Did the Battlefield franchise just copy Payday 2? They’re unquestionably taking the leap from war to cops and robbers with their October 21st release of Battlefield: Hardline.

Today the PC pre-order showed up for sale at EA Origin and other retailers, among them GameFly. GameFly has been running a near site-wide discount coupon code for 15% off – and as it happens Battlefield Hardline qualifies. This makes it the first and only pre-order price break out right now.

GameFly’s coupon code is set to expire at the end of June, however the discount could disappear at any moment. Pre-order discounts like this when a game is unveiled are not unheard of, but they’ve usually disappear once a publisher comes out with stricter policy on retailer pricing. This was the case with Battlefield 4, where discounts emerged the day of its announcement but were not seen again until just prior to it’s October 2013 launch. If you’re absolutely sure you’re going to buy Battlefield: Hardline, you might as well lock in the savings now!

Further details on Battlefield Hardline are hard to come by, and there probably won’t be much until the E3 unveiling scheduled for June 9th, at 12 PM Pacific. When it becomes available, you can watch the live unveiling here.

Viet Do

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