Steam Vs. Origin Vs. Uplay (comparison)

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10 Comments to Steam Vs. Origin Vs. Uplay (comparison)

  1. profoundWHALE

    Frankly, I feel like the 1 thing I would like to see improved is the family game sharing aspect. I’ll give you a scenario:

    I have 3 different games, I’m playing Mortal Kombat or something. I want to let my brother play Red Faction, but I can’t, I have to stop playing any game in order for him to be able to play it.

    I’d also like the option to stack sharing games I own if they’re in my inventory. So, if I have 3 copies of Red Faction in my inventory, I should be able to share them with Family Game sharing until I gift it or claim it (assuming I haven’t).

    Still, it’s not much of a bummer anyways. I can buy 4 copies of a game that would normally cost that much for 1 copy.

  2. I first got onto U-Play in late 2012 because I got Far Cry 3 (best game ever) for free via U-Play with the purchase of a higher-end video card. I have only purchased a couple games since, but the most recent one was Wolfenstein the New Order, which I bought yesterday, 1 day before release, and it came with some free games, most notably Splinter Cell Blacklist. Since Steam wasn’t offering a similar deal, I got it through U-Play (same price on both sites). So, i actually have more games now on U-Play than Steam. I found this article helpful in learning more about U-Play. I hope they continue to improve, because competition is always good. I haven’t had any problems with Steam or U-Play, but again I only have a handful of games.

  3. You can’t compare the number of titles that easily since Steam pads its numbers with indie games…

  4. L4D1 & 2,counter strike, half life, portal, team fortress are also steam exclusive and yet no mention of these games in the exclusive section. really?

    • counterstrike global offensive, portal 2 and left for dead 2 are available on ps3 and xbox360 as well, so Valve releases aren’t steam exclusive only.

      Left for dead can be bought on other online platforms and isn’t a steam exclusive as well.

  5. Frankly Origin and Uplay just plain suck. I hate them. I don’t mind a publisher overlay within games connecting them to other publisher games from them like WBID and a Square Enix but EA/Ubi fragmenting everything with their duplicated clients which are as bad as Games for Windows Live and a major step back from Steam is just ridiculous. EA and their exclusivity is not a win – it’s a plain out lame way of forcing customers to use their crap client that the majority don’t want.

    While at least Ubisoft still have it on Steam they charge more on Steam and only sell uplay codes to GMG and Gamefly etc so you cannot get any Ubi titles for Steam digitally anymore unless direct from Steam. I have no problem with them having storefronts but they should give customers a choice and not penalise others for wanting to use Steam – the PC favourite.

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