10 GTA 5 Easter Eggs for Your Viewing Pleasure

Welcome back players! It’s time for some more coverage on the game of all games this year, GTA 5. Today we’ll be covering some of the more hidden items and interactions that can be found while traveling within the city of Los Santos. That’s right, Easter eggs. Rockstar has been known to include some pretty salacious Easter eggs within the cities employed within the GTA series and by my account, Los Santos takes the prize on sheer numbers of eggs to be found.  And also make sure to check out our list of top rated GTA Five cheats.

The city itself is so crammed packed with pop culture references, nods to Los Angeles and things that are just outright strange, it’s difficult to get a handle on what parts are considered hidden and what stuff Rockstar expected everyone to notice. I can’t say anything on how you play the game, but since open-world games such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls began including so much random, yet interesting, points of note within their worlds, I find myself spending more time exploring than I do following any given story line. So much so, that I’ve come across several things included on this list without realizing that they were considered to be hidden. There were also a few things that I’ve run across that I’d naively thought were Easter eggs, but after excitedly sharing my finds with a few friends, found that they had found them just as easily. Oh well, poo on me.

To help save you the hassle and confusion, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Easter eggs that can be found in Los Santos. I don’t have the ability or the time to upload videos of my own playtime, but luckily, Deathmule and many others do, so I’ll be embedding their videos for you to watch. And now, without further rambling, I present to you…

The Big List of GTA 5 Easter Eggs

1. Playboy Mansion

I listed this one in a previous article, but IMHO it still fits here as I’ve yet to encounter any mission that brings me here. If you head up into the North West portion of the City that takes the place of Beverly Hills, you can take yourself on a tour of the Legendary Playboy Mansion. If you’re up for the risk of jumping in what may be in the water, you can even take a swim through the grotto. Just be sure to take a really hot shower once you’re done.

2. UFO 1

Aliens Exist! At least in the world of GTA they do. Obtaining proof of life from another world is gonna’ cost you a pretty penny (250,000) though as you’ll need a submarine to get to it and subs aren’t cheap. Once you’ve got the sub, follow the marker in the video and head to the sea floor. Once you’re in the right place, you’ll be greeted by a long since crashed sunken saucer. I’ve headed here on my own and have yet to find a way in. Give it a try and let us know if you find anything more than what’s shown in the clip.

3. Frozen Alien

If there are sunken space ships, there have got to be sunken aliens, right? Looks like Rockstar and I work on the same logic because there’s GTA 5 includes a freaking alien frozen in ice. This one can be found pretty early on in the game while you’re playing as Trevor. While making a daring escape from the fuzz, make a quick detour to under the bridge where you’ll find a citizen from some far and unknown planet reaching out for the surface of a frozen river. Poor guy, I almost feel sorry for him, her, it, sh*t, I don’t know.

4. UFO 2

This one is found in Fort Zancudo, just off the west coast of Los Santos. If you thought seeing a sunken saucer was fun, wait till you see one in action. You’ll need a helicopter to get to this one, and you’ll soon know why. You won’t see it right away, but when you do, wow. The ship de-cloaks and appears below you, hovering ominously whilst making a horrid screeching noise along with a bit of wub-wub.

5. Back to the Future

This one is pretty cleverly hidden and quite subtle. In the Sandy Shores, there is a small power station with a box labeled 1.21 GW. If you don’t recognize the connection, hit play on the video. Deathmule has been kind enough to edit the reference point into the video.

6. Jaws

This Easter egg here… This Easter egg requires you to die in order to truly experience it properly. Also, it comes with an achievement. In the waters of Los Santos is a giant shark waiting to consume your tasty fleshiness. Check the video for location and watch as your character is shown just how far out of their depth they truly are.

7. Bigfoot

You’ve wanted it. You’ve asked for it. You’ve hunted for it since the rumors of his inclusion in GTA III. Well wait no more folks, after leaving in the footprints of a sasquatch like creature in San Andreas, Rockstar has given us a real peek at the big hairy himself. Deathmule gives a pretty decent set of instructions to follow in order to find Bigfoot, so just hit play and get hunting.

8. Sea Monster

Taking us back under the sea, I’ve go to let you know about the sea monster skeleton. Admittedly, there isn’t much to this one, there’s no interaction, no dialogue, nothing but the skeleton of a fracking dinosaur. It was a tossup between this and the Lost hatch, but I figure that after being jerked around for 6 years, everyone has had enough with Dharma and their BS.

9. The Creepy Ghost Girl

Grab your proton pack, jump in the Ecto-1 and drive on over to Mount Gordo in the far north east corner of Los Santos. Here between 11pm and midnight, a chillingly creepy woman will appear, floating above a pool of blood spelling out the name of a specific Los Santos politician. Creepy fun is fun, isn’t it?

10. No Country for Old Men

Without a doubt, I saved my favorite Easter egg for last. This is one that I came across myself while playing late into the next morning. The work put into this one was well worth the effort. Rockstar recreates the drug deal shootout from the movie No Country for Old Men and even rewards the player for remembering plot points. I won’t tell you what the reward is, but Deathmule points it out for you in the video, so check there for the answer.

Aliens, cryptids, ghosts and film sets, who knew? I’ve listed just 10 of the almost immeasurable hidden jokes, items, and queues that you can or may have even found in GTA 5. The game hasn’t been out for a full month, so I’m sure there is quite a lot more to be found. Keep exploring and keep your eyes open, who knows, there may even be a hidden clue to an as yet unannounced contest to be found.

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