More Details Concerning GTA V for Your Gaming Fix

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GTA V Bike
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7 Comments to More Details Concerning GTA V for Your Gaming Fix

  1. xSGTxD n Tx709x

    The city of San Andreas… Humm i feel like somethings wrong with that. This is a stupid article, YOU IDIOTS JUST COPIED EVERYTHING FROM “CVG”!!! They had an interview with rockstar north. You say you got “informed” you just copied someone elses hard work, screw you.

  2. Egotisti_Cal

    Nice little article but you say “For the first time in GTA history, the characters will each have their own distinctive walk and mannerisms that can be observed during game play.”

    This is wrong. Luis for example had a little “swagger” (I hate that damn word) about his walk while Nico walked like he had a salmon in his jocks.

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