5 More “GTA 5” Myths Busted, You’ll Wanna Try Them Tonight (video)

There is no end to the wild and crazy stunts you can pull in GTA 5, include this best GTA 5 cheats list.  If you’ve played the game, then I don’t need to tell you that.   But unearthing all of those stunts is no easy feat, unless of course we look to the guys at Defend House (again).  Last week they unveiled episode 1 of their so called GTA 5 Mythbusters.  And now they’re back with Episode 2.  Here is how it goes.

1. How to Unhinge a Cable Car

5 GTA Myths Busted Round 2.57 PM

Video game worlds have become quite vast, but most of the time you can’t interact with the objects unless they play a key role in the character’s development or plot line.  Fortunately, that’s not the case in GTA 5.  And in the instance of the Cable Cars, which are designed to serve as as scenic lookout, you can toss a sticky bomb on board and detonate from afar to watch it unhinge itself and fall down the mountain.

2. Blowing Explosive Up Mid Air

5 GTA Myths Busted Round 2.12 PM

If you’ve got the skills then you can watch the fire works go down, so to speak.  Toss a sticky bomb in the air and if you can shoot it mid air you can watch it blow up like the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, grenades won’t do the same, which should be true to life…I think.

3.  Stalking Other Characters

5 GTA Myths Busted Round 2.25 PM

Despite playing all of the characters in the game, that doesn’t mean they all get along.  As you’ll see in this section of the video, if you “stalk” a character, as in follow him around, he might lay you down with a solid punch that could deliver a devasting blow that puts you 6-feet into the earth.

4. Catch Fire into Parachute

5 GTA Myths Busted Round 2.38 PM

This one is probably the stupidest and coolest of them all.  If you light yourself on fire, while holding a Jerry Can of fuel no less, it will explode and send you flying.  If you happen to be perched on a building at the time, with a parachute strapped to your back, you’ll have the luxury of floating freely to the ground.  Just remember to pull the rip cord otherwise your antics will go down a little “flat”.

5. Exploding Fetch

5 GTA Myths Busted Round 2.47 PM

I’d never endorse animal harm.  In fact, I love the 7lb mutt that lives in my house.  But if you’re feeling testy, you can make Chop, your Rottweiler fetch grenades.  Fortunately, he won’t die, but he’ll take a quick dirt nip.

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