some areas


The high quality Amplified TV antenna offers great performance. It has a very long range of 120 miles and allows you to enjoy free clear HD TV channels. This indoor TV antenna works on the UHF VHF frequencies and has a built-in signal booster with a smart IC chip. It also has technology to filter out low noise, cellular, and FM signals so that you can get free HD local channels. Another compact TV antenna with excellent performance is the 1byone tv antenna.


This indoor TV antenna comes in the form of a compact black box weighing only 14.4 ounces. It also comes with a long, 18-ft coaxial cable to make things easier if your TV is far from any windows. There’s also a USB power adapter included that can also be used if you don’t have any USB ports on your TV. The Amplified HD Digital Antenna is very easy to connect and small enough to be out of the way. If you prefer a larger antenna, check out the RCA antenna.


Having an indoor TV antenna can save you lots of money on cable subscriptions and allows you to watch many HD TV channels with HD sound. Not only does it give you access to free TV channels, but it also comes at a cheap once-off price with no monthly fees to worry about. The Amplified HD Digital Antenna has a long, 120-mile range, and comes with everything you need for connecting it like the coax cable and USB adapter. The closest rival to this antenna is the Winegard fl5500a.

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 120 Miles Range Wrap Up

The Amplified HD Digital TV antenna has a very long range of 120-miles and gives you free access to many of the most popular channels. It also comes at a great price and is small enough to work anywhere. The signal range can be affected by your location, and surrounding buildings, but the same goes for most antennas.

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