Demo Impression: Riddick Dark Athena

Chronicles of riddick assault on Dark Athena 1

Chronicles of riddick assault on Dark Athena 1

Never having played the first Riddick game I new people liked it.  The stealth and melee emphasized FPS is back with “Assault on Dark Athena.”  Set on a space ship a la’ Dead Space, the demo is short and to the point.  You get to try a couple of energy projectile weapons and a couple of melee weapons.  The graphics palette was very muted, but had a strong graphic novel look too it.  Since this game looks to be entirely indoors, the endless corridor thing may not work for some people trying to get into the game for the first time.  Others who loved the first should like this one since the story is intact and set 5 years after what happened at Butcher Bay.  Cursing is gratuitous and Vin Diesel’s voice is extra gravely with some cobblestones thrown in for good measure.  Hopefully this game will garner the attention of the first as it seemed pretty cool and had a nice quality production sheen to it.  Set for an April 7th release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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